In the world of anime, a character's wardrobe might be one of the most interesting aspects of that character or at least one of the most informative. In fiction and the real world, a person's attire will say much about them, from their self-image and income level to their cultural background or any subcultures they might belong to, such as punk or goth.

The same is true for anime characters, who might wear anything from a crisp military uniform to a frilly ball gown or casual jeans and shirts. The outfit's color might also be a standout feature, and some characters are famous for wearing specific colors, such as varying shades of green. Dressing in green in anime is always a fashionable choice.

10 Izuku Midoriya Favors Green On His Costume (My Hero Academia)

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My Hero Academia protagonist Izuku Midoriya has "green" in his name, the modori part, which reflects not just in his messy green hair, but also in his hero costume. Like all his classmates, U.A. High expected Izuku to design his own costume, and the first version was a garish-green version of All Might.

Izuku later refined his costume into something more practical and unique, and that costume still has plenty of green on it, too. He balances that rich green hue with red, silver, black, and light beige for a little more variety, though green is still the primary color.

9 Tanjiro Kamado's Coat Features Plenty Of Green (Demon Slayer)

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Another popular shonen protagonist, the kind Tanjiro Kamado, also likes to include green in his attire, and that's been the case since the very first episode of Demon Slayer. Like Izuku, Tanjiro smartly breaks up the green on his outfit with some other colors.

Tanjiro's coat has a cool green and black checkered pattern, and he also wears a blue scarf. More recently, he started wearing his standard-issue demon slayer uniform under that coat, similar to how Zenitsu wears his own yellow and orange coat over his uniform.

8 Naofumi Iwatani Is The Mean, Green Shield Hero (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

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Naofumi Iwatani, the isekai hero from The Rising of the Shield Hero, has been rocking green since he took his first steps in the fantasy realm of Melromarc. He arrived wearing a green hoodie, and after that, he acquired local clothes and armor that included a fair amount of green, interrupted by white and brown.

Naofumi has stuck to that color scheme, only rarely wearing clothes of any other color or style. Naofumi often conjures green-hued shields in battle to match his green-heavy outfit, though his Wrath Shield has fierce red and orange flames instead.

7 Loid Forger Favors Green Suits (Spy X Family)

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Spy x Family's superspy, Twilight, now going by the name Loid Forger, is on the cutting edge of men's fashion in both his native Westalis and its unfriendly neighbor, Ostania. He always dresses to the nines and has more than one suit of various colors in his wardrobe, too.

Loid wears other suits too, but his default suit is a pale green one, combined with dark shoes, a white undershirt, and a red tie to create a modest but stylish look as an upstanding "citizen" of Berlint. He sometimes completes this look with a hat, too.

6 Aoi Tsubaki Has Green Robes (Kakuriyo: Bed & And Breakfast For Spirits)

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The heroine of the popular josei series Kakuriyo is Aoi Tsubaki, a fashionable young woman who usually wears charming green robes when cooking meals for her ayakashi friends and customers in the realm of Kakuriyo. She isn't the apex of traditional Japanese fashion, but it's still a nice look.

Aoi Tsubaki is an isekai protagonist who finds herself teleported to the realm of Kakuriyo, inhabited by humanoid spirits known as ayakashi. She's the underdog here, so Aoi will put on her bright green robes, roll up her sleeves, and cook world-class meals to keep her clients happy.

5 Rock Lee Is A Green Beast (Naruto)

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The taijutsu specialist Rock Lee takes after his mentor Might Guy in many ways, from his goofy bowl cut to his combat techniques and, indeed, his outfit. Naruto's Rock Lee wears a bright green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers and typical Leaf Village ninja sandals, and he is rarely, if ever, seen wearing anything else.

Rock Lee and Might Guy are famed for being the green beasts of the Leaf Village, and for a good reason. Both of them wear colorful but practical outfits for any taijutsu showdown, and villains like Gaara and Kimimaro Kaguya soon learn to respect, or even fear, what the green ninja Rock Lee is capable of.

4 Roronoa Zoro Has A Cool Green Outfit (One Piece)

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The pirate hunter turned high-seas pirate Roronoa Zoro doesn't always stick to the same outfit, and the color green isn't all he is known for. But still, he had a pretty cool green set of robes after the timeskip in One Piece, and it matched his bright green hair well.

In Zoro's first appearance, he had less green, but it was still there. He wore dark pants, a white shirt, a black bandana, and a sizeable green cloth belt to add a little color to his wardrobe. It also set Zoro apart from the dominant blue and red colors of Luffy's attire.

3 Ritsu Sohma Favors Green Robes (Fruits Basket)

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The characters in the shojo anime series Fruits Basket wear all sorts of outfits, from the school uniforms that Tohru and Yuki wear to Kagura's girly outfits and Kureno's button-up shirts and stylish slacks. Then, there are the more colorful characters like Ritsu, who usually wears a kimono.

Ritsu is a timid dandere with an effeminate face, and he will quickly panic and apologize anytime things go even slightly wrong, much to his mother's exasperation. But at least he looks good, decked out in eye-popping green robes with charming pink and yellow features.

2 Noriaki Kakyoin Is Just So Green (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Unlike some anime characters, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Stand user Noriaki Kakyoin goes all-in on his color scheme, starting with his school uniform, a rich shade of green from head to foot. His red hair and the gold-colored buttons on his uniform jacket are the only other colors.

Then there's Kakyoin's Stand, named Hierophant Green. True to its name, Hierophant Green is a humanoid Stand with a rich green hue, and its best attack is the Emerald Splash technique. This move is most effective at medium range in particular.

1 Gon Freecss Has A Green Jacket & Shorts (Hunter X Hunter)

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The upstart shonen hero Gon Freecss from Hunter x Hunter is known for all kinds of things, from his pointy green hair and fishing rod to his sheer enthusiasm and determination to follow in his missing father's footsteps. He also wears a green jacket and shorts to match his hair.

Gon's outfit sets him apart from his good friend, Killua Zoldyck, whose outfit is primarily blue and white, and Kurapika Kurta, who wears red, blue, and white. The three of them are all young Nen masters, and Gon will need those talents if he is to defeat foes such as Hisoka and Meruem.

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