• Chapter 255 of Jujutsu Kaisen will focus on Miguel's battle against Sukuna, showcasing Miguel's strength and potential growth.
  • Fans can expect Sukuna to be pushed back by Miguel in the upcoming chapter, following the repetitive pattern seen in recent chapters.
  • Yuji Itadori is likely to make his return in Chapter 255 to join the battle against Sukuna, setting the stage for his ultimate showdown.

Jujutsu Kaisen recently returned from its break and fans are incredibly excited to see major developments taking place in the raid versus Ryomen Sukuna and the Shinjuku Showdown arc. Over the course of the last few weeks, fans have been witnessing Sukuna taking on one sorcerer after another, and this time around, he is in battle with another powerful sorcerer.

This time, his opponent is one from outside of Japan, and a character who fans are well familiar with already, Miguel. JJK chapter 255 will most certainly throw a lot of focus on Miguel's character, as well as his battle against the King of Curses, Sukuna.

Miguel's Strength vs Sukuna


Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 255 will most likely give fans a proper idea of how strong Miguel is. Fans know him from JJK0, where he was seen fighting against Goio. Back then, he showcased enough power to disrupt Gojo's Infinity, thanks to his rope. Of course, despite that, Gojo was able to easily defeat him in battle, which was certainly entertaining for the fans to see. However, since then, some time has passed and Miguel could certainly have grown stronger. Additionally, fans should consider the fact that the fight that fans saw in the movie is very different from what happened in the manga. The entire fight in the manga was offscreen. That said, fans do know that Sukuna will end up winning the battle anyway.

In JJK chapter 254, the editor made it clear that Miguel is an individual who fought toe to toe with Gojo at one point. This appears to be a rather disingenuous statement, and fans should not expect too much from Miguel going into the fight since they will end up being disappointed. In JJK chapter 255, Miguel is going to demonstrate what he's truly capable of in battle, and show fans what he has learned ever since the fight against Gojo concluded. Just like every other fighter, Miguel is most likely going to get a few opportunities to push back Sukuna, and that will certainly be exciting for the fans to witness.

Sukuna Pushed Back


JJK chapter 255, just like most other recent chapters, will showcase Sukuna being pushed back by this fighter. Gege has adopted this repetitive approach over the course of the last few months, and it certainly will not change here. Simply put, a fighter joins the battle, they then get hyped a lot, and manage to deal some level of damage to Sukuna before eventually falling in battle. This is most likely what is going to happen in JJK chapter 255 as well. Miguel has just joined the battle, and he will most certainly have his moment against Sukuna. Just like all the other sorcerers, fans should expect something from him. Given that Kusakabe was rather weak, and that Miguel is hyped to be one of the strongest individuals, fans should expect a bit more from him, and most likely a significant development, when it comes to weakening Sukuna for the eventual fighter who's going to take him down.

Miguel can accomplish this in many ways, and regardless of what approach the author takes here, Sukuna will most likely get weakened in the upcoming chapter of the series. From there onwards, the battle will most likely shift in favor of the King of Curses again, as that has been happening over the course of the last few months. Still, Miguel's performance in JJK chapter 255 should be exciting for the fans, and, hopefully, it will give a breath of fresh air to this raid, since it desperately needs it.

Sukuna Defeats Miguel?


JJK chapter 255 will most definitely showcase the battle between Sukuna and Miguel hitting its peak. What fans are not sure about just yet is if this battle will conclude. Usually, the author reserves one to two chapters per individual when it comes to the fight against Sukuna. Depending on how strong Miguel is, this fight could last for more than one chapter. If Miguel is as strong as he was in JJK0, then, fans should most definitely expect the fight to conclude in the next chapter. This will likely happen after he gets his moment against Sukuna, and, thereafter, gets slashed down by his cursed technique.

However, if Miguel has reached new levels of strength and is truly somewhat comparable to Gojo, then this fight could continue for quite a while and it will slowly build up. In that case, the fans will absolutely love these developments as Miguel will offer a new approach to this fight, which has been getting boring and quite repetitive, with each sorcerer simply coming in and falling in the same manner.

While fans would absolutely love for Miguel to have an extended battle against Sukuna, chances are that he will eventually end up falling in the next chapter, and if that happens, then, the door will remain open for Yuji to make his return, which is something that fans know will happen at some point in the Shinjuku Showdown raid on Sukuna.

Yuji's Arrival


Yuji Itadori might make his move in JJK chapter 255. Previously, he was seen healing from the damage that he took against Sukuna. Choso helped him heal this damage and spread his blood to every part of his body properly and relax. Yuji then tapped into the power of his newly acquired reverse cursed technique, and right now, he should be close to his usual level of strength. Once Yuji heals properly, he should be ready to enter the battle against Sukuna once again. This is one development that will happen in the story, no matter what. Yuji is ultimately going to be the one to defeat Sukuna, and if it is not him, then the story simply doesn't make much sense, to begin with.

Another character that could end up joining the battle against Sukuna in JJK chapter 255 is Maki. She was previously hit with a powerful Black Flash and sent flying. That said, since Maki was not split apart like the others, it is likely that she will come, at some point, return to battle. Maki and Yuji could potentially team up against Sukuna, and that would be incredibly exciting for the fans to witness. This would be doubly special, since both of them can damage souls, and Sukuna has one big weakness when he is in Megumi's body, and that is soul damage.

All that and much more will most likely be tackled in JJK chapter 255, and fans are incredibly excited to see what direction the author takes in the upcoming chapter. Above everything else, fans hope that the author provides a fresh approach to dealing with the fight against Sukuna, as the repetitive process of sorcerers coming in, shining, and dying is simply boring now. Hopefully, JJK chapter 255 lives up to all expectations and goes beyond all of them, and fans know that Gege is capable of doing that.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 255, is set to be March 30, 2024.