Super Hit 2022: Chainsaw Man Anime Opening Gets Over 14 Million Views in Under 2 Days. Awesome

Oct 18, 2022
Super Hit 2022: Chainsaw Man Anime Opening Gets Over 14 Million Views in Under 2 Days. Awesome
Super Hit 2022: Chainsaw Man Anime Opening Gets Over 14 Million Views in Under 2 Days. Awesome

Chainsaw Man finally made its anime debut on Tuesday, and it came with a banger opening video that has received over 14 million views on YouTube and Twitter. The video features the song “KICK BACK” by Kenshi Yonezu, which was co-arranged by King Gnu and Daiki Tsuneta. Shingo Yamashita directed and storyboarded it, while Kazutaka Sugiyama served as the chief animation director with Riki Matsuura and Souta Yamazaki as animation directors. The video has over 9.1 million views on YouTube only, and you can watch it below:

Meanwhile the official Twitter upload has over 5.4 million views. The opening also has a lot of movie references, which is a nice touch considering that the Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto is a huge cinephile. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime, and they describe the story:
Denji is a destitute young man who lives in a world filled with bloodthirsty monsters called Devils. One day, he befriends Pochita, who is a Devil dog-thing that is also a literal chainsaw. If that wasn't already a weird, things take a real turn when Denji is murdered by gangsters, and Pochita fuses with his soul to save his life. This turns the perpetually hungry and horny Denji into the titular Chainsaw Man, who ends up hunting other Devils for the enigmatic Makima, a woman who works for a governmental bureau of Devil Hunters, and strings Denji along with vague promises of sex and fortune, even as she treats him as little more than a dog himself

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Most manga series get boosts in sales and rise to the heights of popularity because of anime, but Chainsaw Man is different. The manga series is already as popular as Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover, and My Hero Academia. Chainsaw man is a unique phenomenon, and here is what made the series so famous.

Plot Is Compelling

Chainsaw Man is a world of devils, not in the conventional sense, but supernatural creatures born in hell, who can make deals with humans giving them their powers in exchange for a sacrifice.  Each devil is different and has its own set of unique abilities.

The plot follows Denji, a homeless and poor teenager who makes a deal with the chainsaw devil, making him the chainsaw man. From there on, we follow him as he meets different characters and encounters enemies.

Unlike most Shonen chainsaw man doesn’t unnecessarily elongate its plot. From the first chapter, we get right into the action. The plot progresses with lightning speed, but somehow it doesn’t feel rushed at all. Everything that happens has a reason and contributes seamlessly to the end goal.

What makes Chainsaw Man stand out?

There are many things that separate chainsaw man from the rest of its competitors. From its art style filled with gruesome and brutal imagery to the mature themes explored through its layered writing.
Art Style Is Different: Fujimoto Tatsuki’s art style has always been a point of conversation in the world of manga. He chooses not to fully enhance the drawing giving it a grim and rough feel. It feels out of order, just like most of his characters, giving it a fine touch of realism.

The characters look like they are experiencing actual human emotion, and not just some characters in a made-up world. With gore and disturbing imagery, the mangaka manages to create a strong impact on the reader’s mind.

Side Characters Stand Out: Every character in the world of CSM feels like a real character. They have their own ambitions, and their own reasons to keep on going and are not just pawns for the development of the main character.

Chainsaw man might just have the best array of side characters, none of them feel like a burden, and they contribute to the story in their own unique way. Not to mention it has one of the best villains of all time.

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Source: Official MAPPA YouTube Channel & Chainsaw Man Twitter


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