Although Spy x Family features a cute family dynamic, the main plot is quite intense. Many people put in a lot of effort day and night to keep peace in Westalis and Ostania during the time of war. One such person is Twilight, also known as Loid Forger, the main character. Even his name is made up, but Loid is a highly skilled spy who is in charge of a crucial mission. Little is known about him. He adopted Anya and forged a marriage with Yor Briar because of this mission.

Since the release of Spy x Family, Loid has remained a complete mystery to everyone. Only anime fans are aware of his tragic past and the decision to become a spy. However, there's more to it than that; during the recent war, the Ostanian army attacked Loid's parents. He also had a complicated relationship with them, which influenced Twilight's development as a spy in the following way.


Relationship Between Loid and His Parents Prior to the Events of Spy x Family

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Loid lost his parents when he was still a young boy, and the loss affected him for years. He had a strained relationship with his father because he insisted on making him study hard rather than spend time with his friends. Although Loid's father would hit and chastise him for wanting to join the military, calling him a coward that the military wouldn't want, Loid had always been interested in doing so. His father's violent actions appeared sanctimonious coming from a man who frequently expressed his desire for peace between the East and the West. Twilight, on the other hand, had a pretty good relationship with his mother.

Loid's mother was very loving and would often sing him lullabies whenever he had trouble sleeping, especially due to the explosions from the war. In fact, one of the main reasons his parents seemed to fight was because they didn't approve of each other's parenting styles. The boy's father died during the first attack from Ostania while his mother died during the second attack, leaving young Loid alone in the world.


Why did Loid Decide to Work as a Spy?

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As a helpless war orphan, Loid's desperation and isolation made him aware of the cruel nature of the world. Not only had he lost his family, but also all of his friends and the people he cared about. Before he joined the military and eventually turned into a spy, the boy wandered around aimlessly. He frequently recalled having trouble falling asleep, and his mother's generosity had relieved the discomfort.

In Spy x Family, Twilight wants to make a world without crying for kids. Furthermore, despite his appearing to be cruel, his father was a pacifist. He must have been somewhat influenced by the older man's opinions on the brutality of war. When he was younger, he would always feel bad for lying to his parents, but after their passing, everything changed. He decided to become a spy because he knew he had to lie to keep both himself and others alive.