• Blue Exorcist anime returns with Shimane Illuminati arc after 7-year hiatus. Fans are excited for its comeback.
  • Main characters include Juzo Shima, Shiemi Moriyama, Rin Okumura, Shura Kirigakure, Yukio Okumura, Lewin Light, Arthur A. Angel, and Mephisto Pheles.
  • Each character possesses unique skills and abilities in their fight against demons. Rin Okumura, as the son of Satan, has immense power.

After a seven-year hiatus, the Blue Exorcist anime finally returns with the Shimane Illuminati arc, picking up where the anime last left off. While there are a few differences between the anime and the manga, fans of the series are certainly excited to see this anime return.

The main characters in Blue Exorcist are naturally the Exorcists that make up the True Cross Order and its associated school for Exorcists, True Cross Academy. These Exorcists use various abilities to fight against the many demons that threaten the peace and tranquility of the human world. Here are some of the strongest Exorcists that have appeared so far.

8 Juzo Shima

A Skilled Exorcist With Simple Strengths


Juzo Shima is the older brother of Rin's classmate Renzo Shima and the second son of the Shima family. An Upper Class Exorcist within the True Cross Order, Juzo is the archetypal example of a dutiful Exorcist, performing his tasks as well as he can.

Juzo has a Meister in both Aria and Knight, making him both a skilled melee fighter and a potent user of holy verses that can exorcise demons without a single blow. While his strengths are not particularly unique, he is the perfect picture of a standard Exorcist.

7 Shiemi Moriyama

A Warm-Hearted Girl With A Mysterious Power


Shiemi Moriyama is a kind and gentle girl who has a particular affinity for plants. Though she initially does not plan on becoming an Exorcist, she is inspired to join True Cross Academy after seeing Rin and Yukio save her from a demon.

Shiemi's Exorcist skills aren't that different from her fellow student Exorcists, and in some aspects, she is sometimes below average. However, she has the talent to be a strong Tamer, especially with her ability to summon a creature called a Greenman, which can produce herbs and summon plant-based barriers.

6 Rin Okumura

The Infamous Son Of Satan


Rin Okumura is the half-human son of Satan, giving him demonic powers that allow him to surpass the fighting abilities of normal humans. However, his inexperience and lack of actual Exorcist knowledge make him little better than an overpowered rookie.

As a Knight-in-training, Rin's abilities focus on physical attacks, augmented by his demonic abilities. Core to his fighting style is his ability to use the Flames of Satan, also known as the Blue Flames. Rin can control these flames with his mind, using them in tandem with his sword attacks to overwhelm his enemies.

5 Shura Kirigakure

The Order's Red-Hot Firebrand


Shura Kirigakure initially infiltrates True Cross Academy as a student to keep an eye on Rin Okumura. After revealing her true identity, she becomes a teacher at the academy, helping Rin get control of his Blue Flames.

Shura Kirigakura is skilled in a variety of Exorcist disciplines, but she is most skilled in swordsmanship and close-quarters combat. She possesses the Demon Blade Fang, which allows her to use demonic sword techniques to slay demons.

4 Yukio Okumura

The Diligent Younger Brother


Yukio Okumura is the younger twin brother of Rin. Despite this, he not only looks older but is more mature and experienced as an Exorcist due to having trained for the profession since childhood, unlike Rin who was purposefully kept from that world.

Yukio is the youngest person ever to become an Exorcist, with Meisters in Doctor and Dragoon. This allows him to function both in a support role and an offensive role, and his knowledge and experience allow him to be Rin's teacher when he starts at True Cross Academy. For a time, he was even temporarily given the role of Paladin, the highest rank in the True Cross Order.

3 Lewin Light

The Cool-headed Right Hand


Lewin Light is a level-headed and affable guy, with a personality that makes him seem unreliable and untrustworthy. However, he is not only one of the four Arc Knights of the True Cross Order but also the right-hand man and traveling companion of Arthur A. Angel, the Paladin.

As an Arc Knight, Lewin Light is a skilled and experienced Exorcist. He is particularly skilled as a Tamer, using various familiars and even demons to take care of various tasks for him.

2 Arthur A. Angel

The Righteous Paladin Of The Order


Arthur A. Angel is the 252nd Paladin of the True Cross Order, making him the highest-ranked Exorcist in the organization. A man with a strong sense of justice and righteousness, he is also conceited and holds a strong hatred of anything related to demons.

As the Paladin, Arthur is the strongest Exorcist in the True Cross Order, with his Meister in Knight being his main specialty. His close combat abilities are enhanced by the Demon Blade Caliburn, a large blade that he can swing effortlessly.

1 Mephisto Pheles

The King Of Time


Though technically an honorary Exorcist of the True Cross Order, Mephisto Pheles is actually Samael, one of the Eight Demon Kings as well as the principal of True Cross Academy. Despite being a demon, Mephisto cooperates with the True Cross Order to keep the peace in the human realm, making sure that demons don't cause chaos.

As a demon, Mephisto has a collection of magical abilities, such as the ability to transform and summon various objects. He is known as the King of Time due to his ability to manipulate time and space, such as slowing down time in an enclosed area or stopping it outright.