• Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 259 brings back Aoi Todo in action, setting up a possible match against Sukuna.
  • Todo's Boogie Woogie technique isn't dead, giving a fighting chance against the weakened Sukuna.
  • While defeating Sukuna may be unlikely, Yuji and Todo's teamwork and Sukuna's injuries may give them an advantage.

Jujutsu Kaisen is at an interesting point right now. As of Chapter 259 of the official manga, the series is at its bleakest point yet, where almost all the heroes have been killed or injured to the point where they are no longer in the picture, and the beloved Choso is the latest fan-favorite character to meet his end at the hands of the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

However, this latest chapter also contains a surprise reveal; Aoi Todo is back in action. Although many fans fail to see how the team of Todo and Yuji can do anything to Sukuna when everyone else has failed, there may be more to this upcoming matchup than most fans of the series can see. So, let's break down how well the dream team of Yuji and Todo stand a higher chance against Sukuna than most people give them credit for.

Where Has Todo Been?


Todo's last appearance in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga was in the closing moments of the Shibuya Incident arc when he helped Yuji in the battle against Mahito. Though Yuji was at death's door against the Special Grade Curse, it was only due to Todo's interference and motivation that Yuji found the strength within him to get up and defeat Mahito.

What kind of woman is your type?!

However, the end of this fight saw Todo lose one of his hands and, effectively, his Boogie Woogie Cursed Technique. For the longest time, his fate was left unclear as his last appearance in the manga before Chapter 259 was over 110 chapters ago. However, it was revealed that Todo had just been lying low all this time until his involvement in the fight against Sukuna was necessary, something that even Yuji did not know about.

How Can They Defeat Sukuna?


Todo's return also brought another surprise reveal with it, which is the fact that his Boogie Woogie Cursed Technique is not dead after all. At the very least, this means that the return of Yuji and Todo's amazing teamwork is back. Although it is quite a gargantuan stretch to say that this will be enough to defeat the King of Curses, it is strong and disorienting enough to defeat very strong opponents.

In any other situation, Sukuna would eviscerate both fighters in the blink of an eye, but seeing how weak and tired he is from all the battles he has had gives the heroes as big of a fighting chance as they could get. At this stage, Sukuna is still missing his Reverse Cursed Technique, has used up his Domain Expansion, exhausted his Divine Flames, and has low Cursed Energy reserves compared to how he was before. Yuji, albeit weakened, still has the energy to keep going and Todo is a fresh fighter, so this gives them an advantage.

We are the exception!

Now, Yuji is far stronger than he was against Hanami or Mahito, so the disorienting combat style that Todo provides will work far better against Sukuna, who has fewer ways to defend against it. Now, more than just simple punches and kicks, Yuji has grown far more adept with the Black Flash technique, which he will be able to pull off more effectively and often with the help of Todo's Boogie Woogie.

Also, Shoko's involvement in this final arc, as well as the importance of her technique, still hasn't been shown. Many believe that she's healing all the others who have fallen in battle against the King of Curses and perhaps even resurrecting Gojo somehow. By having all the fallen sorcerers somehow heal and rejoin the battle to help Todo and Yuji, the fight is definitely winnable.

How Likely Is It To Happen?


In all reality, most of this is just wishful thinking. While the chances of Yuji and Todo defeating Sukuna aren't exactly 0, they are so minimal that they might as well be. Gege Akutami has been receiving quite a lot of criticism regarding the Shinjuku Showdown arc ever since it began, with fans saying that it has gotten too repetitive with Sukuna easily killing everyone.

So far, there have been combinations of fighters that are objectively stronger, such as Yuta and Yuji, who have been unable to take down Sukuna, so Yuji and Todo doing so wouldn't make much sense. The more likely outcome of this battle may just see the King of Curses kill Todo. In Chapter 259, Todo even admits that Sukuna knows how Boogie Woogie works due to his time in Yuji's body, and that they both share a special bond that may make Sukuna aware of Yuji's tactics.


Everything considered, Yuji and Todo most likely will not be the ones to put Sukuna down for good. However, this doesn't mean that they don't stand a chance, because their teamwork is some of the best in the entire series and Sukuna remains heavily injured.

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