In anime, there is often a pernicious trend of negativity and gloom. This is usually in order to give the protagonist an environment to triumph over and improve, with the universe bearing palpable benefits from their efforts. By the end, the contrast between the previous world and current one is ideal.

However, not everything is dark and melancholy along the way. There are dozens of anime characters whose unshakable optimism provides a beacon of hope for those around them. Through identifying such individuals, it becomes easier to appreciate their positive attitudes and how a little joy can go a long way.

10 Luffy Is A Beacon Of Hope To Those He Visits (One Piece)

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Straw Hat Luffy may be one of the most powerful people in his series, though he remains humble and joyful all the same. Wherever Luffy goes, prosperity and happiness follows.

This trend was first seen when liberating Nami's home from Arlong, and was also evident in the final battle for Onigashima. Luffy's optimism is also a credit to his allies. It ensures that they keep moving forward regardless of how grim circumstances may become.

9 Leone Was A Playful Member Of Night Raid (Akame Ga Kill!)

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Leone was a playful member of the Night Raid organization who enjoyed gambling, drinking, and living large. She first met Tatsumi in a tavern and would later save his life when rescuing him from a murderous noble family. Oftentimes, Leone's ability to understate opposition when charging into danger makes her a force to rally behind.

Considering how frequently Night Raid members die to accomplish their missions, her blitheness is welcome when assuaging the fears of her friends. Though surviving to witness the end of the empire, Leone died before the series' conclusion.

8 Hawk Was The Sins' Talkative Scraps Captain (Seven Deadly Sins)

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"Scraps Captain" Hawk was the mascot for the Seven Deadly Sins. Ebullient and sassy, he often encourages the Sins in battle and sometimes even assists directly. His mother was so huge that she served as the team's base of operations, further strengthening his bond with his team.

Perhaps Hawk's most noble feature is his willingness to sacrifice himself. During the fight against Hendrickson, he took a fatal blow in order to save his comrades. Much to Meliodas' relief, he was reborn shortly afterward.

7 Kirishima Is The Manliest Student Of Class 1-A (My Hero Academia)

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Having strived to be "manly" since a young age, Kirishima's indomitable spirit and willingness to fight through fear both make him a compelling character. Equally tough and kind, he was one of the few students to gain Bakugo's respect even before his pseudo redemption arc.

Not only does Kirshima take his training seriously, he is also kind to the class' less powerful members. As a result, many perceive him to be a gracious fledging hero who has already proven himself against Overhaul's Yakuza.

6 Sasha Was A Rare Glimmer Of Hope In A Dark World (Attack On Titan)

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Since being introduced, Sasha has been an iconic member of the Scouts. Adventurous and fun-loving, her appetite for life was a refreshing change of pace from the series' otherwise apocalyptic overtones.

Despite how much she loved food, Sasha was willing to share what little meat she had with her friends. After her death at the battle for Liberio, the Scouts were never able to look at their duties in the same way. Her passing even shook many of the Marleyan volunteers, especially Chef Niccolo.

5 Rock Lee Proves What Hard Work & A Good Attitude Can Do (Naruto)

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As a young boy, Rock Lee was told to give up on being a ninja since he lacked ninjutsu or genjutsu. Determined to prove himself, he ignored his detractors and pushed his body past its physical limits.

Under Might Guy, Lee became a shinobi so splendid that he was the first person to ever land a hit against Gaara. Should he not have been previously injured by Team Dosu, he may have even defeated him and radically altered the course of the Chunin Exams.

4 Jonathan Joestar Was A Model Gentleman (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Jonathan Joestar has had a difficult life. Despite growing up in the lap of luxury, he was tormented by his adoptive brother, lost his home, and even his father. However, he has never failed to maintain a positive attitude and does not linger in grief.

Jonathan's eagerness to improve his circumstances rather than lamenting them renders him a compelling character and positive example to his viewers. He proved so uplifting that even Speedwagon, a career criminal who hated the wealthy, agreed to become his comrade.

3 Joey Wheeler Is Hardedheaded & Loyal (Yu-Gi-Oh!)Joey on a bike Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Though Yami Yugi may be more competent in a duel, Joey Wheeler is the series' ray of optimism. Despite being less skilled at cards than the Pharoah, he never hesitates to back him up and will physically protect him from villains like Kaiba and Marik.

Joey's scrappy, down-to-earth attitude helps to round out the series and conveys him as a likeable everyman. After Pegasus' defeat, Joey even managed to save his sister from blindness. He proved that with a good attitude and the right friends, anything was possible.

2 Mako Cheered Ryuko Up In Hard Times (Kill La Kill)

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Mako was the first student to befriend Ryuko after enrolling at Honnoji Academy. Loveably oafish, she was effectively a cheerleader for most of the anime. Although Mako has occasionally shown character flaws such as the time she attacked Ryuko in order to maintain her standing as a class president, there have also been moments of character growth.

Mako was also responsible for saving Ryuko from being consumed by her own hatred and life fiber outfit. Despite being relatively weak, Ryuko never would have survived without her.

1 Gon's Zest For Life Is The Highlight Of His Story (Hunter X Hunter)

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Like his father, Gon's zest for life and adventure both qualify him as a suitable hunter. He is quick to make friends and forgive enemies, even willing to overlook Genthru's betrayal and attempt to murder him.

As a champion of Heaven's Arena, Gon is a prodigy for his age. He possessed such character and potential that Wing agreed to teach him the secrets of Nen. Throughout the entire series, Gon has only lost his optimism when facing off against the malicious Neferpitou.

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