• Vegapunk's message in One Piece chapter 1115 will reveal more secrets about Joy Boy and the Void Century.
  • Fans can expect a massive reveal about the Ancient Kingdom and its defeat by the 20 united kings.
  • The upcoming chapter will likely follow the pattern of previous ones with high tension and exciting reactions.

One Piece'sEgghead Island arc is now close to its end and while this arc has been nothing short of spectacular, it is also nerve-wracking for the fans at the same time. This is down to the fact that some of the biggest secrets of the One Piece world are being revealed slowly, thanks to Vegapunk's message, and at the same time, Oda is also using this opportunity to serve up the reminder that One Piece is edging closer to its end with each passing chapter.

Of course, right now, all eyes are on One Piece chapter 1115, which means Vegapunk is set to drop even bigger secrets and blow the cover of the World Government for good.

Vegapunk's Message Continues

Vegapunk Will Continue To Reveal Joy Boy's Story

In the previous chapter of One Piece, fans saw Vegapunk's message being continued. This wasn't a surprise to the readers, given that Vegapunk only revealed a single piece of information in the chapter prior to that. Vegapunk mentioned that the world was going to sink, and many fans actually believed that that was going to be it. Of course, those who recognize Oda's writing style know that there was more to follow and that is precisely what happened in the previous chapter. One Piece chapter 1115 will most definitely build upon this and deliver an even bigger piece of secret pertaining to the Void Century. In fact, it can be safely assumed that One Piece chapter 1115 is going to be even bigger than the last one. This is simply down to the fact that the last chapter only marked the beginning of the actual secret that Vegapunk is set to reveal.

To make a long story short, the world, as we know it, will sink into the sea!

In the previous chapter, Vegapunk mentioned that he is going to reveal everything that he knows pertaining to the Void Century that he learned by deciphering the Poneglyphs himself. Now is the time for him to actually step up and do that, and it is precisely for that reason that One Piece chapter 1115 is going to be so important. In the previous chapter, Vegapunk mentioned that the star of the story was an individual born 900 years ago who had power similar to the Sun God Nika from the tales of Elbaf. He mentioned this individual having the powers of stretching, similar to Luffy, and that the name of this person was Joy Boy. Joy Boy was revealed to be the first pirate in known history, and from here onwards, the genius Navy Scientist is most definitely going to continue his message.


There are two things that fans need to keep in mind while trying to figure out what the next chapter could be about. The first thing is that Vegapunk has deciphered quite a lot of information by himself. This essentially means that Vegapunk has himself read some Poneglyphs and that he can understand the ancient texts as well. This isn't a surprise, given that he is the smartest man on earth, with a brain that is 500 years ahead of humanity. The second thing that fans need to keep in mind is that Vegapunk had some texts handed over to him through the studies of the scholars of Ohara. Dating back to the Enies Lobby arc, where Oda gave a proper flashback of Nico Robin, fans know that the scholars of Ohara had already figured out the existence of a very advanced Kingdom that existed around 900 years ago that fought in a war against the World Government.

They also know that after this war, the creation of the World Government took place. The people of Ohara also knew the name of the Ancient Kingdom. Given that Vegapunk has all this information, and on top of this, has even more context attached to this information, fans can expect a massive reveal in One Piece Chapter 1115.

Of course, it is entirely possible that this message will continue in several chapters and that Oda will break down parts of the message in each chapter. However, right now, what fans need to keep in mind is that Vegapunk is most definitely going to reveal information pertaining to Joy Boy, and how he fought against the World Government. Vegapunk might also reveal why Joy Boy became a pirate, his love for adventure, and his relationship with the many races of the One Piece world.

On top of that, fans might also find out as to why Joy Boy was loved all over the world, and his bond with the Fishmen, whom he wanted to unite with humans.

The Uniting Of 20 Kings And The Defeat Of The Ancient Kingdom

The 20 Kings United To Destroy The Ancient Kingdom

As mentioned previously, fans need to keep in mind that Vegapunk already knows everything that the scholars of Ohara knew as well. This means Vegapunk is aware of the fact that the World Government was created after a long-fought war against the people of the Ancient Kingdom. In One Piece chapter 1115, Vegapunk could make this knowledge public and reveal to the world that those of the Ancient Kingdom were in a hard-fought battle against those of the World Government, which was essentially created by 20 rulers banding together. After they united, they were able to win over the people of the Ancient Kingdom somehow and when that happened, the fall of the Ancient Kingdom took place. It was only after the fall of the Ancient Kingdom that the World Government came into existence, and they took their place atop the Red Line, possibly displacing the Gods that existed there, which belonged to the Lunarian race.

He was the first to take to the seas. The first that came be known as a pirate!

The most important part that One Piece chapter 1115, or possibly the chapter after that, could reveal is the name of the Ancient Kingdom. Now this is something that fans might think that Vegapunk does not know. However, he most certainly does. Vegapunk himself mentioned that everything that the scholars of Ohara knew was right in his brain and that Ohara's will is still alive. Had he not known this, Vegapunk would never have mentioned this particular statement and, at the same time, in his message, he made it quite clear that whatever he knows is going to be public very soon.

This in itself is an implication of the fact that Vegapunk will reveal the name of the Ancient Kingdom to the people of the world as well. Whether that will happen in One Piece chapter 1115 or the chapter after that remains to be seen. What fans can be sure about is that the name of the Ancient Kingdom will be revealed very soon.

As for the structure of One Piece chapter 1115, it is most likely going to follow a similar order to that of the previous chapter. As Vegapunk reveals his message, fans will most likely see the Five Elders fighting frantically in order to find the snail to cut this message off. At the same time, the Strawhat Pirates will be trying their best to escape, which is not going to take all that long now. Fans will also see the reaction of people from all over the world, and this is going to be incredibly exciting once again.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1115, is set to be May 26, 2024.