Shojo anime isn't exactly known for its intense battle scenes like shonen is, but there is still plenty of action-packed series with characters whose powers supersede those of their counterparts in other genres. Some of the love interests, in particular, could go head-to-head with some of shonen's greatest heroes.

Many shojo love interests flex their powers when they swoop in to save the protagonist from a despicable villain. Whether they're martial arts experts, have magical powers that give them an advantage, or have impressive battle IQs, these shojo heroes could give some of shonen's strongest a run for their money.

10 They Don't Call Taiga The Palm-Top Tiger For Nothing (Toradora!)

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Toradora's Taiga Aisaka doesn't have any magical powers, but she doesn't need any. She's called the "Palm-Top Tiger," because even though she's only 143 centimeters tall, she's absolutely ferocious and doesn't show fear in front of anybody. Her fiery personality is a stark contrast to her tiny, doll-like appearance.

Her classmates have learned not to upset her. She's surprisingly adept at martial arts and even has a wooden sword with which she beats whoever angered her. She's fiercely protective over her friends and Ryuuji, always coming in clutch when they're in trouble. Her fiery, hot-headed personality and unpredictable attacks would keep shonen's best heroes on their toes.

9 Albert Hawke's Icy Magic & Chivalrous Spirit Sets Him Apart From The Rest (The Saint's Magic Is Omnipotent)

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Albert Hawke from The Saint's Magic Is Omnipotent is one of anime's most admirable knights. He's not only a master swordsman, but an expert wielder of ice magic. He's the Commander of the Knights of the Third Order, and nobody deserves the title more than him.

He's also skilled in martial arts and has an unwaveringly chivalrous fighting spirit that drives him to defend Sei. Albert would do anything to protect her from the abuse and mistreatment she faces from others after she was suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar world. Albert's kindness and chivalry certainly set him apart from the rest.

8 Akura-Ou Was Once A Fearsome Demon (Kamisama Kiss)

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Though Akura-ou isn't the main love interest in Kamisama Kiss, it's heavily implied that he's infatuated with Nanami. Nevertheless, he'd be a terrifying demon in any shonen series. Before the gods defeated him, Akura-ou was a fearsome demon who caused chaos with Tomoe many moons ago.

Akura-ou became notorious for his murderous rampages in both the world over yonder and in the human realm. He indiscriminately terrorized people without any repercussions until the gods locked him away. Even then, he possessed Kirihito and continued his demonic reign of terror hundreds of years later.

7 Zen Wistaria's Love For Shirayuki Empowers Him (Snow White With The Red Hair)

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Zen is the influential prince of a highly-respected kingdom, so he always has to save face in Snow White With The Red Hair. Still, his love for Shirayuki empowers him more than anything else. He'd do anything to protect her and keep her out of harm's way.

He's always practicing his swordsmanship to become even better than he always is. Plus, he never leaves her side and always offers to help, no matter what she needs. Though decent swordsmanship isn't a match for some of anime's coolest power systems, Zen would give any shonen hero a run for their money- especially if his beloved Shirayuki was caught in the crossfire.

6 Hak's Title Of The "Lightning Beast" Shouldn't Be Scoffed At (Yona Of The Dawn)

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Hak from Yona Of The Dawn is the former general and chief of the Wind Tribe. He's a master of martial arts and uses a Guandao, a Chinese polearm. With powerful swings and swift direction changes, Hak can deal powerful blows. He waves the Guandao around with so much force that one time, he swept aside fog with a single stroke.

Hak is also a mighty swordsman, though it isn't his favorite weapon. He's knowledgeable enough about the weapon that he trained Yona on how to use it. He's also a talented archer and can shoot birds out of the sky with minimal effort. Few shonen heroes can compare to Hak's inherent survival instincts, and his weapon skills would catch many of them off-guard.

5 Kyo's Physical Strength & Martial Arts Skills Are Immeasurable (Fruits Basket)

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Kyo from Fruits Basket, like most of the other Zodiac members, is blessed with physical strength. Many of them trained under his master at the dojo, but Kyo spent a particularly long amount of time training with him in the mountains. Now, he's immeasurably strong and a martial arts master. Kyo is also surprisingly agile, as seen when he jumped out of the school building from one of the highest floors and still landed on his feet in typical feline fashion.

He's one of the few shojo love interests who could genuinely go head-to-head against some of shonen's best heroes. The only thing holding him back is that he's short-sighted and stubborn. Nevertheless, Kyo always tries his hardest to come out victorious, especially when it comes to protecting Tohru.

4 Holo Is A Wolf Spirit With Impressive Powers (Spice & Wolf)

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Holo from Spice & Wolf is a wolf spirit. Villagers worshipped her as the Goddess of Harvest since she looms in the wheat. She's highly intelligent and has a roster of supernatural powers that would put shonen's greatest to shame.

Holo can transform into a huge wolf. Her wolf form is larger than the average elephant. Though this strains her abilities, she can also transform one limb at a time. She also has heightened senses, and her howls are enough to scare people from miles away.

3 Zero Is A Pureblood Vampire That Used To Be A Vampire Hunter (Vampire Knight)

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Zero from Vampire Knight is one of the strongest shojo love interests. He used to be a vampire hunter, so he still uses anti-vampire weaponry to fight. Now that he's a pureblood vampire, he gained supernatural abilities like rapid healing and superhuman strength.

His most powerful ability, however, is Bloody Rose. It's an anti-vampire gun that's since fused with his body. It grows vines that kill vampires and feeds off of his blood. Kaname turned him into a vampire solely so that he'd become a walking weapon, but Zero has a mind of his own. Kaname's plan backfired on him.

2 Takuma Is A Reincarnated God Who Can Destroy Other Deities With A Single Punch (Hiiro No Kakera)

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Takuma from Hiiro No Kakera would give One-Punch Man's Saitama a run for his money. With just one punch, Takuma can destroy other deities. Takuma is the reincarnation of the underworld god, so he's wickedly strong. His physical strength is unmatched by most other humans and gods alike.

Takuma also has an impressive amount of stamina, and it seems like he's always ready to bounce back right after getting knocked down. He's highly observant and is always the first to realize when something goes wrong.

1 Yokai & Gods Alike Have Come To Respect Tomoe's Power (Kamisama Kiss)

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Tomoe used to be a wild, untamable fox yokai until he met the former land god Mikage. He became his familiar, leaving behind his former life of chaos in favor of dutifully maintaining the shrine. However, he kept all of his yokai powers. He was one of the series' strongest yokai, and even Akura-ou agreed that he was the only being capable of standing on a level playing field with him. Other yokai fear him, while the gods perceive him as a threat.

Regardless, his skills are universally respected. Tomoe can create foxfire. The individual flames can have personalities and even talk. They can quickly take down enemies or even locate Tomoe's target. He can also use enchanted leaves to transform himself or someone else, like when he turned Kurama into an ostrich.