• Bon Clay is a strong kick fighter in One Piece, using his feet to create holes in metal.
  • Dellinger, a half-Fishman, is a dangerous kick fighter known for his speed and athleticism.
  • Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, is one of the strongest kick fighters, able to dismember powerful enemies with his kicks.

In the diverse world of One Piece combat, kick fighting emerges as a unique and formidable style. While many fighters rely on fists or swords, a select few specialize in powerful kicks. Among the vast array of characters, only a handful excel in this dynamic martial art, adding a distinct and visually impressive element to the series' battles. Kick fighting stands out as a compelling and effective fighting style, showcasing the versatility and creativity that Eiichiro Oda brings to the world of One Piece.

10 Bon Clay

Former Member Of The Baroque Works


Bon Clay, also known as Mr. 2 of Baroque Works, is a notable kick fighter in early One Piece. Renowned for his formidable skills, he engaged in a memorable battle against Sanji during the Arabasta arc. In this showdown, Bon Clay showcased his prowess, pushing Sanji to his limits.

What set Bon Clay apart was his exceptional use of his feet in combat, including his unique appendages capable of piercing holes even in metal surfaces. His impressive kick-based fighting style left a lasting impact on fans and added a layer of excitement to the Arabasta arc.

9 Blue Gilly

A Master Of Jao Kun Do


Blue Gilly, a participant in the Corrida Coliseum during the Dressrosa arc, showcased impressive kick fighting skills in his quest for the Flame-Flame Fruit. Mastering Jao Kun Do, he demonstrated his prowess as an adept fighter.

Although not considered the strongest, Blue Gilly left a mark with his remarkable abilities. As a current member of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, there's an expectation that he will continue to grow stronger, adding to the diversity and strength of the fleet.

8 Dellinger

A Powerful Half-Fishman


A member of the Donquixote Pirates, Dellinger is a half Fishman who is known for his ferocious kicking ability. In the Dressrosa arc, he was able to overpower several amazing fighters, including Bellamy.

Dellinger's biggest strength lies in the fact that he's amazingly athletic and incredibly fast. He delivers blows with his heels at a speed faster than most eyes can perceive and that is truly what makes him a dangerous kick fighter in One Piece.

7 Zeff

A Legendary Pirate Captain


Zeff is quite a mysterious character in One Piece when it comes to his strength. Fans never got to see him in his prime, however, what they do know is that he led the Cook Pirates and he successfully completed the journey across the Grand Line and returned without a single scratch. Zeff had incredibly powerful kicks, such that a casual kick from him could leave an imprint in metal itself.

Beating enemies would dye his foot red and that is why he was given the title of Red Leg Zeff. Although he was quite old that week in Baratie, in his prime, he could have been a monstrous pirate.

6 Tamago

A Powerful Officer Of The Big Mom Pirates


Baron Tamago is one of the Officers of the Big Mom Pirates and certainly a very powerful member of the crew. He has a bounty of 429 million berries on his head, which just goes to show how skilled he truly is.

He was able to fight against Pedro to some extent, which proves that his bounty isn't for sure. Tamago usually fights with his legs and that makes him one of the best kick fighters in One Piece.

5 Don Sai

The User Of Drill Dragon Nail


The Captain of the Third Ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Don Sai is the current leader of the Happo Navy and he is also an incredibly powerful fighter. He is a master of the Hasshoken fighting style and, at the same time, a good user of Haki as well.

His Drill Dragon Nail is powerful enough to split the ice continent itself and this kick packs a powerful punch. He's one of the strongest kick fighters in One Piece.

4 Marco

The Former First Division Commander Of The Whitebeard Pirates


The former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco is an exceptional fighter with a bounty of 1.374 billion berries on his head. Marco is a pirate who is believed by many to be among the strongest Yonko Commanders. He has the power of the Phoenix fruit and this Devil Fruit gives him the power to use the blue flames of resurrection, meaning he's almost like an immortal man.

Marco also possesses very powerful Haki, using which he can find two powerful calamities in King and Queen at once. Given that he is a bird, most of his attacks make use of his talons.

3 Sanji

The Cook Of The Straw Hats


The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is one of the strongest kick fighters in One Piece, if not the strongest. He is an exceptional user of Haki and, at the same time, his scientific enhancements see to it that he's able to boost his powers even further. Sanji was taught very well by Zeff and he managed to develop his own Black Leg Style, which relies completely on the usage of feet in combat.

Sanji is powerful enough to dismember a 1.32 billion berry pirate with a few kicks and that just goes to show how skillful he truly is.

2 Kizaru

A Marine Admiral


One of the Three Admirals of the Marines, Kizaru isn't purely a kick fighter, however, he's often seen making use of his kicks in combat. He has the power of the Pika Pika no Mi and this Devil Fruit allows him to turn into light itself, which means he's one of the fastest people in the world of One Piece.

He is able to kick at the speed of light and these blows are incredibly heavy, meaning he is certainly one of the best kick fighters in the series.

1 Boa Hancock

The Leader Of The Kuja


The captain of the Kuja Pirates, the Snake Empress, Boa Hancock is one of the deadliest pirates in the One Piece world. She possesses exceptionally overpowered Haki, being able to command all three at a very high level.

Hancock also possesses the Mero Mero no Mi, and this fruit sees her make use of the terrific petrification powers with all her attacks. Hancock can petrify her enemies with a single kick. Furthermore, the vast majority of fighters in the One Piece world cannot stand up to her as they are charmed by her beauty. When it comes to powerful kick fighters, Hancock certainly ranks near the very top. Given that the Kuja are blessed with the power to use Haki and the fact that Hancock is the strongest of all, one can expect her to be a user of advanced Conqueror's Haki as well. However, even without that a kick from her could kill anyone due to petrification. With this skill, Hancock would certainly be one of the best kick fighters in One Piece. She hasn't revealed her true strength yet, which is why fans need to sit back patiently.