Just over a year ago, fans said goodbye to Sung Jinwoo, once ridiculed as the world's weakest Hunter but ultimately became the last hope for humanity. The immensely popular webcomic Solo Leveling captured hearts with its gripping story. In July 2022, Dubu, the talented illustrator known for his dynamic artwork, expressed excitement over the upcoming anime adaptation. Tragically, this would be the last time fans heard from Dubu, as he passed away shortly after. Although Solo Leveling delighted fans with side stories in January 2023, the happiness is tinged with sadness, reminding us of Dubu's enduring legacy.

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The Cup of Reincarnation's Effects in Solo Leveling


In Solo Leveling, the last time readers encountered Jinwoo, he had made the ultimate sacrifice. Utilizing the Cup of Reincarnation, he rewound time to defeat the Monarchs and spare his loved ones from previous anguish. However, this act erased memories, with friends and allies from the previous timeline forgetting him entirely. Despite the price Jinwoo paid, he was content with the decision, believing it brought happiness to others. Yet, the absence created a lingering sense of unexplained grief, leaving individuals like Woo Jinchul with an uncomfortable feeling deep within their minds. Strangely, shadow beings have begun appearing, assisting the police and revealing an unexpected connection to Jinchul.

Jinwoo's Return and Unyielding Strength: Jinwoo's reappearance in Solo Leveling is a spectacle of epic proportions. His mere presence at the entrance of his high school sends readers into a frenzy. While 27 years have passed for him, only two years have elapsed for the rest of humanity. Although the Shadow Monarch attempts to blend in, there is an undeniable air of difference surrounding this stoic high school student. Remnants of his battles against the Monarchs persist, such as a glove concealing a wound inflicted by the King of Dragons, and a dark, imposing aura that envelops him. The timid and trembling boy from Chapter 1 has transformed into a self-assured and confident young man.

Unintended Consequences and Rekindled Connections: Jinwoo's return and quest for a normal life have unexpectedly shaken people's memories. Former Hunters like Jinchul and Park Gisul, known as "the Viper," can perceive Jinwoo's shadows. It appears that the repeated use of the Cup of Reincarnation may have rendered its effects futile, leading to this intriguing development.

Despite Jinwoo's acceptance of others forgetting about him, there is one person he can't release from his heart: Cha Hae-In. Initially, their relationship had been one-sided, with Hae-In harboring deeper feelings for Jinwoo. During the belief that the world was on the brink of destruction, Jinwoo found solace in Hae-In's presence. She made him feel normal, alleviating the burdens of being the strongest Hunter. To truly embrace his new life, Jinwoo must confront and reconcile with this significant part of his past.

Conclusion: Solo Leveling's return with bittersweet side stories marks the continuation of its legacy. Although the loss of Dubu, the talented artist behind the comic's illustrations, weighs heavily, his work lives on. The Cup of Reincarnation's impact on the story adds intrigue, while Jinwoo's reappearance showcases his indomitable strength. As the narrative unfolds, the complex web of memories and connections heightens the emotional stakes. Solo Leveling remains a testament to Dubu's artistic vision, captivating readers with its gripping tale of heroism and sacrifice.