Not all anime start out as entertainment gold with the first episode. Many of them had to struggle to find their footing. Some are even guilty of starting out great and becoming less appealing as the story went on until viewers prayed for them to come to an end.

In some cases, however, there are anime that had weak beginnings, but they became more intriguing as the story developed. They improved in many significant aspects that make up a good anime — animation, plot, character development, and world-building. These anime needed to be as long as they are for them to be any good.

10 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Was A Welcome Idea To Fans

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The first Fullmetal Alchemist series strayed from the manga, and while it was interesting in its own right, it doesn't hold a candle to its counterpart, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This show has been named several times as the greatest anime of all time, and for good reason.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's plot and characters, not to mention the animation and thrilling OST, make Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood one of the most well-told stories in anime history. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ran for 64 episodes with no fillers whatsoever, with each episode being more gripping than the last.

9 My Hero Academia Is Considered To Be Among The Big 3 Of Modern Times

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My Hero Academia took its time with the first season and gave a broad introduction to the hero society. Things really picked up in Season 2, especially the U.A. Sports Festival arc. The show properly balances stories of actual hero work with stories of life in the Hero Academy, so fans don't get too much of either one.

My Hero Academia kept things simple by providing the protagonists with one group of antagonists, so there are not too many scenes with unnecessary villains whose presence and activities add nothing to the show. The character development of both heroes and villains plays a part in making My Hero Academia as great as it is.

8 Fairy Tail Has Its Flaws, But It's Still Great Show

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Fairy Tail received a lot of hate for its fan service and poor animation, but that didn't stop it from running for a whopping 328 episodes. The animation may have been lacking, and its fan service questionable, but if one thing got better with time, it was the plot.

The plot got thicker and darker, with each new arc bringing about new revelations. Fairy Tail went from being predictable to a show full of suspense and anticipation. Fairy Tail may not have made it into the Big 3, but it had a lot to offer to anime fans the world over.

7 Naruto Provided Fans With Years Of Entertainment & Memories

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For several years, Naruto was basically the biggest name in the anime community. Non-anime fans were hilariously and obliviously referring to all anime as "Naruto." Naruto wasn't that awesome at the start though, and it took some time for viewers to really settle in and flow with the story.

Naruto focused on character development, and every main character had their own story that was clearly told. The animation got better, too, as some fights in the earlier episodes were poorly animated. Naruto had a unique way of creating relatable characters, which is one of many reasons the anime is as great as it is.

6 Bleach Made It To The Big Three For Good Reasons

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Bleach may be notorious for boring fillers, but all the big three have that flaw. Like a lot of anime out there, Bleach struggled with consistency. Some fights were boring, but some were not. The anime also had pacing problems, but all that got better over time. Despite its flaws, Bleach was set on a pedestal with the likes of Naruto and One Piece.

Bleach ran for 366 episodes and has now returned for the final season. Bleach may have been accused of being boring and having poor character development, but its long run speaks for itself. Many anime that are considered terrible get canceled before they make it as far as Bleach has.

5 Black Clover Is The Underdog Of The Shonen World

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When Black Clover started, it was a struggle for anyone watching it to endure Asta's constant screams. His voice was so frustrating that many dropped the anime in the first 10 episodes. Black Clover also seemed like it derived its plot from a lot of other classic shonen anime, but with time, it started feeling entirely original.

The battle animation in Black Clover's first few episodes had questionable quality, but now it has some of the best fluid fights in anime. Asta's VA also dialed down the yelling, as it was a major stumbling block for Black Clover.

4 Attack On Titan Needed As Many Episodes As It Has Because Of The Depth Of Story

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The beginning of Attack On Titan left viewers with more questions than they had answers to. Everything moved so fast and before long, viewers were tossed headlong into a gruesome merciless world, rife with problems. As the show went on, it began to look better.

Attack On Titan's animation became much more fluid and the story got more intriguing, and it certainly had a way of keeping viewers glued to their seats. Of course, this show can only be fully appreciated by mature audiences. Attack On Titan only kept getting better, and with a total of 87 episodes, is now one of the best anime out there.

3 Gintama Is Long & Doesn't Get Boring

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Gintama is known as comedy gold, and rightly so. The show has many funny episodes, and when it takes on a serious tone, it really gets serious. It is an action-packed series that didn't get stale throughout the entirety of its run. Gintama properly balanced comedy and action into a masterpiece of an anime.

Gintama kept getting better as more episodes aired. Now, Gintama is a must-watch for new anime fans. Some might call the anime overrated, while other fans insist that it's as good as anime can be. That said, everyone can agree that Gintama is an awesome series.

2 One Piece Has Obviously Gotten Better Over The Years

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The length of One Piece is scary enough to discourage anyone wanting to binge-watch the series from the first episode. But for long-time fans of the series, One Piece is like an identity. The show has over 1,000 episodes and counting, making it one of the longest anime of all time.

One Piece is full of intriguing adventure and character development plays a huge role in making the anime the mega-hit it is today. It has no shortage of boring fillers though, and the animation is a bit lacking for several episodes. With time, the plot has thickened, and the animation provides the icing on the cake to what is already considered a masterpiece.

1 Hunter X Hunter Is A Near-Flawless Series

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Hunter x Hunter started off like a regular shonen anime series, with the main character aspiring to be the best at what he does. The show eventually distinguished itself and created a lot of content entirely unique to the anime.

Hunter x Hunter has great animation and an awesome soundtrack, and the cast of characters makes it even better. Each of the main characters is relatable to an extent, and the plot is written to keep the viewers interested. Hunter x Hunter is a highly regarded anime for several reasons, and it has survived the test of time as it only got better with each episode.

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