It would seem simple to abandon Loid Forger, the super spy from Spy x Family, and his need to create a fake family in order to complete his most recent mission. Loid has always been able to cut ties and leave without a trace thanks to his false identity, but when he visits the orphanage to adopt an orphan for his mission, he ends up with much more than he anticipated. Anya, a six-year-old telepath who is obsessed with television spies, is driven to do everything in her power to help her new father succeed once she realizes she is the focus of his mission.

If someone didn't already know the history of the Forger family, it would be nearly impossible to guess that Anya is adopted and that her parents are essentially married strangers until Loid and Anya cross paths with the covert assassin Yor. Anya has already gained useful skills from Yor and Loid in the brief time they have shared a home. With a spy for a father and an assassin for a mother, how could she possibly be anything but? Even though the three of them are not related by blood, Anya has demonstrated that she is her parents' daughter.


Anya was taught to advocate for herself by the Spy X Family's elder

Spy x Family: Anya Is Truly Yor and Loid's Daughter - Here's How_0

After the kidnapping incident, Anya came to Eden equipped with skills that Yor had 'prepared' her with. Being the target of taunts from playground bully Damian Desmond -- son of the elusive Donovan Desmond, the target of Operation Strix -- the first thing Anya jumped to was a punch she learned from Yor. Thankfully, she recalls her mother's wisdom on being a bigger person. Instead of lashing out at Damian instantly, she listened to Yor and retaliated with a smug grin.

No matter what barbs she heard directed at her, she continued to smile with the same expression whilst reprimanding her mother for lying to her in her head. But when Damian and his friends start mocking her father, Anya snaps, unleashing the killer punch Yor taught her. With this punch, she has effectively completed the trifecta of Forger punches.


Even though Anya's efforts were weak, Loid affects her decisions

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Anya is a bit of an airhead, but in the time that she's been with Loid, she's learned a few things from her father. Just before punching Damian, she made sure to look out for any teachers, or in this case, witnesses. Unfortunately, Anya is still a novice when it comes to lying. When confronted by Housemaster Henderson, she tells a flimsy lie claiming Damian ran into her fist. The hole she digs for herself grows when she tries to deny the sizable dent left on Damian's face.

Anya combines the knowledge she has gained from Loid and Yor, giving her next lie a grain of truth. She doesn't tell Henderson the entire story, but she does acknowledge that she used another piece of Yor's advice to defend Becky, a classmate. Violence was only acceptable if it was used to save a friend who was in danger, according to Yor. Anya concocted the ideal lie, claiming that Becky became enraged after Damian accidentally stepped on her foot. Henderson was impressed by the story because it was so compelling, and she earned extra points for elegance in his eyes.

The class photo's final scene is the cherry on top. If you had any doubts that the Spy x Family's Forgers were a real family, all you had to do was observe their facial expressions — Yor burying her face in shame, Loid appearing to have one foot in the grave, and Anya appearing as though her life had just passed her by — to realize that they couldn't be anything other than what they appeared to be. Even though Anya's first day didn't go exactly as she had hoped, it is clear that, with Loid and Yor as her parents, she really does have the best of both worlds and therefore has nothing to worry about.