In the futuristic setting of My Hero Academia, talented boys and girls can get an education at schools like U.A. and Shiketsu to learn the hero's ways, which means risking their lives fighting villains for a living. Many of Class 1-A's students have faced villains in mortal combat, including not just Izuku, but supporting characters like Denki Kaminari, too.

So far, Denki Kaminari has been a mixed bag. He gets the worst grades in Class 1-A and short-circuits himself with his electric quirk. But, he has also come a long way with rigorous training and new equipment, so now, Denki feels ready to fight a wide variety of bonafide villains and claim victory, one zap at a time.

10 Sharkyonara Is Easy Pickings For Denki

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Denki should not be underestimated just because he gets lousy grades and panics in battle. If Denki can focus and figure out a basic battle plan, he may be one of Class 1-A's best fighters with the raw power of his electric quirk. Villains like Sharkyonara don't stand a chance.

Denki's lightning can easily overpower this unremarkable villain, and Sharkyonara tends to stay in the water, making Denki even more effective. No matter how fast Sharkyonara swims, he's going to get fried before he can even try to bite Denki with his shark teeth.

9 Tesla Will Lose Round 2 Against Denki

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During the League of Villains' attack on the USJ compound, the masked villain calling himself Tesla got the better of Denki Kaminari, but things will be much different this time. Denki is now braver and more confident in battle and has better control of his quirk.

This fight is a clash of lightning users, and if Denki goes all out and focuses his quirk directly onto his opponent, he will prevail. Denki has the strength necessary to push through Tesla's own electric attacks and zap him into submission.

8 La Brava Can't Do Much Against Denki

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The minor villain calling herself La Brava isn't much of a fighter, especially not on her own. She is Gentle Criminal's sidekick and biggest fan, and she usually supports Gentle by recording his antics and boosting his power with her Love Quirk in combat.

On her own, however, La Brava won't last long against even U.A.'s weaker students, much less a glass cannon like Denki Kaminari. La Brava's Quirk doesn't even do anything if she is fighting alone, so she must surrender or get electrified.

7 Twice Cannot Block Denki's Electricity

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The League member Twice can get pretty powerful if his opponent allows him to duplicate himself enough times to create the Sad Man's Parade. Slower heroes will soon be overwhelmed, but heroes and students with powerful ranged attacks have an advantage.

Denki can simply zap Twice with a bolt of lightning and stun him, denying Twice his chance to his quirk and build up his army. And if Twice dodges Denki's first blast, then Denki can use up all his power to flood the area with lightning and strike his duplicating opponent.

6 Spinner Is Going Down If He Must Face Denki

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The minor League member Spinner isn't that powerful, and he is only a match for mediocre melee-based heroes such as Mandalay or Mashirao Ojiro. Spinner's quirk doesn't help him much in combat, and against Denki, his giant weapon is a liability.

Spinner can butcher minor heroes with his multi-weapon tool, but in Denki's eyes, it's a convenient lightning rod. Denki can point and discharge a powerful blast of lightning at Spinner's sword, and that giant metal weapon will take care of the rest.

5 Curious Can't Handle Denki's Electric Attacks

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The Meta Liberation Army officer Curious can give Denki a good fight, and she will show him what the Army is capable of. Like Yoshikage Kira in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Curious can turn anything she touches into an explosive device and rig several items at once to blow.

Denki will have a tough time against such an assault, such as if he stumbles onto one of Curious' mines. But once Denki gets a grip on the situation, he can find a crafty way to land a devastating lightning blow on Curious, stunning her beyond any ability to fight.

4 Victor's Bullets Can't Put Denki Down

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The minor villain Victor will deal the first blow if he must fight a hero like Denki Kaminari, shooting quirk-based bullets from all ten of his fingers in a fierce ranged attack. Denki will take some severe damage from this attack, but he can also feign weakness to make Victor lower his guard.

Once Victor stops to gloat, Denki can hit back with a mighty thunderbolt, and Victor will have no defenses to call upon. Once the tables are turned, Denki can hit Victor with another bolt, even a third, until this villain finally gives in.

3 Trumpet Can't Do Much On His Own

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Curious has a powerful ally in Trumpet, a suit-wearing man who can use his Incite Quirk to boost the power of his allies if they view him as a worthwhile leader, which they always do. This makes Trumpet an excellent support villain, but he's almost helpless in a duel.

Trumpet has few options against Denki — if any. His quirk cannot damage or block Denki's attacks, and he won't get a chance to reach melee and punch Denki. If he's smart, Trumpet will swallow his pride and give in or take a lightning bolt to the face.

2 Mustard's Metal Equipment Will Only Help Denki

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The support villain Mustard, unlike La Brava and Trumpet, actually can fight heroes on his own and may defeat a number of them with his deadly poison gases. He's not as effective against ranged heroes, though, who don't have to fight their way through the gas clouds to reach him.

Even if Denki cannot see Trumpet in the thick poison fog, Denki can blast his lightning all over the place, and he'll strike gold sooner than later. Mustard's villain costume has a lot of metal, such as his air tank, helmet, and revolver, making him a living lightning rod to Denki's attack.

1 Deidoro Sakaki Isn't Ready For Denki's Reckless Attacks

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For melee-oriented heroes like Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Iida, the villain Deidoro Sakaki is a total nightmare. He can make his foes dizzy and unbalanced as though heavily intoxicated, and then Deidoro can throw knives at them to finish them off. Denki, however, has a trick up his sleeve.

If Denki experiences the effects of Deidoro's quirk, he will fall onto his back and "drunkenly" release a massive blast of electricity all over the place. This clumsy but far-reaching attack will no doubt hit Deidoro and stun him, leaving him unable to make another move. In this awkward matchup, Denki is the winner.

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