Key Points:

  • In Chapter 1100 of One Piece, Saturn intervenes in the Pacifista Project, coercing Kuma into becoming a cyborg and joining the Seven Warlords of the Sea. This move secures Bonney's freedom, but Kuma sacrifices himself to the World Government.
  • The chapter delves into the transformative surgeries undergone by Kuma and Bonney under the supervision of Admiral Kizaru. These events mark crucial turning points for both characters, linking Kizaru to their narrative.
  • Kuma's gratitude to Bonney is expressed in a letter, intricately tied to the chapter's title. The letter's contents, along with its connection to the Sun God Nika and the pursuit of liberation, remain undisclosed in the spoilers.

With the recent return of One Piece from a hiatus, fans eagerly anticipate Chapter 1100. The ongoing Kuma flashback captivates readers with each installment, building excitement as it approaches its conclusion. Fans expect the climax of Oda's flashback tradition, anticipating thrilling developments in the upcoming two or three chapters.

Here's how Kuma became a Pacifista in One Piece.

One Piece chapter 1100 spoilers and leaks are finally starting to emerge and it appears that a lot of things are going down on Egghead Island and, in other parts of the world as well.

Saturn Intervenes In The Pacifista Project


In One Piece Chapter 1100, Saturn takes an active role in the Pacifista Project initiated by Kuma and Vegapunk. As anticipated by fans, Saturn's involvement stems from his prior interference in Kuma's transformation into a cyborg, evident in the preceding chapter where he eavesdrops on Kuma and Vegapunk's conversation, hinting at his own plans for the situation. Chapter 1100 unfolds Saturn's strategy, where he coerces Kuma by threatening to arrest Bonney unless Kuma complies with his directives.

Under this blackmail, Kuma is compelled not only to undergo cyborg transformation but also to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The severity of the situation is heightened by the revelation that Kuma's memories are slated for complete erasure, reducing him to an emotionless, memory-less weapon at the disposal of the World Government. With no alternatives, Kuma reluctantly agrees, negotiating a pact that ensures Bonney's freedom in exchange for his submission to the World Government. The deal encompasses surgeries for both: Kuma's to convert him into a cyborg and Bonney's to cure the Sapphire Scale Disease.

Bonney And Kuma's Surgeries


Chapter 1100 of One Piece will delve into the transformative surgeries that reshape the lives of the characters involved. These procedures are expected to be lengthy and will unfold under the watchful eye of Admiral Kizaru. The significance lies in the renewed connection between Kizaru, Egghead Island, and the intertwined narratives of Kuma, Bonney, and Vegapunk. This development adds to the anticipation of Kizaru's fate in this arc.

Returning to the flashback, these surgeries mark pivotal moments in the characters' lives, representing substantial turning points. Once the surgeries conclude, Kuma makes the decision to send Bonney back to the Sorbet Kingdom, further shaping the trajectory of the narrative.


This is the narrative of how Jewelry Bonney came to possess the Toshi Toshi no Mi Devil Fruit.

Simultaneously, Kuma receives official recognition as a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. During this period, the Seven Warlords, featuring notable figures like Hancock, Mihawk, Jinbe, and Crocodile, garnered considerable interest. In One Piece Chapter 1100, fans are anticipated to witness the reactions of the other Warlords to the news of Kuma joining their ranks. Speculations abound regarding their opinions on Kuma's inclusion, possibly unveiling surprise expressions considering Kuma's reputation in the One Piece world.

Notwithstanding the speculation, Kuma formally becomes part of this elite order. His surgery, as fans are aware, unfolds gradually over the years under Vegapunk's guidance. By the time of the Paramount War, Kuma's transformative surgery is completed, erasing all his memories in the process.

Kuma's Letter


The surgeries undergone by Kuma and Bonney conclude at different times, with Bonney's less complex procedure finishing earlier, leaving Kuma on Egghead for an extended period even after Bonney's departure. In One Piece Chapter 1100, it is revealed that Kuma subsequently writes a letter to Bonney.

Kuma's letter to Bonney is intricately linked to the chapter title, currently undisclosed to fans. While the full contents of the letter remain unknown, it is apparent that Kuma expresses gratitude for her role in the events. The extent to which fans will be enlightened about the letter's content is uncertain, as One Piece spoilers do not provide clarity on this matter.

Fans eagerly await further revelations to discern how this narrative element unfolds. Nevertheless, indications from One Piece Chapter 1100 spoilers suggest that the letter serves as a thank-you gesture from Kuma to Bonney, and its title is directly intertwined with the chapter. Additionally, there is speculation that the letter may delve into themes such as the Sun God Nika and the quest for liberation, consistent with the overarching themes of the flashback and the Egghead arc.

Kuma In Luffy's Village


One of the most startling revelations in One Piece Chapter 1100 occurs in its final moments, where Kuma, now a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, unexpectedly visits Luffy's birthplace, Foosha Village. The reasons behind his presence there remain shrouded in mystery, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter for clarification. This visit serves as a gripping cliffhanger, introducing a new layer to Kuma's storyline.

The upcoming week holds the promise of uncovering why Kuma chose to go to Foosha Village. Fortunately, there is no break in the One Piece schedule, ensuring that fans will swiftly receive answers.

Speculation abounds regarding Kuma's motives, with some fans entertaining the possibility that he possesses information about the birth of Nika, a figure central to the quest for liberation. Foosha Village has attracted not only Kuma but also other pirates, including Shanks, who spent a year in the area. The village appears to hold an inexplicable allure for those pursuing the Warrior of Liberation.

Another theory suggests that Kuma's visit could be linked to his knowledge of Dragon having a son. However, given the secretive nature of this information—even unknown to Ivankov—the likelihood of Kuma being aware seems improbable. A plausible explanation might be that Kuma somehow knows where Nika would resurface, with Foosha Village on Dawn Island serving as a fitting location. The forthcoming chapters of One Piece are anticipated to unravel these mysteries and propel the story forward.

Fans can officially and freely read One Piece on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps provided by Viz Media. The release date for the next chapter, One Piece 1100, is scheduled for December 3, 2023.