Fan-favorite anime heroes aren't cut from the same cloth. Some heroes are lazy while others possess confidence and demonstrate competence. It's clear that there's no way to create a singular mold for a hero, and fans never know what type will appear. Sometimes fans will even come across anime heroes who are pretty cringey.

Although some fan-favorite heroes happen to be cringeworthy, that doesn't mean they're not capable of achieving their goals or performing their heroic duties. If every hero was perfect, they'd probably turn out to be pretty boring. Although some anime heroes can be really embarrassing or flat-out corny, fans still love them and root for their success.

10 Aoyama's Attention-Seeking Attitude Makes Him Cringey (My Hero Academia)

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Aoyama possesses a Quirk that lets him shoot lasers from his navel. Known as Naval Laser, it's not exactly a lame Quirk, but it's just odd. At times Aoyama even does a backbend to shoot his laser, and at other times he juts his hips forward to aim. It really comes off as cringey at times.

Aoyama is a very glamorous character. His costume is flashy, and his mannerisms are pretty flamboyant. Aoyama also tends to strike a pose to grab his classmates' attention, but they often overlook him. Combined with his Navel Laser and need for attention by striking ridiculous poses, Aoyama is enough to make fans cringe.

9 Sakura's Obsession With Sasuke Made Fans Cringe (Naruto)

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Sakura may have been young when her feelings developed for Sasuke, but her inability to stand up for herself was overwhelmingly cringey. Sakura's persistence paid off because Sasuke eventually married her, but it's a wild situation given what Sasuke put her through.

Before Sasuke deemed Sakura worthy, he dealt harsh blows to her physically and mentally. Sakura, however, continued to shower him with kindness and love. It makes no sense that she'd marry the guy who stabbed her regardless of his trauma. Sakura's obsession with Sasuke is off the cringe charts.

8 Zenitsu's Dramatic Tantrums Are Super Cringeworthy (Demon Slayer)

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Much can be said about Zenitsu's disposition. From his obsession with Nezuko to his outlandish outbursts, Zenitsu really is a great deal to handle. He's often stricken with dramatic episodes that initially made fans wonder how in the world he mustered the courage to become a demon slayer.

Zenitsu's actually wildly capable as a hero and showed that he can, in fact, fight. He may need to be unconscious to do so, but he gets the job done. It's unfortunate that he can't black out more often and be a constant unstoppable force because when he's awake and aware of his surroundings, his behavior can be overwhelmingly cringey.

7 Fans Find Asta's Obnoxious Personality Cringey (Black Clover)

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Asta had to prove just how much he deserved to be called a hero. Born without the ability to use magic, Asta ironically dreams of becoming the Wizard King. He has high hopes, but his inability to possess magic isn't what makes him so cringey.

Asta is a very boisterous, yet little guy. He holds great strength, but his vocal cords are even stronger. From the moment fans met Asta, he obnoxiously shouted every word at the top of his lungs. He tones down his yelling after a while, but Asta has already been branded as cringey and annoying due to his unforgettably rambunctious first impression.

6 Usopp's Cowardly Demeanor Was Absolutely Cringeworthy (One Piece)

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Long before Usopp gained fans' respect, he was the cringiest member of the Straw Hats. He never failed to show how cowardly he was, but his saving grace was that he was a great sniper who never missed his mark — at least whenever he decided to finally join a fight.

Usopp also tried to use mind tricks in battle because his physical strength didn't measure up. He tended to shout and cry when faced with danger instead of facing it head-on. Although there's much character development for Usopp later, he was undoubtedly one of the cringiest heroes.

5 Mineta's Perverted Mindset Is Pathetically Cringey (My Hero Academia)

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One of the cringiest and most disliked characters in anime is none other than Mineta. The first embarrassing thing Mineta has going for him is his hero name. He goes by the name Grape Juice, which is far from impressive. In addition, his ability to pull regenerating balls off his head is far less impressive.

Most annoyingly is Mineta's perverted nature. Instead of strengthening his Quirk, Mineta's busy getting nosebleeds from concerning himself with his female classmates and teachers. His personality and lame Quirk are just too cringey for fans to accept.

4 Luffy's Strong, But His Inability To Use His Brain Makes Fans Cringe (One Piece)

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Luffy is none other than the Straw Hats' captain. While being a captain is noteworthy, Luffy's mannerisms are quite cringeworthy. A leader is expected to be level-headed, but Luffy is the complete opposite. It works in Luffy's favor, but he's unbelievably stupid. Upon acquiring rubber properties, his brain must've also stretched out.

Luffy takes everything at face value, naively falls for anything, and reacts without ever thinking. Thankfully, he has loyal crew members who are capable in areas he lacks. There's no denying that all Straw Hats have their cringey moments and quirks, but as the captain, Luffy's antics are especially cringe-worthy.

3 Orihime Made Fans Cringe Every Time She Said Ichigo's Name (Bleach)

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Orihime isn't very prominent as a hero, but she did save Ichigo's life. She's credited with that, which isn't a minor feat, but Orihime really struck fans as cringey due to her generous nature and incessant need to say Ichigo's name.

Orihime calls out to Ichigo, talks about Ichigo, and constantly says his name to herself. Understandably, Orihime cared for him, but even his closest friends weren't as obsessed. Orihime also made fans cringe so often with her kind nature. It rubbed fans the wrong way because their fight against Hollows and Arrancars really called for an aggressive approach.

2 Inosuke's Disposition Makes Him Cringey (Demon Slayer)

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Inosuke was raised by boars, so it's actually expected that he'd be a little unusual. Despite his ability to make friends with Tanjiro and Zenitsu, Inosuke is pretty socially awkward. He's also never one to back down from a challenge. In the world of slaying demons, that's the perfect quality to have.

However, Inosuke also finds everyday tasks as challenges, too. He constantly challenges his friends when it comes to the most mundane things. Inosuke also thinks violence is the answer to almost everything. Shouting to get his point across is also one of his prominent qualities. Overall, Inosuke really is too much at times, which makes fans cringe.

1 Deku's Cringey Demeanor Isn't Appealing To Fans (My Hero Academia)

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Midoriya never imagined he'd be All Might's successor. Upon receiving One For All, he became the hero known as Deku and had to learn how to harness his newfound abilities. In this process, however, Deku immediately struck fans as a cringey kid who'd be more annoying than heroic.

What's most cringeworthy about Deku is his personality. Deku is very in tune with his feelings, and although he has an amazing heart and solid determination, fans can't help but be annoyed with his seemingly constant crying. Deku demonstrated his strength and will, but fans have already deemed him as one of the cringiest heroes.

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