Boys Love (670)

Same-sex romantic/sexual relationships between men are the focus of these stories. The term Boys Love and its abbreviation BL are commonly used to refer media written by women for female audiences in Japan, while the term Bara is often used for media written by men for male audiences. In the West, the terms Shounen Ai (romantic/non-sexual) and Yaoi (sexual) are more commonly used for BL. On MAL, Boys Love combines all homosexual relationships between men and explicit genres (Ecchi, Erotica, Hentai) are used to indicate the sexual content level. This means most Shounen Ai stories have no explicit genres, most Yaoi are labelled Ecchi or Erotica, and most Bara are labelled Hentai.


Kouga, Yun 2024
Aoyagi Ritsuka is one troubled 6th grader. Two years ago, he mysteriously lost his memory and developed an alternate personality. His mother constantly berates (and occasionally beats) him, asking what happened to the "real" Ritsuka, and his only defender and friend, his older brother Seimei, was recently killed.

Suddenly, Seimei's apparent "friend," Soubi, appears. Soubi tells him that Ritsuka's true name is "Loveless," and that Soubi was assigned by Seimei to take care of Ritsuka and protect him. Ritsuka soon gets sucked into a bizzare underground society where teams of people, a "Fighter Unit," and a "Sacrifice," battle using elaborate and beautifully-phrased spells.

He seeks both acceptance of himself, and the answer to the mystery of who killed his brother and why.

(Source: TokyoPop)
Nov 17, 2001 to ? | chp | Publishing

Gouhou DrugLegal Drug

CLAMP 2024
A drugstore that deals in medicine ... and danger! Kazahaya Kudo has a gift. When he touches a person or an object, he sees visions. With no money and no place to stay, Kazahaya was out of luck until fate brought him to the Green Drug pharmacy. Now, in exchange for working in the store, he gets room and board. But in order to make ends meet there's a catch ... he must take on 'special' assignments from his boss that can only be handled by someone with Kazahaya's gift. With the help of his co-worker and roommate Rikuo, who has unusual powers of his own, Kazahaya finds himself on missions most surreal.

(Source: Tokyopop)
Oct 6, 2000 to Jul 24, 2003 | 18 chp | Publishing

Tokyo Babylon

CLAMP 2024
Subaru Sumeragi is the thirteenth head of his powerful onmyouji clan. Until the time comes when he must succeed his grandmother fully, Subaru is allowed to live in Tokyo with his fraternal twin Hokuto. While Subaru is kind and shy, Hokuto has exuberance to spare, and her favorite pastime is designing bold matching outfits for the two of them to wear. Her next favorite thing to do is try to set up Subaru with their veterinarian friend Seishirou Sakurazuka who, oddly enough, is always readily available to accompany the Sumeragis throughout the city.

Subaru has to resolve a variety of spiritual conflicts in Tokyo: some are cases formally brought to him by clients, and others are matters in which he decides to involve himself. A selfless teenager, he empathizes with others to the point that their pain may as well be his own. This leaves him vulnerable in a city where nearly everyone makes decisions that only benefit themselves as individuals. Hokuto hopes that if Subaru develops feelings for Seishirou, their relationship will be the one thing that he never gives up for the sake of anyone else. However, is Seishirou the best candidate for her brother's love, or is he hiding sinister secrets?

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
1990 to 1993 | 18 chp | Publishing

Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no daLiving for Tomorrow

Tsuda, Mikiyo 2024
High school student Tasuku Mizuochi has a secret he knows and a secret he doesn't. Even though he punches, kicks, and otherwise abuses fellow karate team member, Ryouta, on a daily basis, Tasuku has hidden feelings for his childhood friend. When Tasuku's mother died, Ryouta was always there to comfort him, and these emotions grew over time to become something else. Confused and embarrassed by his secret crush, Tasuku takes his frustrations out on Ryouta to keep him from ever knowing the truth. When Tasuku learns that his late mother may have been an "ageman" (ah-gay-man)--a woman who brings men good fortune—he starts to believe he's inherited these powers, too. Can having the ability to influence luck give Tasuku and Ryouta a future together? Or will all the people crawling out of the woodwork wanting to use Tasuku's power cause him to run screaming for the hills?!

(Source: DokiDoki)
Jan 31, 2005 | 7 chp | Publishing

Ai no Chikara de Koi wo Suru no daCrushing Love

Natsumizu, Ritsu 2024
When rich, gorgeous and heartbroken Keiichiro Kuroda’s ex-lover asks for a loan, he makes a bet with the man: he’ll leave 5 million yen in a park with a sign that reads “Please Use Freely,” and if it gets turned into the police, his ex can borrow the money; if someone takes the money, Keiichiro can finally turn away the man who broke his heart.  But when the first person to spot the money ends up being a handsome young man in trouble, can Keiichiro give up on his quest for revenge and fall in love once more?

(Source: Juné Manga)
2006 | 8 chp | Publishing

Me ni wa Sayaka ni MienedomoBeyond My Touch

Maeda, Tomo 2024
At his classmate Mamoru Takayama's funeral, Mizuno runs into boy of the hour--Takayama! Takayama is apparently unable to rest in peace because he has a lingering attachment to this world. His unfinished business is to steal Mizuno's lips! Will ghost Takayama's wish be fulfilled!? Also featured in this volume is an epilogue of the story plus a bonus romance story entitled "Gift."
(Source: DMP)
2003 | 6 chp | Publishing

Bokura no OukokuOur Kingdom

Koujima, Nazuki 2024
Upon the death of his grandmother, country boy Akira Nonaka is taken in by the immensely wealthy and powerful Takatou family. there, he is told that he is a candidate to become next heir to the Takatou name. However, there is another candidate—the princely, handsome Rei, who turns out to be a cousin of Akira's. Far from being competitive, Rei shows no interest in the prospect of inheritance, and instead takes an immediate liking to Akira. Rei's aggressive shows of affection muddle the naive country boy, until Akira begins to discover a budding attraction towards Rei within himself.

(Source: DMP)
2000 to 2007 | 27 chp | Publishing

Café Kichijouji deCafé Kichijoji de

Negishi, Kyouko 2024
"Irasshai!" Welcome to the most unruly cafe in Kichijouji and its charming staff of five who have absolutely nothing in common. When tempers rise, so do mop handles, giant boulders and repair bills. Meet Jun, a mild mannered high school student with a sharp tongue and superhuman strength. Tarou, a clean freak with a deadly aim in the art of mopping. Maki, a sloppy, lazy woman chaser. Minagawa, a talented pastry chef equally skilled in the arts of voodoo, and the impulsive, cheerful, though desperately unfortunate Tokumi. A feast of comedy based on the popular Japanese radio drama.

(Source: DMP)
May 1, 2001 to Apr 1, 2003 | 14 chp | Publishing

Chiisana Glass no SoraGlass Sky

Yamada, Yugi 2024
Everyone thought Naoki was a little flamboyant, and he was used to getting teased for it. But when Yada glanced at him, he felt something he never had before! Ten deftly written short episodes explore the pathos, confusion, drama, passion and humor of coming out and finding one’s true self. Forbidden desire, hidden lust, jealousy and acceptance collide in this collection of wonderfully drawn, bittersweet short stories of teenage romance by author Yugi Yamada!

(Source: Juné Manga)
2000 | 9 chp | Publishing

Mizu NurumuSpring Fever

Yamada, Yugi 2024
Yusuke Onishi easily gets crushes on everybody and anybody, but never succeeds in love. That is, until the day he meets and falls in love with his new neighbor—a mature single parent. Yusuke has finally met his match. But his match just happens to be a guy! This is a classic oyaji-uke of an unexpected love between two people, one younger, one older.

(Source: Deux)
Included one-shots
Wildman Blues
Oct 2000 to Mar 2001 | 6 chp | Publishing

Taiyou no Shita de WaraeLaugh Under the Sun

Yamada, Yugi 2024
After seriously injuring an opponent in a boxing match-Sohei quits his dream of ever being a pro boxer. Ten years later, after a string of failed jobs and relationships, his friend Chika finally convinces him to get back into boxing. But where Sohei was once champ material, he is now 25 years old (over the hill in boxing years) and must play catch up with all the 18-year-olds at the gym. To make things worse, Chika’s been secretly in love with Sohei for years, and has about had it with waiting for Sohei to figure it out. With his upcoming pro test, his squabbles with the youngsters in the boxing club, and Chika’s increasingly bold advances, will Sohei finally find some direction and happiness in his life?

(Source: Juné Manga)
1999 to ? | 5 chp | Publishing

Saigo no Door wo Shimero!Close the Last Door

Yamada, Yugi 2024
Nagai is just your typical office guy...except that he’s had a secret crush on his coworker Saitou for ages. But with Saitou’s massive wedding just around the corner, Nagai realizes that it’s finally time to retire his illicit desire for the adorable young man. However, sly Honda has a few teasing tricks up his own sleeve...and once the beer starts flowing, there’s no telling where the night will end! Is this love triangle destined to tumble, or will it evolve into the most tantalizing tryst ever?

(Source: Juné Manga)
2001 to ? | 15 chp | Publishing

Aiteru Door kara Shitsurei ShimasuyoOpen The Door Through Yo...

Yamada, Yugi 2024
This time focusing on the two elder brothers of Kenzou Honda...

Shouichi Honda goes to the Asian imported product shop to collect the tax. There he happens to meet an importer, his younger brother, Junji who had run away from home. When Shouichi returns home, Junji is already there having a card game with their parents. They realize how their feelings have not changed since they made love only once 10 years ago.

(Source: MU)
2003 | 7 chp | Publishing

Dear Myself

Tsuda, MikiyoEiki, Eiki 2024
One fateful morning, Hirofumi awakens to discover he has no memory of the previous two years. He has forgotten his classmates and everything he's learned at school. All he recalls is the car accident that caused his amnesia. When he finds a letter written to himself, he is shocked to discover that he has been romantically involved with the tragic and handsome Daigo! Can true love triumph over the loss of memory? And will Hirofumi be able to make Daigo smile again? (Source: DMP)
Jan 1, 1998 | 3 chp | Publishing

Dear Myself: World's End

Tsuda, MikiyoEiki, Eiki 2024
It's been four years since Hirofumi and Daigo started living together. But because of his psychological scars, Daigo gradually starts inposing frightening restraints on Hirofumi! Caught in a cage of love and madness, what will Hirofumi's ultimate answer be? At last, the conclusion to the popular Dear Myself series! Also contains the short stories "Last Spring," depicting the alien Hirofumi from those two lost years; "Kiss on a Honeymoon," the aftermath for Ayane and Fumiya, and the now legendary chapters of "Papa's 18"!

(Source: Digital Manga Publishing)
1999 to ? | 7 chp | Publishing

Yabai KimochiDesire

Honami, YukineKazumi, Maki 2024
Tooru is a shy and quiet student who has developed a special crush on his close friend Ryouji, the most popular member of the high school swim team. In front of Ryouji, Tooru hides his feelings and acts as if he is just one of Ryouji's good friends, but in a moment out of the blue his world will be turned upside down as Ryouji will confess a secret desire for Tooru. Dazzled, Tooru can barely hide his excitement for Ryouji and quickly accepts his offer. As time passes, Tooru's happiness begins to fade knowing that his affair with Ryouji was just a fling based out of Ryouji's sexual curiosity.

Tooru, adamant about his feelings for Ryouji, confides in another one of his close friend, Kashiwazaki, about his dilemma. The two set off to devise a plan to test Ryouji's true intentions by faking a romantic relationship. Soon after, a frustrated and jealous Ryouji attempts to pry Tooru out of the arms of Kashiwazaki. Is it just as they planned? Yeah! That is of course until Tooru realizes Kashiwazaki wasn't really faking! How could he not have seen it coming?

Both Tooru and Ryouji have hidden their feelings from each other in the past, but now they have discovered that they were not the only ones. Will Tooru and Ryouji be reunited or will their true feelings for each other go unfulfilled?

(Source: DMP)
Sep 2001 | 4 chp | Publishing


Kujou, Aoi 2024
Every time Shinobu and Ei-ichi see each other on campus at the university they start fighting. But, it turns out they actually live together in an apartment, and when they’re there they act completely different. That is the relationship they keep a secret from the rest of the world… (Source: DMP)
Nov 12, 2004 | 10 chp | Publishing

Princess Princess

Tsuda, Mikiyo 2024
Why is Toru Kouno receiving such an overly warm welcome at his new all boy's school? He has yet to discover the secret system called "Hime (Princess)" in effect at the school. Boys who are chosen have to dress up as a girl in every school event! Little does Kouno know that he would be the chosen one...

(Source: DMP)
Aug 2002 to Apr 2006 | 25 chp | Publishing

Hoshigarimasen! Katsumade waAfter I Win

Itsuki, Kaname 2024
When nights grow lonely at the dorm, boys turn to naughty stuff. While pleasuring oneself is commonplace in a house full of teenage boys, Kasumi is nevertheless shocked when he catches his roommate Hiyori engrossed in self-indulgence. What’s more shocking is that Hiyori challenges Kasumi to stay and watch, that is, stay if Kasumi feels something for the older boy. Will he stay or go? Which option is more rewarding for Kasumi?

(Source: Juné Manga)
2006 | 6 chp | Publishing

Hybrid Child

Nakamura, Shungiku 2024
Commonly mistaken as a doll, the Hybrid Child is a toy that can adapt human abilities—from reading books to conveying emotions. Their capability relies on the degree of affection their owner provides them. Nurture them with the best affection and the model will flourish.

Together for 10 years, the slothful Kotarou Izumi believes that Hazuki—a Hybrid Child whom he owns—will be in his life for eternity. But everything comes crashing down when the artificial human suddenly collapses.
Hybrid Child manifests the struggles of the Hybrid Children and their owners through three brief narratives.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
Jun 28, 2003 to Aug 28, 2004 | 5 chp | Publishing

Princess Princess Plus

Tsuda, Mikiyo 2024
The new school year is here! Fujimori Academy students Kiriya Matsuoka and Tomoe Izumi have been chosen as this year’s princesses, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work to bring them up to speed. Enter former princesses Kouno, Shihoudani and Yutaka for a bit of princess training! Although Matsuoka and Izumi seem willing and able to take over the job of dressing up as girls and cheering at school events, they’re not exactly what you’d call “friends.” In fact, they seem to be about as opposite as two people can get. This animosity spells trouble for a student body that depends on their princesses to give them a warm, glowy feeling all year long. Can President Sakamoto and the ex-princesses convince Matsuoka and Izumi to bond for the sake of the school? Or will it take more than a common experience to bring two very different people together?

(Source: Dokidoki)
May 2006 to Jan 2007 | 6 chp | Publishing

G-senjou no NekoIl gatto sul G

Miyagi, Tooko 2024
Atsushi Ikeda, a kindhearted college student, tends abandoned animals and brings them inside his home. When he spots an injured high school student with a violin lying at his doorstep, he does not think twice about taking him in for the night. The fierce young man, introducing himself as Riya Narukawa, has no idea why he was unconscious in front of Atsushi's door but worries no further, as he claims that memory lapses are a common occurrence.

The following day, when Riya gets a sudden headache while playing the violin for Atsushi, he professes that he ran away from home because his dead brother's spirit inside him has been forcing him to play the violin. Stunned by the sudden revelation, a concerned Atsushi discovers that Riya is a prodigious violinist and the only son of a famous musician. Worried that things are not matching up, he soon learns that Riya has a multiple personality disorder, causing him to invent a deceased younger brother whom he believes to be within his soul. Carrying the weight of other people's expectations for his talent, Riya tries to come to terms with the underlying problems behind his psychological complications, all while understanding what Atsushi means to him.

[Written by Animeranku Rewrite]
May 2002 to Sep 2007 | 19 chp | Publishing

Mawang IlgiDemon Diary

Lee, Yun-hee 2024
Gods and demons wage a neverending battle with the mortal realm as their battlefield. As with most longstanding feuds, the reasons are no longer important--hatred is a way of life. But it is foretold that one would arise who could restore harmony between gods and demons. Enter Raenef...heir to a set of demon royalty, he is hardly courtly material. The demon king assigns Eclipse to be his tutor, to mold Raenef into proper demonic shape. The two begin a journey of discovery and are soon joined by a human knight and a god-blessed priest.

(Source: Tokyopop)
Included one-shots:
Volume 1: Crystal Heart, Tera
1999 to 2002 | 26 chp | Publishing


Takaku, Shouko 2024
"The person I love is you, Haru!"
Haru is shocked by the sudden confession from his best friend Kazushi and the passionate kiss that follows! However, he can't bring himself to see the perfect and widely admired Kazushi as anything more than a friend. Determined to win Haru's admiration and love, Kazushi steals a kiss every chance he can get. How long can Haru ward off his increasingly strong and bold advances?
(Source: DMP)
May 2004 | 5 chp | Publishing