Interview: Liliana Vampaia of MyHolo TV

By: Jay Agonoy Sep 30, 2022
As MyHolo TV turns a new leaf and introduces its MonstarZ unit to everyone, let's look back at Liliana Vampaia's interview with our very own Tsukimi Lune.
Interview: Liliana Vampaia of MyHolo TV

As MyHolo TV turns a new leaf and introduces its MonstarZ unit to everyone, let’s look back at Liliana Vampaia’s interview with our very own Tsukimi Lune. Here are the highlights of the Tsuki-Talk Prime Time interview from September 30:

Liliana Vampaia’s progress

Lune: It has been more than a year since you have started streaming, what can you comment about the progress you’ve had so far?

Liliana: The first time Lili debut until now, there’s one– no, two obvious progress which is one, Lili’s confidence, and next is the way that Lili speaks which also leads to confidence, not gonna lie. But then the biggest progress that we can all agree upon is that Lili was a very shy uwu little imouto but now…

Lune: Seiso.

Liliana: Uh, hai, more known as a scammer nowadays.

Lune: I see we also have the same occupation. I’m also called a scammer quite a lot… oops.

Liliana: Sasuga, Lune-chan. Scammer at heart. No wonder we’re always paired together. 

Having fun with her audience

Lune: What scam have you done on stream lately?

Liliana: Well… most of the time it’s the ASMR content where they hoped for a very nice ending but Lili will bamboozle them with the craziest endings ever. 

Lune: You’re pretty much into that. I see, that’s how it is… I can sometimes feel like, I would want to do something to scam someday. My scam is a little bit different than your scam.

Liliana: How does your scam works?

Lune: My scam is usually just, I wouldn’t actually, simply say click bait, but I will pretend that I will have my model on, but actually don’t. Yeah. I don’t. It’s just there, but it’s a scam.

Liliana Vampaia’s favorite stream moments

Lune: Follow up question, what are your favorite events during your streams up until now?

Liliana: My favorite event… my gosh, there’s too many! How about Lili’s totsumachi? Being a VTuber, Lili has done two totsumachis.

It’s really nice to look back on both totsumachis and see how much Lili have grown and stuff like that. From the first totsumatchi, Lili barely knows everyone who Lili invited, and then the next totsumachi there’s so many ones invited.

Lune: I mean you only have that much time…

Her goals: To have more friends; to improve her singing

Lune: You’ve discussed your goals on your debut, and you’ve accomplished all of them, are there any new goals you have in mind?

Liliana: First and foremost, let’s start small. Lili hopes to reach 100,000 subscribers, and then the next thing is to be brave enough to sing, because as you know Lili’s weakness is singing. Since the very, very early times, Lili’s weakness is singing.

Lune: I really want to hear you sing though.

Liliana: Because Lili tends to run away a lot…

Lune: (Reads chat)Lili, your voice is unique for singing, it’s perfect” — I know, right; that’s what I have been telling Lili. Trust me guys, I have been trying my best to encourage Lili so that she can sing.

Liliana: Yeah, the only thing that holds Lili back is basically confidence, not gonna lie. It’s something to work on. So, guys, the only thing that can hold you back is literally confidence, so…

Lune: Yeah, everyone wants your first song to be like the Vampire song (by DECO*27). That’s literally a theme song already, it’s a song for you, Lili. 

Liliana: Lili has to live up to Lili’s name, huh. (Reads chat) “We’re here for you” — arigato!

Lune: Everyone must simp for Lili, especially Lili’s singing.

Rogue who? Liliana Vampaia describes her alter-ego

Lune: There are some viewers who aren’t familiar with Rogue, can you tell us more about her? 

Liliana: Okay, for those of you who are from Lune-chan’s channel, you probably only seen Rogue once, which is during the bed wars; towards the end, while she tries to kill whoever’s trying to kill her? So that’s Rogue. 

How do you know Rogue is Rogue? It’s when her eyes turn both red, and her voice just drops really low. And she has this very weird accent. So that’s Rogue – that’s how you know when Rogue is here. 

If you want to know how else Rogue is here if you’re into this channel, you just look at the chat. If everyone says woof, it means Rogue is nearby. (Laughs) If everyone starts barking, Rogue is nearby.

Lune: Is there anything behind the barking or is it just like a ritual? 

Liliana: It’s a recent thing though; it never happened before. It’s a recent thing when everyone starts barking when Rogue is about to come out. No, no, you can’t bark for no reason – she’s not– it’s not her calling, it’s not like her magic word, okay? It’s just how people greet her.

Lune: I see, that’s what has been happening…

Liliana Vampaia describes her puberty

Liliana: A little story about Rogue is like how she comes to me is that– you know Lili is a half-vampire, right? They go through several puberties, and not like human puberties, where your voice drops and you boobies get bigger and stuff like that, no, not like that. 

Half-vampire puberty is like when you go through puberty and you’ll get vampire powers, like some people get like invisibility, super speed, mind-reading powers; but for Lili, the first vampire puberty is the birth of Rogue. Like, Lili’s alter-ego, she just comes out of nowhere.

Lune: So, she just protects you, I guess?

Liliana: If that’s what she’s supposed to do, she’s not doing a good job. Because she’s walking into– you know, having fun, doing her own thing, taking fights with people. Maybe at very crucial times, I guess when things get critical, that’s when she gets serious and protective.

Lune: …and Lili pretends not to know that too, I guess? 

Liliana: …because if Lili knows, she’s gonna deny dayo.

Liliana Vampaia’s scariest horror game moments

Lune: You say you’re a scaredy-cat but out of all the horror games you’ve played on your channel, which scared you the most?

Liliana: Lili’s most scared of Little Nightmares. Is it weird that it’s Little Nightmares? 

Lune: I have not played it before–

Liliana: Because it’s scary! It’s not jumpscare at all, it’s more of like the monster chasing you, especially the part (well, this is a bit of a spoiler but it’s okay, it’s not a big spoiler) there’s the school scene – there’s a teacher and the teacher is scary as heck!

Lili was stuck at that school for three streams if Lili’s not mistaken because it’s just that scary. You should try it out sometime.

Lune: I’ll think about it. I have only done one horror game which is a visual novel called Doki Doki Cooking Club (different from the popular Team Salvato Doki Doki Literature Club game).

The fun thing about the stream is my internet died when the jumpscare happened, so my stream stopped at me screaming halfway. It’s at the exact moment.

It’s something like a peak content, but also in the same time, I got so scared that I didn’t really express it on stream, but I did cry a little bit. I genuinely got so scared.

Liliana: So, you really can’t handle the horror?

Their choice of horror games

Lune: Yeah, but I’m okay with Phasmophobia and Dead by Daylight. I’m not afraid of getting chased by the killers in Dead by Daylight; I am not so scared of getting killed in Phasmophobia… I’m not scared of the atmosphere too. I don’t know. 

Do you have any comments about that? 

Liliana: Does it mean that Lune-chan is afraid of jumpscares? 

Lune: Yes, I am very much afraid of jumpsccares. 

Liliana: You should play Dark Deception, because Lili is super afraid of Dark Deception too, but not as afraid as Little Nightmares, but Dark Deception is the second. 

Lune: I am horrible with jumpscares, I get jumpscared always, and I’ll scream a lot. I remember the last time I played Dead by Daylight, I got jumpscared that my mouth went like– if my mouth is usually at the middle, of my stream, it went up like on top of the screen. I got scared that much, and I jolted. (Laughs)

Liliana: Okay, that’s bad. Naruhodo desu.

Lune: I’m generally not good with jumpscares. That’s it, I suppose.

Liliana: Oh yeah, because Phasmophobia is not a jumpscare, they just slowly cover your eyes so that’s nothing.

Lune: Yeah…

Liliana: “That’s nothing,” says Lili as she cried. (Laughs)

Lune: We need to play Phasmophobia someday.

Liliana: We have to. Oh my gosh. 

Lune: Oh yeah, we need to play those horror maps in Minecraft too, what do you think about that

Jumpscares in Minecraft?

Liliana: There’s a horror map in Minecraft? How scary would that be? 

Lune: Like, there has like jumpscares here and there. There’s also one more horror thing that I know, it’s from Don’t Starve Together. It has like the, um, you don’t call it a DLC, but it has a horror mode in it, but it’s just available in single player version. But I guess we can just stream it and another person can just watch it along so we can stream together, but that’s one thing.

Liliana: Oh, I didn’t know that, wow. Don’t Starve–

Lune: …and that’s very scary. I’ve only played like about two minutes of that game because I got so scared after the first jumpscare, I screamed.

Liliana: The first jumpscare is after two minutes? That’s a bit too quick, don’t you think? 

Lune: No, it’s actually sooner than that. It took me two minutes to reach that. (Laughs)

Imagine being bullied to play horror games…

Lune: Someone suggests us to play Five Nights at Freddy’s– 

Liliana: Oh my gosh, we did Five Nights at Freddy’s, it becomes a counting stream. Lady at the hotel was like, “One, two, three, four, five” (Laughs)

Lune: I-I’ll get nightmares, I won’t be able to sleep.

Liliana: Chat, why do you want to bully your seiso Lune? Don’t you want to protect her?

Lune: No, they are just forcing me to play horror games each and all time, trust me. When I open my Marshmallow and last time I did a survey, there’s like 30 percent of them asking me to play horror games. 

Liliana: Because you know, you have to save your batteries, and you don’t always open or check your stuff, so you’ll wait like 20 second intervals, and you will count with everyone, yeah. So that’s how it goes. 

Lune: It reminds me of one thing. You know, Phasmophobia – if you’re dead, you can pick things up, right? One of my friends got jumpscared by me when I attempted to fix something up.

Liliana: Lune-chan can’t handle jumpscares but she’s out there jumpscaring people. (clicks tongue).

Liliana Vampaia’s future

Lune: What kind of streams can we expect from you in the future?

Liliana: Lili realizes that Lili’s tomato-san really enjoy streams that has a lot of interaction with them, so perhaps some review streams?

Lili have done quite a few which is bedroom review and shoe review, and that seems enjoyable for everyone, so they will be doing lots of review streams, talking streams, things like that. What do you think, tomato-san, do you like that?

Lune: I actually watched the bedroom one. 

Lili as an Asian mom

Liliana: Yes, Lili turned into an Asian mom and start nitpicking at every single thing.

Lune: I didn’t want to dox myself so I didn’t submit, but I enjoyed watching that. I enjoyed watching – everyone got roasted, yes?

Liliana: Yeah, like how they don’t iron their curtains, (clicks tongue) not crisp. You got to iron your curtains guys. Right, Lune?

Lune: No, I don’t do that, my mom does. 

Liliana: See? Even Lune’s mommy iron the curtains. Lili’s not weird, okay guys? All of them are like, “What? No one irons curtains?” and Lili was like, “What? Of course.”

Lune: …It just looks very crumbly and ugly. 

Liliana: Yeah. See? 

Lune: Only Asian– my mom’s not an Asian. 

Liliana: (Reads chat) “Crisp curtains stabilizes one’s soul–” yes! That is true. 

Liliana Vampaia loves hands

Lune: What else should be good to review? I mean, someone suggested hands. 

Liliana: Lili has a thing for hands, so that will be perfect. Lili LOVE hands, especially those with veins. That’s a vampire thing for Lili who enjoys veins… but only on hands, don’t give other body parts, Lili will kick you out.

Lune: Bonk you, exhale you for eternity. I guess that’s the next one, guys.

Liliana: Lili can’t wait for that.

Lune: One other thing that you can review – Keyboard review. 

Liliana: Yeah, some people have like really, really good keyboards.

Lune: No, you want to see nasty keyboards? People who don’t clean their keyboard? Yeah…

Liliana: The Asian mom is coming out. 

Lune: Yeah, I know, right? We need to see them nasty keyboards. (Laughs)

Liliana: You’re trying to make Lili suffer, yeah? But okay.

Lune: What do you mean? That’s gold content. That’s what they want. Your viewers want to get scolded by you, that’s why they want to do that. 

Liliana: Really, tomato-san, is that true? You want to get scolded? You don’t want to get laughed? Uwu.

Lune: “Hey, don’t call us out.” See? I know what your fans want. Come on. Better prep on that.

Is Liliana Vampaia an idol? Chat gives the verdict

Lune: What’s it like being an idol in MyHoloTV? Lili idol poggers?

Liliana: Idol? Lili’s an idol? Since when, Lune?

Lune: Why? What? (To chat) Everyone, is Lili an idol? Yes or no in the chat.

Liliana: (Reads chat) Idol janai no? (cue Unravel) There you go gang, you got it, you got what you want, Lili idol janai desu.

Lune: You’re not wrong. What about me? Am I an idol?

Liliana: (Reads chat) Yes, Lune is seiso.

Liliana Vampaia’s advice for her past self

Lune: What advice would you give to past Liliana who is about to start streaming?

Liliana: Dearest young Liliana, Lili knows that you’re scared. Lili knows that you’re doubting yourself whether you can be a good entertainer for everyone. Guess what: Lili still has that doubt, but the difference is it’s not as much as before. You don’t have to be scared, Liliana. 

Along the way, you’re going to meet beautiful, wonderful people who’s going to stick by your side and help you, yes. So, keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s okay to be scared because in the end it doesn’t really matter.

It matters, but in the end, you’ll grow to be a better person as time pass, you know? You just have to stop running away from things, Liliana. If Lili weren’t to run away a lot from singing, probably right now, Lili will be confident in singing. Not gonna lie.

Her opinion on seiso-ness

Next thing is tomato-san is about to bully you a lot, so better buck up your bullying skills before they do. (Laughs, reads chat) “Past Lili must be seiso–” Naaah. Where’s the fun?

Lune: Lili be like, “We don’t do the seiso thing here.”

Liliana: Yeah. No use fighting for seisoness, in the end you’re gonna be sucked into the unseiso route anyways… “and past Lili, please never meet Keita–” NO! NO! Don’t say that!

Lili’s advice for her Lune-chan

Lune: Do you have any advice for Lune? Now this is important to you. Especially that I don’t really have, I’m not really good at doing ASMR or roleplaying. Do you have advice for Lune who’s not good at these sorts of things?

Liliana: Even if you’re not good at something, are you comfy with it?

Lune: I don’t know. Sometimes, I feel a little bit awkward when I’m about to do it, I guess? 

Liliana: Well, this is not like from Lili per se, but it’s from what Lili learned as a VTuber.

You might wonder, “am I doing wrong?” you know, sometimes when you’re streaming, “what’s wrong with me, is what I’m doing wrong, is it not like entertaining enough?” Things like that, right? “You should try this instead; should I try this instead?”

The only thing that can detect whether you’re doing something wrong is that when you’re not having fun streaming that thing. Because as long as you’re having fun, it shines through and that attracts the audience, which is very true.

Tomato-san is very kowai (scary), ne, like they can detect if Lili is not happy no matter how hard Lili covers it up. They can detect it, so that’s the power of the audience. So Lune-chan, just enjoy what you’re streaming, don’t worry.

Lune: They know. They’re the not-happy-Lili detective…

Liliana:  Yes. If you’re not happy, just cry! God. You’re like, “Oh, Lili seeks after them.” Eh? How do they know? Kowai. 

Favorite tomato-san memes

Lune: Your tomato-san viewers make a lot of memes, do you have a favorite meme that you’ve seen?

Liliana: Lili’s favorite memes, there’s two: One is “Suffering from Success.” That meme was born while Lili was having a celebration stream, then Lili suffers every donation, so yeah, suffering in success. 

Lune: That is actually a little bit similar when I do my Fall Guys workout stream. 

Liliana: Oh yeah, you told anyone. Lili thought about that but you said, “No, no, that’s a bit too much. Let’s not do that.” 

Lune: I would want to do that again when my viewer base gets a little bit bigger, that would be very fun. Last time I did 100, I think 100 plus, like below 120 or close to it. Let’s hope we can do 200 next time.

Liliana: If you ended up having abs afterwards– 

Lune: I don’t think it’s that easy…

Liliana: You don’t know– if they donate a lot, you’re bound to have abs. You don’t know the power of your viewers. Lili once underestimated them, and they proved Lili wrong.

Lune: Oh no… I’m scared. We called that program Buff Lune, by the way. We’re on the way to Buff Lune.
Liliana: It sounded like there’s something wrong with Buff Lune.

Lune: Someone actually did that as my meme, and it’s so good we have been using that for the past Ring fit stream and the other “Buff Lune” streams, it’s so good.

Liliana Vampaia insists: I’m a half-vampire, half-human!

Lune: You explained you’re a vampire from an ancient kingdom, can you tell the viewers what they don’t know about you?

Liliana: Not sure about the tomato-san but Lili will tell anyways… It is a lore, but not really, because Lili don’t talk about this. Someone asked Lili, “why do you call yourself a half-vampire, half-human instead of dhampir, which is a shorter word?”

Well, here’s the story: Lili is a dhampir in a way, yes, but Lili don’t like to be called that because dhampirs are mostly vampire hunters. They’re born to be vampire hunters because they are stronger than vampires, and they are the only ones who can detect vampires in hiding.

So, this doesn’t bring a good name to be a dhampir considering that Lili’s otou-san is a vampire. Lili loves her otou-san dayo, Lili don’t want to hunt him. So that’s why Lili chose to be referred as a half-human, half-vampire instead.

Lune: But Lili, you’re a VTuber, what if they track you?

Liliana: Huh? No, even if they track Lili, they might have second thoughts because Lili’s quite weak. (Laughs)

Like, “Are you sure this girl’s a dhampir? She’s freaking weak and she couldn’t even fly! Her brain is lagging at times, are you sure?” In a way, Lili couldn’t live to the dhampir name anyways.

Lune: Not poggers. At the same time poggers, but not poggers, I would say.

Liliana: That’s why Lili is happy being a half-vampire, half-human.

Lune and Liliana: Husband and Wife?

Lune: That’s why Lune has to protect Lili from the bad boys. Must protect. 

Liliana: Ah yes, the wife-husband combo. “Lili, stay at home and take care, okay?”

Lune: Nice. Apparently, I’ve been married to a lot of VTubers, I think Lili is gonna be one of them. My harem’s expanding! 

Liliana: Oi oi oi, Lili’s your imouto dayo.

Lune: I thought you’re my wife Lili, I thought we agree on that–

Liliana: It wasn’t pretend?

Lune: (cue Kokoronashi) Bring out the fire extinguishers guys, I have been burned by a vampire. I need it. I think in real life, yes, but not in video game– I, I do not know.

Liliana: Video games are pretty harsh, just saying. (Laughs)

Lune: Lune just got divorced. It’s okay. 

Liliana: How did we get divorced if we’re not even married?

Lune: Burn! Bring out the fire extinguishers, everyone in the chat. 

Is there anything her fans don’t know yet?

Lune: You’ve showcased a lot of your skills and talents in your VTubing, is there another one that the Tomato-sans don’t know yet?

Liliana: Talent, huh? Lili has not much to begin with, but they were a bit sus when Lili starts playing the piano on stream. They’re like, “Is that recorded?” and Lili was like, no. What do you mean it’s recorded?! No, Lili takes piano lessons before but Lili stopped because Lili tends to stall the teacher. The teacher was like, “I’m teaching piano lessons” and Lili was like, “How’s your family?” and then she started talking about her family and pretty much that’s this whole class.

Lune: Someone said you farted on stream…

Liliana: No, that is not true. That was a voice mod, ok guys? Because you guys are like, “you have farted on stream,”–

Lune: You can do it on your arm. You can blow it on your arm. You can put your lips at your forearm, and then you blow. (Lili tries as instructed) Yeah, that’s it. There you go. 

Liliana: Does it sound like a fart?

Lune: A little but, …ish? I would say -ish? See you have done it again; we have made Lili fart on stream once again. Baited. 

Liliana: Lune-chan scammer. Sasuga. 

Liliana Vampaia’s charming points

Lune: What do you think is your most charming point?

Liliana: Lili’s prime point definitely is Lili’s cuteness and Lili’s dere-dere imouto nature, ne, tomato-san? … It’s not a joke, it’s a fact. Other than that, probably it’s not a charm but people tend to recognize Lili’s voice.

Lune: I tell you; your voice is better than me. 

Liliana: In totsumachi, Lili just says “Hi!” and everyone’s like, “Liliiii!” (Laughs) … You just have to give time and you’ll get there.

Lune: I wouldn’t say that I have a generic voice, but I have a very special singing voice, I would say. I get recognized when I’m singing a lot. 

Liliana: That’s a very good thing, yeah. 

Lune: That’s a very good thing for idols! I guess it’s a good thing, but also a bad thing I’d say for a VTuber, if you know what I mean. (Laughs) … You can check out my YouTube channel, we have some covers…

Her outlook on MyHolo TV

Lune: How do you think MyHoloTV will be like a year from now? From your perspective?

Liliana: Wow. One thing for sure, Lili’s family will grow bigger soon, and that’s really exciting. Lili won’t be lone again; Lili will finally have siblings! Lili’ll finally have someone to bully– I mean, love to the max! 

Lune: Are you sure it won’t be the opposite?

Liliana: From the looks of it, they’re bullying Lili already. (Laughs) You know, it’s a three against one, what do you expect, right

So, one thing, yes, the family will grow bigger, and then since the family will grow bigger, Lili hopes for more and more fun things like fun collabs that Lili can’t do alone, such as having a Minecraft server of Lili’s own. 

Lune: Actually, I have one server of my own. Like a secret server. Wink, wink. … I don’t think it will be very recent, but maybe in the future, if Anime Corner grows, I can get kouhais of myself too. I want it to happen, but we have to wait for a little longer. 

Liliana: Hear that, Anime Corner? Lune-cants wants a little sister, little brother, now let’s get busy! Let’s go! C’mon!

Lune: … I need to really get bigger for this, yeah. But I can’t wait for your kouhais to come. Then we can probably play together. We can bully them together, Lili, I will protect you! 

Liliana Vampaia’s message to her fans

Lune: Describe all your Tomato-sans in one sentence.

Liliana: Before that, tomato-sans are really Lili’s greatest onii-chan because they really care for Lili. It’s really shocking.

Lili’s first few months, Lilie can sense that they really treat me like a little sister, so Lili was like, “Wow! You guys barely know Lili but you guys are pouring that much love into Lili? That’s really wholesome.”

So that’s why Lili loves them back, and Lili will never ever exchange them with anything in the world. You name it, Lili will never exchange them.

Wow, what an interview. For the most part, this interview gives us a peek at who Liliana Vampaia is. However, there’s a lot of things about her that you can only find out if you watch her full interview.

Likewise, you can watch the two-hour long Liliana Vampaia interview on Tsuki-Talk Prime Time which is up on YouTube:

Liliana Vampaia is described as a half-human, half-vampire Virtual YouTuber from Malaysia’s MyHolo TV agency.

Not to mention, she is also a member of its MonstarZ unit together with Athelia Hiroyuki, Virion Kisei, Lunaris Urufi and HORI 07. Subscribe to Liliana Vampaia on YouTube for more of her crazy, cute antics.

What’s more is that we have lots of Interviews here on Anime Corner, where we talk to personalities in the industry. Likewise, don’t forget to follow Tsukimi Lune online to know the next Tsuki-Talk Prime Time schedule.


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