Adventure (693)

Whether aiming for a specific goal or just struggling to survive, the main character is thrust into unfamiliar situations or lands and continuously faces unexpected dangers. The narrative of adventure stories is always on how the characters react to sudden events or trials during the journey, indicating personal growth or setback based on which actions or choices are taken. Character development as a response to the journey's dangers is a requirement of adventure stories. Simply experiencing foreign lands or worlds is not adventure.

Neko Mix Genkitan TorajiA Cat Mix's Illusory Tale: Toraji

Tamura, Yumi 2023
The first mouse appeared on the night of a full moon over two thousand years ago. A timeless children's song among the humans tells how it made powerful mice companions and legions of war mice. Then it declared war on all humankind. Pai'yan is on of the king's honored 7 heroes, renowned for his skill in fighting the mice. He comes home after a long campaign to find his young son kidnapped by the Magic Mouse, and his son's pet kitten Toraji transformed into a half-human cat mix. Now Pai'yan travels with Toraji, searching for any word that could lead them to the Magic Mouse and his missing son.

(Source: Storm in Heaven)
2008 to ? | chp | Publishing

Tales of Symphonia: Toki no Kagayaki

Nakajima, Atsuko 2023
Two worlds exist, both unaware of the existance of the other. In order for one world to flourish, the other will have to perish. On the perishing world, a Chosen one is sent on a journey to restore that world's mana by awakening the Spirits and becoming an angel. Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Sylvarant, sets out on her journey accompanied by her best friends Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage. As they travel further they meet more friends and even more enemies, while they learn more and more about the truth behind the World Regeneration.
Dec 20, 2003 to Jun 19, 2004 | chp | Publishing

Atagoul Monogatari

Masumura, Hiroshi 2023
Atagoul Monogatari takes place in a fantasy world where humans and cats can talk to each other. The story revolves around the adventures of the protagonist, Hideyoshi, and his friends.
Nov 1976 to Mar 1981 | 48 chp | Publishing

Midori no OuVerdant Lord

Takashige, HiroshiSoga, Atsush 2023
Set in the near future where Mother Nature has decided to fight back against all of the human encroachment.

It has your standard apocalyptic scenario, but we're right in the middle of the apocalypse actually happening, rather than the aftermath. Vines and foliage entangle cities, as large wooden mech-like creatures called Arethusa (named after one of the mythical Greek Hesperides that tended the gardens in a remote corner of the world) rampage through cities.

Our main character is Souma Shin, a punk kid out of Japan. We start off with him coming to visit his twin (?) brother Ken. All hell breaks loose as Shin finds a group of small kids being used for military purposes, and tries to save them in the confusion created by an Arethusa invading the compound.

(Source: MangaHelpers)
Sep 26, 2003 to Jan 26, 2009 | 62 chp | Publishing

The X Files

Mochizuki, MikiyaInoue, SenKak 2023
Contains adaptations of various episodes of "The X Files" series created by Chris Carter.

Volume 1:
-File #00: Pilot
-File #07: Ice

Volume 2:
-File #2: Squeeze
-File #12: Beyond the Sea

Volume 3:
-File #11: Fire
-File #05: Shadows
Mar 1, 1996 to May 25, 1996 | chp | Publishing

Chrome Shelled Regios: Secret Side

Amagi, ShuusukeWatari 2023
In this school fantasy story set in the distant future, creatures contaminated by pollution have overtaken the land, forcing humanity to live in isolated mobile cities called Regios. One such city named Zuellni is a self-contained school in which freshman Layfon Alseif has just enrolled. Layfon reluctantly joins the 17th Martial Arts Studies Unit led by the third-year student Nina Antalk and embarks on a series of adventures.
The story is a reorganized version of the original novel. Layfon is the main character.
Apr 10, 2008 to Apr 10, 2009 | 8 chp | Publishing

Seiken no BlacksmithThe Sacred Sword Blacksmith

Yamada, KoutarouMiura, Isao 2023
Once upon a time, there was a tragic war, in which the power of the devils was involved. After the war, the devils' power was banned and the world was restored to peace. Cecily Campbell is a knight, who has been looking for a blacksmith to repair her old sword given by her father. One day, she saw a man fighting with a ruffian who used the tabooed devil's power. The man defeated him with one blow of his weirdly shaped sword. The man turned out to be a blacksmith called Luke. The fateful encounter was the beginning of the adventure.
Mar 27, 2009 to Jan 27, 2017 | 62 chp | Publishing

Seiken no BlacksmithThe Sacred Blacksmith

Miura, Isao 2023
Once upon a time, there was a tragic war, in which the power of the devils was involved. After the war, the devils' power was banned and the world was restored to peace. Cecily Campbell is a knight, who has been looking for a blacksmith to repair her old sword given by her father. One day, she saw a man fighting with a ruffian who used the tabooed devil's power. The man defeated him with one blow of his weirdly shaped sword. The man turned out to be a blacksmith called Luke. The fateful encounter was the beginning of the adventure.
Nov 22, 2007 to Aug 23, 2013 | 74 chp | Publishing


Ohse, Kohime 2023
Tiia Oruburaianto is a young woman traveling the world, searching for the best weapons. Tiia is a strong warrior and possesses not only the legendary sword Grandeek, but also the unique ability to see and speak to spirits that reside within weapons and armor. During her travels, Tiia hears a small voice calling for help. Tiia eventually finds the source of the voice—the sword of an infamous assassin. Undaunted, Tiia decides to save both the sword and its owner.
(Source: shinkeikaku)
Oct 19, 2005 to ? | chp | Publishing

Pokémon Ranger Vatonage the Comic

Kusaka, HidenoriYamamoto, Sato 2023
Hitomi is a pokémon ranger: someone who uses wild pokémon to achieve their goals rather than capturing them. While pokémon rangers don't need balls to capture pokémon, they do use a tool called a slider in order to get closer to the wild pokémon. Two years after her graduation from the ranger academy, she joins a team with a top ranger. This ranger uses a rare type of slider called a Vatonage slider, which is only available to top rangers. Just what kind of skills does this top ranger have, and more importantly, how exactly does the Vatonage slide work?

(Source: MU)
Mar 21, 2008 to May 2008 | 4 chp | Publishing

Spray King

In the city named Kotobuki, there is a rumour of a man who defeats bad people and only leave the giant, beautiful graffiti in the scene. Since no one has ever seen that man in person, they called him "Spray King." Kuroda Miu, a photography student in an art academy and part-time photographer for one of the weekly magazine, wants to capture Spray King onto her photograph in order to create a good scoop in the magazine.

One day, she met with Tanaka Torateru, a boy who just entered the academy but wasn't that good in art. How could the meeting of the two lead to the "truth" about the city they lived in and about the hero in the shadow named Spray King?

(Source: Ju-da-su)
Apr 4, 2008 to Dec 28, 2009 | 15 chp | Publishing


Katagiri, Ikumi 2023
Chiyo and Akehiko (both 15 years old) have been brought up in an amicable environment at a prosperous restaurant in Japan. They live a safe, happy life, but, as was the norm in feudal Japan, they train at the local dojo with determination to become strong. The times are turbulent, and violence brims the streets of nineteenth century Japan. Under such conditions the boys will have to learn what it means to wield a sword, to take someone's life and understand the precarious life of living by the sword.

(Source: MU)
Nov 16, 2007 to Jan 15, 2011 | 20 chp | Publishing

Umi no Kishidan

Togawa, Mitomo 2023
It's the 16th century and the knights of the Mediterranean country Malta take pride in being the strongest in the world. Aciel is a beautiful lady-knight who gradually makes her way into the group of the knights, despite the fact it's forbidden for women to be knights. Learn the tale of the magnificent knights whose charms neither friends nor foes can resist!

(Source: Aerandria Scans)
Mar 20, 2005 to Mar 20, 2010 | 55 chp | Publishing

Shirokishi Monogatari Episode.0: Dogma SenkiThe White Knight...

Ikeda, TakashiSatou, Yuuko 2023
Prequel of the RPG game for PlayStation3 developed by Level-5, Shirokishi Monogatari: Inishie no Kodou.

The story takes place 10,000 years before the actual game's story, in an era embroiled by war and chaos. The manga tells the story of another White Knight who predates the White Knight hero character of the game.

(Source: ANN)
Dec 10, 2008 to 2009 | chp | Publishing


The children's manga series that sparked an international phenomenon.

The three books - A Home for Hamtaro and Other Stories, Hamtaro Gets Lost and Other Stories, and Jealous Hamtaro and Other Stories - each follow the adventures of a different Hamtaro, but they all share the same sweet, innocent feel.
1997 to ? | chp | Publishing

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Based on the Super Famicom game of the same name, but with a more comedic tone than the game or Mitsuki Oosawa's Fire Emblem manga.
1997 to ? | 38 chp | Publishing

Fire Emblem: Hikari wo Tsugu Mono

Fuyuki, Nea 2023
Based on "Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War" for the Super Famicom.
May 26, 1998 to Jun 26, 2001 | 21 chp | Publishing

Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Dialga vs. Palki...

Takamisaki, Ryou 2023
On their way to participate in the next Pokémon contest, Ash, Brock, and Dawn come to Álamos Town, known for its beautiful gardens and the impressive Space-time Tower, built by the famous architect Gowdy. After mysterious swathes of destruction begin to appear and an ominous fog envelops the town, preventing the people from leaving, Tonio, Gowdy's grandson recognizes these phenomena as having been predictions in his grandfather's diary - predictions that the integrity of space and time are under threat from a battle between the legendary Pokémon Diagla and Darkrai. Will Ash and his friends be able to save Álamos Town?

(Source: VIZ Media)
Mar 15, 2007 to Jun 15, 2007 | 5 chp | Publishing

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

Michihara, KatsumiTanaka, Yosh 2023
Faithful to the novels aside for some changes that may be considered major e.g. characters changed from male to female.
Aug 1986 to Feb 2000 | 60 chp | Publishing

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Frame Astrays

Chiba, TomohiroTokita, Kouichi 2023
Follows the story of mercenary group Serpent Tail in their mission in Asian region during the Second Bloody Valentine War.
Aug 26, 2007 to Aug 26, 2008 | 12 chp | Publishing


Akatsuki; the powerful demon of illness which will spread into the victim, turns their eyes red, and slowly kill them. Usually, they take form of a strong monster connected to the victim's body. The only way to cure the victims infected with Akatsuki is to slash the victim body with special anti-Akatsuki weapons, known as "Crave". The group of people who possess and use these weapons are called as "Kiri-Isha" (Slash Doctor).

Hibiki, the protagonist of this story, is the Kiri-isha. He partnered with Kirisa, another Kiri-Isha. Their mission is to cure people infected with Akatsuki, but what could possibly lies ahead of them?

(Source: MU)
Dec 29, 2008 to Dec 3, 2011 | 36 chp | Publishing

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

Daichi, AkitarouSUEZEN 2023
In the Edo or Tokugawa period (1600–1868), Ran, a female wandering samurai whose skill with the katana is only matched by her taste for sake (rice wine), is joined by a chinese martial artist who calls herself Lady Meow of the Iron Cat Fist.
2000 | chp | Publishing

Dan Doh!! Next Generation

Mikiyasu Shinjo dies while planning the unprecedented "Biggest Golf Tournament in History". In order to carry out Mikiyasu's last wishes, young golfer Dandoh Aoba embarks on creating a new tradition abroad.

(Source: Shogakukan)
2004 to 2009 | 34 chp | Publishing

Jump Super Stars

Murata, Yusuke 2023
Kobayakawa Sena (Eyeshield 21) meets Monkey D Luffy (One Piece), Naruto, Son Goku (Dragon Ball) and Bobobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) to try and stop the evil Dr. Mashirito (Dr. Slump) in this short adventure that serves as an advertisement for the game with the same name.
(Source: MU)
2005 | 1 chp | Publishing