It's easy to look at different animals in anime and think they might be ideal pets. They tend to look and behave in ways that most owners would find endearing. But much of that likability focuses on a pet's antics in a fictional world.

As cute as many anime animals are, most of them would be a pain to look after. Not only would finding a place for them be near impossible in anyone's apartment, but feeding them might prove difficult too. These are things a cartoon can look over, but would become major issues in real life.

10 Nero Constantly Attacks Asta (Black Clover)

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Early in Black Clover, there was a running joke with Asta and the birds over his head. The birds picked on him because his mana levels were so low they were attracted to him. Eventually, most of the birds started leaving him alone, but Nero stuck around.

Because Asta was too nice to shoo her away, she just sticks around and annoyingly pecks at his head. As cute as Nero is, constantly smacking someone on the skull with her beak has to be frustrating.

9 Black WarGreymon Is Too Big To Properly Care For (Digimon)

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Having Digimon's WarGreymon around for Tai is one thing – it can transform back into the cuddly Agumon form. Black WarGreymon on the other hand, remains in the Mega Evolution form – everywhere he goes he's always the size of a giant dragon.

Living with a pet this size would be impossible. One wrong move, and he could crash the entire house. Feeding him would also be difficult as he would require large quantities of food.

8 Ash's Pikachu Never Wants To Listen (Pokémon)

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Pikachu was so cute he became the mascot for the entire Pokémon series. However, Ash's Pikachu in particular is a bit too willful to be a pet. He rarely ever wants to listen to Ash, being slightly more respectful than the Charmeleon Ash didn't have the badges to control.

Not wanting to evolve is fine, Pikachu's cuter than Raichu, anyway. But Ash's Pikachu loves using his powers on Ash and anyone around him at the slightest provocation. It's a great bit, but one that's a lot less charming when there's a person that has to deal with it.

7 Impmon Has Too Many Issues With Humans (Digimon)

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Part of Impmon's problem is his partners that were looking after him got bored and abandoned him. He was mostly a good guy, but struggling with abandonment made him want to do nothing but bring misfortune to those around him.

While his frustration is understandable, it doesn't make him the best partner. In Digimon Tamers, he skipped ahead to his Mega form to become Beelzemon, complete with a motorcycle and a giant shotgun. That's not going to make him the easiest Digimon to take home.

6 Gengar Gives People Nightmares (Pokémon)

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Some spooky people might think they'd love having a Pokémon like Gengar around, but like most Ghost Type Pokémon, the cartoon and games make it seem more fun than it would be according to Pokédex entries.

Gengar spends much of its time hiding in people's shadows, cooling the area around that shadow by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. While that's pretty awesome in the summer, in the Winter most people wouldn't want anything to do with him. Making matters worse, Gengar also has a habit of stealing people's life force just by being around them

5 Genma Saotome Transforms Into A Martial Arts-Obsessed Old Man (Ranma 1/2)

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Most people find pandas adorable, and there are plenty of people who'd adopt a panda if it were legal. But if there's one panda that people might not want to rush to invite into their homes, it'd be Genma Saotome. Unlike Ranma, Genma has no problem transforming into his panda half.

He's also far too much of a troublemaker to keep around. He had a habit of stealing Ranma's food because he couldn't defend himself. He also went to any lengths to train Ranma so he became the strongest character, often resulting in beating the teenager up. Plus, he transforms back into an old man whenever he's splashed with cold water.

4 Electrode Explodes When They Get Bored (Pokémon)

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Electrode has one of the most noteworthy designs in the First Generation of Pokémon, as it's literally shaped like a Pokéball. Its mischievous grin might make it seem like the kind of pet people might want around, but it's misleading.

Keeping Electrode means feeding it electricity, making it highly likely its owner would have a massive electric bill every month. That's going to get expensive, especially during the winter months. And all of that is without talking about the Pokémon's habit of exploding whenever it gets bored.

3 Koro Is Known For Eating Humans (Akame Ga Kill)

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Seryu is easily one of the most unlikable characters in anime, let alone Akame ga Kill. Her twisted sense of justice causes her to attack anyone that isn't part of the empire, as she believes only the empire is capable of being just. Unfortunately, Koro is influenced by Seryu's twisted nature.

It's capable of transforming into a being that eats humans whole. As powerful as it would be to have as a pet, explaining what happened to one's enemies will get difficult after a while.

2 Frosslass Freezes Other Humans Turning Them Into Ice Statues (Pokémon)

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Frosslass is a hauntingly beautiful Pokémon, but just like every other Ghost Pokémon, it leans more towards terrifying than anything else. The lore about Frosslass indicates it was once a woman who got lost on a snowy mountain and transformed into a Pokémon.

So technically whoever owned it would be taking care of a frozen woman, or at least, that's what they think they would be doing. Frosslass have a habit of freezing the souls of anyone they like, taking them back to their dens and keeping them as their own decorations.

1 Sadaharu Regularly Tries To Eat Its Owner (Gintama)

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Most big dog owners experience the strong desire to get another dog to share more love with. Sadaharu however, shows just how frustrating owning a giant dog would be. Though it's supposedly Kagura's dog, Gintoki takes care of it the most.

Unfortunately, Gintoki has absolutely no control over Sadaharu. When he tries taking it for a walk it drags him all across the city. Sadaharu also has no problem using the nearest human as a chew toy, whether its Gintoki or even occasionally its "owner" Kagura.

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