It’s no secret that anime characters have some of the most interesting hairstyles in all of media. Their natural hair can be any color under the sun, and sometimes they’ll even sport multiple colors at once. On top of that, they wear their hair in the most creative ways possible, with some styles even defying the laws of physics.

Most of the time, these outrageous hairstyles are reserved for the protagonist and the main cast. However, sometimes, everyone seems to have incredible locks, no matter how relevant they are to the plot. There are many unique styles out there, but some anime dos are so cool, they’ve become just as iconic as the characters themselves.

10 Katara's Hair Loopies Are Her Signature Statement (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

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Katara goes through many hairstyle changes throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender, but one thing almost always remains constant - her signature "hair loopies." They're one of her most defining features, and they take any ordinary hairstyle and turn it into something uniquely Katara.

Hair loops are a traditional style worn by women in the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, and many other characters can be seen with them, such as Gran-Gran or Yue. While it may be a cultural style, most fans associate "hair loopies" with Katara only.

9 Senku's Oddly Colored Spikey Hair Resembles A Vegetable (Dr. Stone)

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Senku Ishigami is the main hero of the hit series Dr. Stone, as well as one of the first people to awaken from the petrification that has taken over the world. Aside from his genius and knack for science, he's best known for his striking appearance, mostly thanks to his very odd hairstyle.

Many have said that Senku's hair looks like a green onion or even bok choy, and both are pretty spot on. Despite the ridiculousness of his style, Senku somehow pulls it off really well, and it makes him look very cool. If nothing else, it definitely proves that he's the protagonist of this story.

8 Josuke's Pompadour Has Reached Iconic Levels Of Fame (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

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It goes without saying that just about every character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has some incredible hair. However, even the most out-there JoJo's styles can't compete with the iconic pompadour of Josuke Higashikata. Just like the rest of his look, Josuke's pompadour stands out and highlights his personality perfectly.

He takes pride in his appearance and maintains his do with care, willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone who dares insult his signature look. His pompadour has become one of the most recognized hairstyles from the series, and even those who don't watch the show know exactly who he is just by looking at it.

7 Goku's Spiked Hair Is Well-Known Around The World (Dragon Ball)

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The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the biggest and most well-known in anime history, making Goku one of the most popular anime characters of all time. People all around the world recognize that spikey head of hair anywhere, and even non-anime fans can pick up on it.

Goku may not be the only spikey-haired character in the series, but he's certainly the most iconic. He's the one viewers associate with spikey hair the most, no matter what Saiyan form he takes, and his style has influenced many other characters throughout anime.

6 Shoto Todoroki Has Two Different Hair Colors That Match His Quirk (My Hero Academia)

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There are many iconic heroes in My Hero Academia, each with their own unique character designs that make them stand out from the rest. However, few are as recognizable as Shoto Todoroki. His Quirk allows him to control both fire and ice.

The color of his hair reflects this, with one red side and one white side. This gives him a striking appearance that makes him memorable, even to those who don't watch the series. He even stands out more than the series protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, and he's become a fan favorite for his looks alone.

5 Nia's Long, Fluffly Locks Are Otherworldly (Gurren Lagann)

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Just about every character in Gurren Lagann has a bold, unique design that sets them apart, but few can compare to Nia. She's easily the cutest character in the entire series, and everything about her design is aesthetically pleasing and pretty. However, it's her hair that really steals the show.

Her long, flowing locks almost look magical, and their cloud-like shape makes her seem otherworldly. Her hair is a very unique color, with some fans claiming it's blonde and others seeing it as a pale blue even. No matter its true color, it's clear Nia's hair is her defining feature, giving her a royal and ethereal look.

4 Jessie's Sharp, Slicked-Back Style Gives Her The Perfect Villain Look (Pokémon)

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Jessie and James make for an iconic duo in the Pokémon series, and both have incredible manes of hair. But between the two, it's clear that Jessie's hairstyle is the most villainous and memorable. Her long locks are slicked back, almost forming a striking swirl down her back.

It's the perfect style for this Team Rocket beauty, and though she tends to change it up often with her frequent disguises, this remains her go-to look even decades later. Though she and her teammates may not be the best at stealing Pokémon, it goes without saying that Jessie is incredibly skilled at styling hair, and her classic look is one of the best.

3 Afro Has A Beautifully Wild & Iconic Afro (Afro Samurai)

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The titular protagonist of Afro Samurai is definitely one of the best POC anime characters out there. He's easily one of the coolest samurai characters of all time and an incredibly skilled swordsman, and his appearance reflects that entirely.

His greatest features in undoubtedly his impressive afro that sometimes practically takes on a life of its own. It's long, flowing, and defies all gravity with its movements, making for a beautifully wild mane of untamable hair that's become iconic throughout anime.

2 Usagi Tsukino's Hair Buns Are A Defining Trait (Sailor Moon)

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There have been many memorable and famous anime hairstyles over the years that fans all recognize. Usagi Tsukino's iconic hair buns are some of the most well-known examples of all time, and even those who haven't watched Sailor Moon are familiar with the hairstyle.

It's one of Usagi's defining traits, and even other characters comment on her style and how unique it is to her. When she transforms into Sailor Moon, her buns are incorporated into her look with large, round hair clips that accentuate them and tie her entire uniform together.

1 Yugi Muto's Multi-Colored Hair Is The Mark Of A True Protagonist (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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By this point, the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise is well-known for its protagonists with wild hair, and with every new series, it seems like they get wilder. However, it all started with the original hero, Yugi Muto, and his multi-colored spikey head of hair. Even with so many outrageous styles in the newer series, Yugi's look still stands out among them all.

His style is over-the-top, but somehow still looks classy, making it easy for fans to overlook the silliness of his design. Though other characters in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! also sport some pretty interesting dos, none come close to the majestic mane that is Yugi's hair, allowing him to stand out as the obvious protagonist.

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