Bleach: The Most Important Characters to Watch Out For in the New Season. Don't miss

By: Tom Oct 04, 2022
Bleach: The Most Important Characters to Watch Out For in the New Season. Don't miss
Bleach: The Most Important Characters to Watch Out For in the New Season.  Don't miss

The long-running Bleach anime is about to make its return with the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, a story that fans of the original manga can't wait to see animated for the first time. Meanwhile, anime-only fans are in for a real treat as all sorts of shocking twists, turns and developments lay ahead for not just the overall plot, but also many of Bleach's most important characters.

While some Bleach characters may be static or lack development in this arc, such as Yumichika Ayasegawa or Ichigo's friend Chad, others will steal the show and boldly move forward in unexpected directions. Those noteworthy cast members will really move the plot forward and grow as individuals, and new and returning Bleach fans should pay close attention to them when the anime's new season begins airing.

Isshin Kurosaki Has Some Secrets To Share

It's a given that protagtonist Ichigo Kurosaki will be a standout star when Bleach returns, but fans should also keep careful track of his loving widower father, Isshin. The original Bleach anime revealed Isshin's big secret about him being a retired Soul Reaper, but there is still more to the elder Kurosaki's story.

In the new arc, Isshin will sit down and explain some incredible family secrets to his Soul Reaper son, shocking revelations that will forever change how Ichigo views the Quincy tribe, his deceased mother and even his own powers. Anime fans shouldn't miss a single word Isshin has to say in this upcoming arc.

Ichigo Kurosaki Will Explore A New Side of Himself

Ichigo Kurosaki In Bleach
Shonen star Ichigo Kurosaki still has some growing up to do, even after he defeated Sosuke Aizen and reawakened his Soul Reaper powers 17 months after that victory. There are still some gaps and unresolved mysteries in Ichigo's character, and the "Thousand-Year Blood War" arc will fill in those gaps at long last.

Bleach fans will do well to pay close attention to Ichigo and his relationship to his own powers, including his inner Hollow self and the black-robed Zangetsu -- and this plot may push Ichigo's character to new heights. The hero still has a long way to go before he fully understands his powers, his ancestry and his place in the wider world of spirits.

Uryu Ishida Will Be Tested Like Never Before

Uryu Ishida new anime
Up until now, Ichigo's Quincy friend and rival Uryu Ishida was strictly a supporting character. Even his best fights didn't impact Bleach's plot that much, and his personal quest as one of the world's few remaining Quincy is unresolved. In the anime's upcoming arc, however, Uryu Ishida will re-evaluate his powers, ancestry and his place in the world just like Ichigo, and this may take Uryu's character arc in unexpected directions.

He's about to learn where he came from and what his family has done, and he will be tempted with great power that comes at a terrible personal cost. Whether Uryu accepts that deal will say much about who he really is as a Bleach star.

Byakuya, Kenpachi, Toshiro & Sajin Will Face New Trials

Toshiro Hitsugaya 2
Several noteworthy Soul Reapers will face all-new challenges in the upcoming Bleach anime, and like Ichigo and Uryu, they may be forced to rethink who they are and what they really fight for. One example is Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, who will no longer be the untouchable aristocratic powerhouse he was in earlier arcs. Byakuya is in for the fight of his life, and Bleach fans will see what kind of man he really is under that cool, pretentious exterior. Meanwhile, the brutish Captain Kenpachi Zaraki will rethink his relationship with his zanpakuto and realize his true potential, all while fighting a duel to the death against the woman who first recognized his immense potential for what it is.

Then there's Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, a hotheaded boy who won't be a mere child prodigy for much longer. This white-haired youth will face all-new challenges in the "Thousand-Year Blood War" arc, and may reveal a hidden side to himself no one saw coming. Finally, Captain Sajin Komamura will find himself pushed to the very brink against the Quincy threat, and will explore a previously unknown side of his ancestry and his true hidden potential as a warrior who will give anything to save the world. Sajin's life is about to be forever changed -- and not entirely in a good way.

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