GrimGrimoire Remastered Game Reveals 3rd Trailer and Cast

By: Carla Carreon Sep 01, 2022
The upcoming remastered 2D real-time, side-scrolling, strategy game titled GrimGrimoire OnceMore revealed a new preview video and voice cast.
GrimGrimoire Remastered Game Reveals 3rd Trailer and Cast

The upcoming remaster of the 2D real-time strategy game titled GrimGrimoire OnceMore revealed character visuals and voice cast in its newest trailer. The remaster of the 2007 game was announced only last month by Nippon Ichi Software with a first trailer. Vanillaware will be returning to develop the game, whic will launch in Japan on July 28, 2022. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The main cast includes:

  • Iori Saeki as Lillet Blan
  • Naoya Miyase as Bartido Ballentyne
  • Miharu Hanai as Margarita Surprise
  • Ryunosuke Watanuki as Surley
  • Yuta Aoki as Hiram Menthe
  • Miho Morisaki as Amoretta Virgine
  • Teruo Seki as Gammel Dore
  • Hiromichi Tezuka as Advocat
  • Kazuyoshi Hayashi as Chartruese Grande
  • Akari Kageyama as Opalnaria Rain
  • Michitake Kikuchi as Calvaros
  • Wakana Maruoka as Lujei Piche
  • Eriko Matsui as Gaff

As of writing, no English release has been announced. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest preview video of the GrimGrimoire OnceMore character visuals and voice cast below:

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The GrimGrimoire OnceMore official website also shared information, stories, lore, and an art gallery about many of the characters. In addition to its remastered HD visuals, GrimGrimoire OnceMore will also feature new game systems and difficulty settings. The main gameplay revolves around the player commanding their familiars to attack the enemies on multiple floor levels, while also considering the strengths and weaknesses of each of the magical schools. The second trailer gives a preview of these schools which are Glamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy.

The game is a remaster of Vanillaware’s GrimGrimoire PlayStation 2 game (2007) It was written and directed by George Kamitami, who is famous for his works like Odin Sphere (2007 and 2016) and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (2019). The music was composed by Basiscape led by Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy Tactics.)

GrimGrimoire Remastered Game
The professors of the four magical schools

Gematsu translated the synopsis from the GrimGrimoire OnceMore remaster official website:

“Lillet Blan was very excited. Her heart had been racing since the moment she heard. Lillet had been invited to enroll in a Magic Academy where only talented youths were personally sought out by the greatest wizards. The school was led by the famous wizard, Gammel Dore, who had once defeated the Archmage. And the campus on which they study, the Silver Star tower, was once the destroyed Archmage’s castle.
The tower was still full of unsolved mysteries and dangers, and this attracted many who had their own personal reasons in mind. Lillet had opened her first grimoire and began her studies. But only five days later, a terrifying disaster threatens the academy, and all lives are lost. All except she, who had traveled back through time without knowing why…
Can Lillet come closer to the truth by reliving those repeating days? Can she end the nightmare at the end of those five days To avoid constant death, open the grimoires once again….”

Source: Official GrimGimoire OnceMore Website, Gematsu
©2007-2022 VANILLAWARE Ltd./Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.


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