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Jiwoo is a kind-hearted young man who harnesses the lightning quick reflexes of a cat to secretly make the world a better place—one saved little child or foster pet at a time. Kayden is a secret agent on the run, who finds himself stuck in the body of fat old fluffy cat. Together, armed with Jiwoo's super powers and Kayden's uber-smarts, they're out to fight those forces who would let evil rule this world. That is, if they can stand each other long enough to get the job done.

(Source: Webtoon Entertainment)
Oct 2, 2018 to ? | chp | Publishing

Sayonara Eri (Goodbye, Eri)

Suffering from a terminal illness, Yuuta's mother asks him to film her last moments, which he does. From her radiant smile when she is with her family to the times when sickness ravages her body in the hospital, he records hours upon hours of footage. After her passing, Yuuta compiles her life into a movie to screen at his school, deciding to add a bit of fantasy to the ending of his film, Dead Explosion Mother, with a literal explosion!

Following the backlash caused by his supposedly tone-deaf portrayal of his mother's death, Yuuta trudges to the hospital roof to take his own life—but there, he meets a girl named Eri. Captivated by his film, Eri requests Yuuta to make a new one that will blow the previous out of the water and prove his critics wrong. The movie they set out to make will stand apart by blurring the line between fact and fiction. And of course, it wouldn't be a Yuuta film if it didn't have his personal flavor—just a dash of fantasy.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Apr 11, 2022 | chp | Publishing

Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku

Oct 21, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu

"So, Hikaru is no more... If that's true then..."

Yoshiki and Hikaru are two boys who live in a certain village. They're the same age and have always been together growing up. But one day, Yoshiki noticed that "something else" has taken Hikaru's place. Even after learning of this, Yoshiki still wants them to be together. And so, his life with the "something" that looks like his friend begins.

At the same time, strange incidents keep occurring in the village...

(Source: Kadokawa, translated)
Aug 31, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

The Boxer

Having suffered ruthless bullying for the better part of his life, 17-year-old Yu has become emotionally numb and dissociated from reality, no longer able to act like a normal human being. Although he possesses the exceptional talent to dodge punches, Yu prefers to let his perpetrators beat him down as he finds no meaning in his survival.

Things begin to look up when Yu meets an old boxing trainer nicknamed "K." Having raised five champions, K's years of experience and an impressive gut feeling allow him to recognize Yu's near-superhuman fighting charisma immediately. K rushes to take Yu under his wing, despite the latter's apparent lack of interest.

However, after being reminded of a bright memory from the past, Yu has a change of heart and accepts K's offer, hoping to experience the same light once again. Thus, Yu enters a world full of formidable adversaries—righteous and monstrous alike—and for the first time ever, he has no choice but to fight back.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Dec 4, 2019 to May 4, 2022 | 123 chp | Publishing

Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official's Blessing)

800 years ago, Xie Lian was a pure-blooded and noble Crown Prince, a well-regarded child of Heaven with unlimited potential. But who knew that, after he ascended and became a god with tens of thousands of worshippers, his fate would take such a sharp downhill turn? He was demoted again and again, and fell to rock bottom.

800 years later, Xie Lian ascended again, but this time, without worshippers and without incense. One day, after returning from collecting scraps, he took a mysterious young man home. And this young man was the Ghost King that made others pale in fear whenever discussed—Hua Cheng.

(Source: Bilibili Comics)
Oct 19, 2019 to ? | chp | Publishing

Viral Hit

Bullied by his classmate and popular Newtube streamer Pakgo, Yoo Hobin's high school days are filled with humiliation and abuse. His troubles don't end there though; outside of school, Hobin slaves away at a part-time job to pay for his mother's hospital bills. One day, Hobin accidentally spills ramen on Pakgo's cameraman "Jiksae," tripping over a cord and disconnecting the other boy from his gaming stream. Finally fed up with his miserable lifestyle, Hobin fights back and ends up in a pathetic brawl with Jiksae.

The next morning, it is revealed that the camera from Jiksae's stream had been recording the two boys' entire embarrassing fight. Moreover, the footage was accidentally uploaded to Newtube and had gone viral overnight, earning Hobin a whopping ten million won from viewership.

Drawn to the money Newtube streaming can offer him and his mother, Hobin works together with unlikely ally Jiksae to produce more videos of him fighting and see how far Newtube streaming can take them. Taking on bullies like Pakgo and other seemingly unsurpassable opponents, Hobin will either rise to the top of the streaming world or finally meet a foe he can't outsmart.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Nov 15, 2019 to ? | chp | Publishing

Hikaeme ni Ittemo, Kore wa Ai (Love, That's an Understatemen...

Risa Amakawa is only in high school, but she is extraordinarily self-sufficient. With the tools inside her seemingly bottomless bag, she is prepared for any freak incident that lady luck chooses to throw her way. So when Risa encounters a delinquent—all battered and bruised—on a rainy afternoon, she takes advantage of the power bestowed upon her by her own sense of caution and uses it to help him. What she does not expect is the victim, Zen Oohira, to take a liking to her.

Zen checks all the boxes of a typical delinquent; he has an air of nonchalance about him and even owns a motorcycle. Even so, he is oddly cheerful and sweet, going so far as to give Risa a "help coupon" as thanks for her aid in his time of need. When an unforeseen episode forces Risa to redeem her coupon, she realizes that Zen can be far more charming than he lets on. But is she prepared to sacrifice her meticulousness for a carefree gamble on romance?

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jul 26, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

Look Back

Fourth-grader Ayumu Fujino regularly draws four-panel manga for her school newspaper and is lauded as having the best artwork in her class. One day, she is asked by her teacher to turn over one of her manga slots in the school newspaper to a truant student named Kyomoto. When Kyomoto's manga pops up alongside Fujino's, it receives high praises for its detailed artwork, making Fujino furiously jealous.

Refusing to be beaten by someone who barely attends school, Fujino devotes herself to learning to create manga. As time goes on though, her goal of outshining Kyomoto seems to only get further and further away, and Fujino, now in sixth grade, eventually gives up and quits making manga.

Graduation day arrives, and Fujino is asked to deliver Kyomoto's graduation certificate to her. Through chance, the two end up coming face to face, and their unexpected meeting will end up having consequences far beyond what either of them could ever predict.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jul 19, 2021 | chp | Publishing

Nan Hao Shang Feng

A comedy about two ordinary high school boys.
Apr 30, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou.: Revolution

Ordinary office worker Rei Oohashi wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois—the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game's male leads. But how will her villainous ladylove react to this new courtship?!

(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)
Dec 18, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing


Apr 26, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu...

The mere mention of the Yiling Patriarch strikes fear in those who hear it, even though the man behind the title has been deceased for 13 years. It is said that, as a practitioner of demonic cultivation, he raised the dead to wage war against the great cultivation sects. The true name of the Yiling Patriarch is Wei Ying, courtesy name Wuxian, and he has returned from the dead, summoned into the body of a mad man!

When Wei Wuxian reawakens, he finds himself in Mo Village, which is owned by a branch family of one of the great sects. No sooner does he have time to get his bearings before his world is thrown into disarray again—by a dismembered arm leaking an immense amount of demonic energy. However, the origin of the limb is only the first mystery. Shortly after, the ever-stoic Lan Wangji—someone who Wei Wuxian believes to harbor great animosity toward him—arrives to sweep Wei Wuxian off his feet!

As Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji seek to unravel the mystery behind the demonic arm, they face both enemies and friends of old, and its link to Wei Wuxian's downfall all those years ago.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Dec 8, 2017 to ? | chp | Publishing


After being aggressively rejected, Momo Ayase finds herself sulking when she stumbles across a boy being bullied. Saved by her rash kindness, the occult-obsessed boy attempts to speak to her about supernatural interests he believes they share. Rejecting his claims, Ayase proclaimed that she is instead a believer in ghosts, starting an argument between the two over which is real.

In a bet to determine who's correct, the two decide to separately visit locations associated with both the occult and the supernatural—Ayase visiting the former and the boy visiting the latter. When the two reach their respective places, it turns out that neither of them was wrong and that both the occult and ghosts do exist.

This marks the beginning of Ayase and the boy's adventure, who shares a name with Ayase's favorite idol—Ken Takakura, as they attempt to fix the surreal supernatural and sci-fi elements around them to return to a normal life.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Apr 6, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

The Legend of the Northern Blade

For decades, the brave warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect fought to keep the world safe from the evil Silent Night. But when the fourth generation leader is accused of colluding with the enemy, he is forced to disband the sect and commit suicide to protect his son, Moowon. With no family and allies left, Moowon leads a dreary life under close surveillance... until a surprise attack from the Silent Night gives him a chance to escape to the mountains. There, the young warrior trains to master the fighting techniques of his predecessors, before the mysterious disappearance of a loved one brings him back to the mainland. Follow Moowon as he embarks on a journey to avenge his father's death and take down the villains who threaten to plunge the world into darkness!

(Source: Tappytoon)
Dec 31, 2019 to ? | chp | Publishing

Tokidoki Bosotto Russia-go de Dereru Tonari no Aalya-san

Smart, refined, and strikingly gorgeous, half-Russian half-Japanese Alisa Mikhailovna Kujou is considered the idol of her school. With her long silver hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and exceptionally fair skin, she has captured the hearts of countless male students while being highly admired by all others. Even so, due to her seemingly unapproachable persona, everyone remains wary around the near-flawless girl.

One of the few exceptions is Alisa's benchmate Masachika Kuze, a relatively average boy who spends his days watching anime and playing gacha games. Despite his nonchalant demeanor, Masachika is the sole student to receive Alisa's attention. Unable to be fully honest, Alisa is frequently harsh on Masachika and only expresses her affection in Russian. Unbeknownst to her, however, Masachika actually understands the language yet simply pretends otherwise for his own amusement.

As the odd pair continues to exchange witty and playful remarks, their relationship gradually grows more romantic and delightful—and Alisa might finally learn to freely convey her true feelings.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Feb 27, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

Villains Are Destined to Die

The latest otome game is all the rage recently, so a regular university student decides to see for herself if its fame is well-deserved. She clears the normal mode in no time and finds herself pitying the villainess, Penelope Eckhart. Penelope is a fake―a replacement for the duke's missing daughter, the protagonist of the game.

Initially confident about clearing the hard mode as well, the woman is shocked by the sheer leap in the level of difficulty, eventually passing out from exhaustion. However, when she wakes up, she no longer recognizes her surroundings, for she has been reincarnated into the body of the villainess!

In a world where everyone seems to be out for her blood, Penelope must make wise decisions that keep her away from the death route. A tyrant prince, a suspicious magician, a nobleman from a fallen nation, or one of her nasty adoptive brothers―whose affections will she win?

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
May 1, 2020 to ? | chp | Publishing

Uma Musume Cinderella Gray

Uma Musume Cinderella Gray is a spin-off title of the Uma Musume project by Cygames. It follows Oguri Cap through her time at Kasamatsu Training Center Academy and on her journey of becoming a legendary horse girl.

(Source: MU)
Jun 11, 2020 to ? | chp | Publishing

Gimai Seikatsu (Days with My Step Sister)

After his father's remarriage, Yuuta Asamura ends up getting a new stepsister, coincidentally the number one beauty of the school year, Saki Ayase. Having learned important values when it comes to relationships between men and women through the previous ones of their parents, they promise each other not to be too close, not to be too opposing, and to merely keep a vague and comfortable distance.

On one hand, Saki, who has worked in solitude for the sake of her family, doesn't know how to properly rely on others, whereas Yuuta is unsure of how to really treat her. Standing on fairly equal ground, these two slowly learn the comfortable sensation of living together.

Their relationship slowly evolves from being strangers the more the days pass. This is a story that may lead to love someday.

(Source: Kadokawa, translated)
Jan 25, 2021 to ? | chp | Publishing

White Blood (Unholy Blood)

Ten years ago, the world changed after the appearance of vampires—beings of immeasurable strength and endless bloodlust. With no way to distinguish them apart from humans, these entities recklessly slaughter people to fulfill their selfish desires.

Orphan Park Hayan has always wanted a normal life: to keep her siblings safe from any potential danger and be able to find friends as a college student. But with the rise in vampire attacks, she fears that her life may crumble as traumatic memories return to haunt her.

After a tragic accident makes her a target for the "Angels of Death," an underground organization ruled by the most powerful vampires, Hayan decides to confront her past and partners up with Euntae Hwang, a member of the police force who is more than meets the eye. Her plan to eradicate every vampire begins here.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jan 15, 2020 to Sep 29, 2021 | 92 chp | Publishing

Gomashio to Pudding

Twenty-two-year-old Haruhi Fukunaga lives her dream life in Tokyo working her long-desired job as a heavy machine operator. When her father suddenly demands that she return to the countryside to help with the family business, a frustrated Haruhi decides to visit a bar for a few drinks. The next morning, she discovers that—in her drunken stupor—she had married a man twice her age! Feeling partially responsible for the incident, Haruhi's now-husband Nagato Sunohara determines to assist his new bride in convincing her father that Tokyo is where she truly belongs.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jul 27, 2018 to Apr 24, 2020 | 22 chp | Publishing

The Fantasie of a Stepmother

It is a mystery why the late Marquess Johannes von Neuschwanstein decided to marry a 16-year-old girl barely older than his eldest child. Whatever the reason, Shuli is left to shoulder heavy responsibilities as marchioness after his death. On top of the responsibility to manage a prestigious household with close ties to the empire's royal family, she becomes stepmother to four children who deeply mistrust her.

For seven years, Shuli dedicates herself to raising the children well and safeguarding the family fortune. She believes she only has to wait until her son Jeremy will take over as head of the family—then she can live freely. However, on the long-awaited day of his wedding, she is caught up in a tragic accident.

When Shuli next opens her eyes, she finds herself in the past, hours before Johannes' funeral. Although uncertain why she has been granted a second chance at life, this time she is determined to build relationships with the children as well as allow for her own happiness.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jul 4, 2019 to ? | chp | Publishing

Your Throne

Cunning and ruthless, Lady Medea Solon has only had one goal in her life: to become the princess of the Vasilios Empire by marrying Crown Prince Eros Orna Vasilios. However, Medea's ambitious scheme collapses when the crown prince chooses naive Psyche Callista as his fiancée instead of her. As a result, she resolves to remove Psyche by any means necessary and secure her place on the throne.

However, not all goes according to her plan. At the Yearly Prayer held in the Temple, Medea confronts Psyche and her ignorance toward possessing unfathomable authority. In an instant, Medea falls into a seemingly bottomless fountain, unable to reach the surface. Believing that God is responsible, she prays to be the one who rules the empire.

The deity grants Medea's wish at the cost of exchanging bodies with Psyche, a twist of fate that may reveal more than what meets the eye.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jan 6, 2020 to ? | chp | Publishing