Review: Love After World Domination Manga

By: Jay Agonoy Sep 11, 2022
Love After World Domination is a romantic comedy with classic superhero tropes. This is what makes it so special. In this review, I’m sharing my initial
Review: Love After World Domination Manga

Love After World Domination is a romantic comedy with classic superhero tropes. This is what makes it so special. In this review, I’m sharing my initial impressions before and after reading the manga. 

What I thought of as just a hero-villain manga has a complex feeling into it. The story of Love After World Domination revolves around Fudo Aikawa and Desumi Magahara and their separate surroundings. 

Who are these two (and why they fell in love)?

Fudo is Red Gelato, leader of Gelato 5, while Desumi is the Reaper Princess, one of the leaders of evil organization Gekko. Both are high school students who fell in love with each other. Together, they keep their relationship a secret from everyone.

As I read through the first chapter, I unravel the start of the relationship between the two. The pacing is well enough for the typical reader to absorb it. What’s catching my attention is the cuteness of Desumi herself, provoking us to stare at the panel and simply admire her.

The contrast between the hero and the enemy

Desumi’s a beauty who loves cute things, while Fudo is a health buff who keeps himself fit. Desumi lives in the Gekko dorms while I see Fudo living in the Gelato 5 headquarters.

In contrast, while Desumi is drawn thoroughly, Fudo is drawn way simpler. This gives us a signal to focus more on Desumi. Still, you can put them together for a combination that is just right.

Each romantic moment is such a tease. In most instances, their lovey-dovey relationship gets interrupted. Being a hero and a villain from opposite sides sure is hard, but loving each other and keeping it a secret between their respective organizations? It takes some mental gymnastics to get away scot-free.

To top it all, both are starting to get into terms about love, and loving each other. This is a story of a forbidden love, set in a world where super heroes save the day.

As mentioned, Fudo and Desumi are drawn and designed differently as characters. This gives off a wide gap, making the two easily recognizable.

Also, the way the story is weaved is enough for the reader to appreciate the environments these two have.

Overall, Love After World Domination is a must-read for fans of the Super Sentai series who want to be blessed with some romantic-comedy goodness.

Love After World Domination anime adaptation on the way in 2022

Love After World Domination is an ongoing manga written by Hiroshi Noda and drawn by Takahiro Wakamatsu. The series is first released in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine in October 2019. There are three volumes of this series which you can buy online.

The manga will have its own anime adaptation by Project No.9 directed by Kazuya Iwata. Satoru Sugizawa pens the story, while the duo of Satoshi Houno and Ryuunosuke Kasai takes charge of the anime adaptation’s music. Yusuke Kobayashi and Ikumi Hasegawa lead the all-star voice cast. Funimation has acquired the license to stream the anime adaptation, set for 2022.

Special thanks to Kodansha US for providing a review copy for this feature.


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