2022 has been a great year for anime, and the summer lineup is no exception. Many highly anticipated titles have come out this season, from remakes of old classics and continuations of popular titles to brand-new series just making their debut. Like with every anime season, some titles have been more popular than others and have gotten most of the attention.

However, that doesn't mean the others aren't worth checking out, too. Many enjoyable series from summer 2022 have gone overlooked by fans, and with the season coming to a close, these lesser-known titles make for a perfect way to finish off the season.

10 Parallel World Pharmacy Is A Wholesome New Isekai Series

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Summer 2022 has given anime fans a lot of isekai series to pick from, but none are quite as cute or wholesome as Parallel World Pharmacy. The series starts out in the same generic fashion as most isekai of this variety, with the main character suddenly dying, only to reincarnate into a fantasy world.

He is reborn into Falma de Médicis, a 10-year-old medical prodigy with the knowledge of modern day medicine at his disposal. In this new world, medicine is only for the elite, but Falma decides to change that and make medical care available to everyone, regardless of class.

9 Prima Doll Is A New Series From A Respected Studio

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Coming from the renowned studio Key Visual Arts, fans can expect a visual and storytelling treat from Prima Doll. It centers around a group of advanced mechanical dolls known as Automata. While they were once used as weapons by the Imperial Captial, they've now been restored and given new purpose at a small café.

Unfamiliar with the peace their world now enjoys, these girls must learn to navigate their new harmonious lives, learning about the world and themselves along the way. While most write this series off as just another CGDCT anime, it's much more than that, and its sweet story and lovable characters will captivate anyone.

8 A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized Is As Funny As It Is Cute

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Like many other series with weirdly long names, many have judged A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized without even watching it. But just like those titles, this series surprises its audience after they finally give it a chance. The story kicks off after a young girl offers herself up to a fearsome dragon as a sacrifice to protect her village.

As it turns out, the dragon isn't fearsome at all, but puts on a show so she'll leave him alone. However, this backfires, sending the two on an epic quest together where they slowly form a bond of friendship. The story is simple, but it's wholesome, adorable, and a perfect addition to the comedy genre.

7 Extreme Hearts Is An Interesting Mix Between Sports & Idols

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At first glance, most wouldn't think Extreme Hearts is anything special. To many, it looks like another boring addition to the CGDCT subgenre, leaving it widely overlooked this season. However, it's a pretty unique series under the surface. It blends sports anime, idols, and slice-of-life to create a fresh new take on the genre.

The story follows a young girl named Hiyori Hayama, who dreams of becoming an idol but has had no luck. In order to turn things around, she joins the hyper sports tournament, Extreme Hearts, teaming up with a group of talented girls to help her. Together, they all try to achieve their dreams, finding friendship along the way.

6 Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing ’til you Cry Is Absurd In The Best Way

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Comedy is always a popular choice each season, but Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing ’til you Cry has gone unnoticed compared to the other summer 2022 titles. With its odd name and cutesy style, many are hesitant to give it a try. However, those brave enough to give it a chance find it's a surprisingly wacky experience similar to titles like Asobi Asobase.

The story revolves around a trio of girls who dream of becoming stand-up comedians. They join the Teppen Grand Prix, a competition for up-and-coming comedians, hoping that they'll rise to the top and make everyone laugh. With jokes and parodies galore, this series is perfect for comedy lovers looking for new titles.

5 Black Summoner Brings An Interesting Twist To Isekai

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It's easy to assume that Black Summoner is just another generic isekai story, and in some ways, it is. It's got a lot of the usual tropes and clichés that many fans have grown tired of, such as an overpowered protagonist or a beautiful goddess companion. However, the series stands out with its interesting premise.

For every new power the protagonist Kelvin gains, he must sacrifice one of his memories. This addition makes for an interesting conflict that no other isekai series have had before. Overall, the series is a fun and exciting watch that fans of the genre will likely enjoy.

4 Yurei Deco Has A Unique & Creative Aesthetic

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Just by looking at it, it's hard to figure out what kind of series Yurei Deco is, and that's likely why many fans haven't watched it this season. However, it's well worth the watch, as it's easily one of the most unique titles of summer 2022. It's a vibrant coming-of-age story set in the city of Tom Sawyer, a colorful utopia where reality has been augmented to suit society's perfect image.

After a mysterious encounter, a young girl named Berry begins to uncover the city's secrets and dark past, showing that life isn't as perfect as everyone makes it out to be. With its interesting premise and striking visuals, this series stands out among the usual titles and definitely deserves more attention.

3 Aoashi Is One Of The Best Sports Anime To Come Out In A While

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Aoashi first aired back in the spring 2022 season, but it's still ongoing through the summer lineup. With sports anime more popular than ever, one would expect this series to be the talk of the town. However, with the focus mostly on Blue Lock, many have yet to pick it up.

The series follows the journey of Ashito Aoi, who gets the chance of a lifetime after being scouted by Tatsuya Fukuda. But Ashito learns that the road to fame isn't easy, and he struggles to make a name for himself on a brand-new team in a new city. Aoashi is easily one of the best new sport anime to come out in some time, and fans of the genre are sure to love it.

2 Fuuto PI Is An Anime Sequel To The Classic Kamen Rider

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Summer 2022 has a lot of great new anime adaptations under its belt, including Fuuto PI, a surprising sequel to Kamen Rider. While it's seen some hype, the series has hardly been discussed since its release outside of niche fandoms. It's the story of a pair of investigators from the Narumi Detective Agency, who find themselves down a rabbit hole after an encounter with the mysterious Tokime.

From here, the duo take on the powers of Kamen Rider and fight a new threat, all while trying to piece together the mystery they've uncovered. With its exciting action and gorgeous animation, Fuuto PI is definitely worth checking out for those who haven't.

1 The Girl From The Other Side Is An Imaginative & Beautiful OVA

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It's not a shock when OVA series don't get much attention from mainstream anime fans, but The Girl From The Other Side is definitely worth a watch. It's a short, three-episode mini-series with some of the most beautiful and imaginative visuals of the season. It's a story of acceptance, understanding, and found family, set in a land split into two, with humans on one side and monsters on the other.

After a young girl is abandoned, she finds herself in the care of a monster, and the two form an unusual friendship that teaches them about the nuances of their world. Though it's been mostly overlooked this season, it's a beautiful short series that deserves much more praise.

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