Whenever fans watch a movie or read a film of a particular genre, they go into it knowing that the franchise will feature elements meant to coincide with their genre. Whether they're anticipating the murderer's capture in a horror story or not, many people love exploring media within their preferred genre for many reasons.

The Sci-fi genre is notorious for showing technological advancements in a bad and pessimistic light. Unlike some Sci-fi anime that follow this concept, others aren't afraid to feature characters in a world that is optimistic about society's future.

10 Galaxy Angel Shows That Despite Living In A Technologically Advanced Society, Everyday Human Activities Will Remain The Same

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Although Galaxy Angel isn't one of MyAnimeList's best comedy anime, it's a sci-fi series with many lighthearted elements that make fans laugh. The anime follows five girls on a quest to search for missing items called The Lost Technology but end up in sticky situations while on their journey.

Despite the anime being a series with an episodic plot, Galaxy Angel's characters' wacky events and mishaps they get into show how everyday activities remain the same despite being in a world filled with technological advancements.

9 Space Patrol Luluco Shows That One's Lifestyle May Change In The Future, But It Will Open The Door To New Avenues

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Space Patrol Luluco is a sci-fi anime that features a girl named Luluco's who gains a new life as a Space Patrol employee because of her father's accident. IMDb claims that Space Patrol Luluco is one of Studio Trigger's best anime series.

Although Luluco's initial goal was to live a life of normalcy in the technologically advanced society, she later learns that being oneself and enjoying the sights around her is what's most important. Some will walk away from it knowing that the future can be just as exciting as the present, even if someone finds it hard to fit in.

8 Space Dandy Highlights The Dangers Of The Future While Also Noting How Intriguing It'd Be To Travel Through Space

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Space Dandy is a hilarious sci-fi anime series featuring a charismatic bounty hunter named Dandy whose lurking for new alien targets. It's an anime that follows an episodic structure and places its characters in wacky situations in hopes of getting a chuckle out of its target audience.

Despite taking on many missions and encountering dangerous alien lifeforms during his expeditions, Dandy and friends often find themselves having a blast when traveling. It's an anime that loves being over-the-top and showing its audience that the future may be dangerous but will lead many to encounter new styles of life they never knew were possible.

7 Dirty Pair May Be An Anime With A Lot Of Action, But It Gives Fans Hope For A World Where All Will Feel Comfortable And Welcomed

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Dirty Pair is a series with great characters, comedy, visuals, and messages. The anime features a grand sci-fi look with action sequences that are incredible to look at on a large screen.

Further, Dirty Pair is a show that depicts a technically advanced society in a beautiful light despite the criminals that inhabit the world. Dirty Pair even tackles themes concerning gender identities, declaring that there will be a future where everyone will be treated with open arms and in a welcoming manner.

6 Time Of Eve Is A Thought-Provoking Series That'll Give Fans A Glimpse Into A Futuristic Scenario Where Man & Machine Can Become Friends

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Time of Eve is a thought-provoking anime series that dives into the depths of artificial life and the mistreatment they suffer from human beings. Time of Eve is an anime that will make fans ponder how they treat life regardless if they're human, animals, or any other living organism.

Although fans learn of the saddening details that inhabit beings that look different from humans, the series paints an image that there will be people who'd stand against the majority's opinion over what's right and wrong.

5 Aria The Animation Indicates That Living On Other Planets Can Become The Norm For A Future Society

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Although Aria The Animation may not be among MyAnimeList's best sci-fi anime series, it has a storyline where humans have successfully inhabited the planet Mars and create unique forms of transportation. It follows a female named Akari Mizunashi and her journey to discovering the wonders of this new take on humanity.

Aria The Animation contains beautiful animation, lighthearted scenarios, and excellent characters. It's an anime that will make many people smile and enjoy the wonderous world while giving some fans an idea of what life could be like if humanity inhabited other planets besides Earth.

4 Carole & Tuesday Will Give Fans Hope That Humans Can Still Strive For Any Career They Wish For Regardless Of AI Enhancements

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Carole & Tuesday is a sci-fi anime created by Shinichiro Watanabe, responsible for bringing fans classics like Cowboy Bebop. Carole & Tuesday is also a musical anime many fans need to see because of its intriguing main characters and setting. In a world controlled by AI, Carole and Tuesday try to form a band and become successful musicians despite the odds against them.

Moreover, this anime features many external conflicts and paints images that show how some societies can change for the worse when under AI control. However, it indicates that even in a world ran by machines humans, people will still strive for careers they feel humans can do better than AI.

3 Space Brothers Is An Anime That Shows That Despite One's Sorrowful Future, There's Always Time To Change One's Destiny

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Heading into space is something some people aim to do one day because of the wonderous potential of finding life different than what's available today. Space Brothers tackles that concept head-on by focusing on two brotherly protagonists who wish to become astronauts but end up going down diverging paths.

Space Brothers is an anime that places its characters in situations where they must choose between their dreams or family. It depicts that heading for the top will require sacrifices and will not always grant people the result they initially wanted. In a future sense, the anime indicates that hard work and motivation will lead people to achieve their dreams, even if they don't achieve them on time.

2 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Shows That A Future Can Be Full Of Wonder Without Being Magical

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Although The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya may feature a selfish protagonist with the power to change, warp, and recreate reality to her fitting, she later realizes that everything doesn't have to be grand, whimsical, and out of this world all the time.

Thus, if things like talking cats were to exist, they'd become a norm and not be as exciting of a phenomenon. Essentially, the anime tackles concepts concerning excepting reality for what it is and learning to make better judgments about one's hopes and dreams; because if they come true, one's wish can turn into a living nightmare or a beautiful treasure.

1 Doraemon Shows That Future Technology Can Change A Past Relative's Life For The Better

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Doraemon is about a character named Nobita Nobi who gets visited by a futuristic robotic cat named Doraemon. Doraemon was sent by Nobita's great-great-grandson, Sewashi Nobi, from the future so Doraemon can lead his great-great-grandfather toward a better life. It's an anime that will teach everyone that having one friend can make an immense difference in someone's fate.

From a future perspective, it shows that future technological advancements can change the scope of a past relative's livelihood for the better, even if that change occurs from something that's not human. Not only that, but the anime reminds people that things won't last forever and that it's best to cherish what you have in the present.

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