Comedy is an underrated genre within the anime world. It's not surprising, since many anime already have comedy in them while doing something else. Dragon Ball Z and One Piece, for example, include comedy while being primarily action series. Even dramatic series sometimes need to lighten the mood with a joke to avoid things becoming too somber.

Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped numerous comedy anime over the years from being called must-watch classics. They deserve the same respect as any other series, and that includes getting additional continuations just like other anime. While some comedy anime could do with a remake to make them more modern, many need that one last season for the sake of the fans.

10 Cromartie High School Shows A Young Man Trying To Bring Respect To A School Of Hoodlums

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Young fans might not remember Cromartie High School, since the series aired in the early 2000s. The show focused on Takashi Kamiyama, who decides to attend Cromartie High School, which is normally known as a school for delinquents only. Though Takashi is a normal kid, everyone assumes he's a tough guy because no one would ever choose to attend Cromartie otherwise.

But while Cromartie could have been the makings of a serious dramatic storyline, what fans got instead was one of the best surrealist comedies of the 2000s. There aren't nearly enough series out there like Cromartie, and the ending of the first season doesn't really preclude a second season.

9 Isekai Quartet Combines Everyone's Favorite Isekai Characters

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For isekai fans everywhere, Isekai Quartet takes several of the most popular isekai anime on the market and shoves them into a single universe. In this universe, the protagonists of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, Re:Zero, and KonoSuba are one day all presented with a giant red button.

Rather than ignoring it, the characters all press it and find themselves trapped in a classroom where they learn to become friends with one another. This series was just the right level of absurd for a silly crossover like this, and a third season could add even more isekai protagonists.

8 Great Teacher Onizuka Features A Former Gang Member Turned Teacher Working With Delinquents

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Great Teacher Onizuka told the story of Eiikichi Onizuka, a former member of a biker gang who decided to become a teacher. Though Onizuka's reasons for becoming a teacher are suspect at best, his compassion for his students wins out over his desire to use his power and influence over them.

There are elements of this series that are much too problematic for today, but that doesn't mean the stories can't be rewritten to be more sensitive to today's problems. The series already received a J-Drama upgrade in 2012, which was popular enough to get a second season.

7 Teasing Master Takagi Shows A Wholesome Young Friendship

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Aside from having a contentious first episode, Teasing Master Takagi quickly turned into a fan-favorite series. The story is about a pair of middle school students, Takagi and Nishikata. The playful Takagi likes pulling pranks on her friend Nishikata, who only wants to get Takagi to blush just one time.

While this joke could have run its course in the first season, the second season was just as beloved, thanks to creator Soichiro Yamamoto's amazing source material. The manga is still running too, so there's no reason they couldn't create a third season.

6 Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions Reminds Everyone Of Their Cringe PastsThe Class Watches Rika And Yuta In Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions

Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions! is a classic high-school comedy from the early 2010s. The series followed Yuuta Togashi and Rikka Takanashi, two former middle schoolers who've only recently entered high school.

Yuuta spent all of his middle school years suffering from Middle School Syndrome, an affliction for kids that cause them to believe they have special powers and are different from normal humans. Though he's eager to leave the time when he used to call himself "Dark Flame Master" behind, his classmate Rikka is all too eager to remind him of his past.

5 Azumanga Daioh Features The Everyday Adventures Of Normal Girls

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Azumanga Daioh shows the wacky adventures of a group of high school girls and their teachers. Though the anime only lasted a season, it's memorable for its top-tier writing and the creator's signature art style. This series is in fact where the "my waifu" meme comes from in the first place, and for that alone, its contribution to anime fan culture is set.

While the series ends with the girls' graduation from high school, that doesn't mean this series couldn't get a revival. It would be easy enough to show more of their adventures while they were still in school, or even continue with another set of girls and show how much things stay the same even after twenty years.

4 Space Dandy Wasn't Done Having Wild Space Adventures

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With animation studio BONES and chief director Shinichiro Watanabe teaming up again, anime fans expected nothing less than a classic from Space Dandy. But if people were expecting Cowboy Bebop, they were in for quite the surprise. Instead, Dandy became a way for talented developers across the industry to tell their own science fiction stories, making it a must-watch for sci-fi fans.

The show told the story of the bounty hunter Dandy, whose job was to find and document unknown alien races alongside his crew members, QT and Meow. With plenty of other anime directors who would no doubt be interested in doing the series for at least an episode, there's no reason this series couldn't come back.

3 KonoSuba Is The Isekai For Fans Who Are Tired Of Isekai

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KonoSuba is the isekai for fans who are exhausted with the isekai genre. Kazuma is sent to a fantasy world by the goddess Aqua, who tells him he's able to have any cheat item he wants in the new world. But because Aqua mocks him for being a total nerd in his old life, Kazuma demands that Aqua herself be sent to the world with him.

The only way for Aqua to return to her own life is by helping Kazuma slay the Demon Lord. It's just too bad both of them are far too stupid to deal with the problem. KonoSuba is one of the funniest anime of the last decade, so fortunately a third season has already been planned.

2 One-Punch Man's Story Never Got A Proper FinishSaitama punching something in One-Punch Man.

One-Punch Man should have already had another season by now. Both the webmanga and the actual manga have been running for years and are far ahead of where the anime left off. The second season had finally started developing the world around Saitama, making for a more compelling world for fans to get invested in.

However, the story ended not long after that and hasn't made a return in over three years. Both comedy and action fans alike are eager to see this show make a comeback, hopefully with studio Madhouse behind it again.

1 Welcome To Demon School's Manga Continues To Develop Iruma & His Friendsevil iruma with crocell kerori

Welcome to Demon School! tells the story of Iruma Suzuki, an unlucky teenage boy who's sold to a demon by his parents. Fortunately for Iruma, the demon only wants him so he can have a grandson. He gives Iruma the chance to go to a demon school and have a proper education, under the condition that no one ever discovers he's actually a human.

Iruma-kun is a fantastic comedy shonen series that's managed to run for several seasons already, but the manga is still going strong at over 27 volumes. There's more than enough there to bring the series back for another season, especially since there are actual character arcs to develop.

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