The Winter 2024 anime season is now in full swing, featuring over 30 series spanning a diverse array of genres, themes, and streaming platforms. While it may not be as saturated with major titles or sequels as some recent seasons, this quarter still boasts a notable blend of quality and variety. Action, comedy, and isekai narratives take center stage, capturing the audience's attention with multiple compelling offerings. Additionally, the romance genre, though not as abundant, is poised to shine throughout  Winter 2024 anime season.

Given the overwhelming volume of nearly 500 episodes airing each season, staying abreast of every series can be a daunting task. To assist viewers in navigating this sea of content, here's a curated selection of the best anime from the Winter 2024 lineup.

Please note that the cutoff date for this selection is January 7, 2024, with weekly updates anticipated. While the MyAnimeList scores for each show are included, it's important to emphasize that this data is just one element of the overall assessment, not the sole basis for the rankings.

The following anime will be excluded:

  • Fall 2023 Continuations (Frieren, Undead Unluck, etc)
  • Long-running Anime (One Piece)
  • OVAs & ONAs

5 The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic

MyAnimeList: 7.51


In Winter 2024, the isekai anime genre remains prominent with 10 shows exploring this theme. While isekai stories continue to enjoy popularity, the saturation of the concept often results in a sense of predictability, as many series tend to recycle familiar tropes. However, this season presents a refreshing twist, with several isekai anime diverging from conventional norms. Notably, "My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered," despite facing a lukewarm start in its adaptation, promises to be the ultimate anti-isekai tale, particularly if it stays true to the comedic tone of its source material. "Sasaki and Peeps" is carving out its niche as a peculiar fusion of clichés that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional isekai narratives. Meanwhile, "Ishura" unfolds in a world where the presence of visitors is not an anomaly, adding an intriguing layer to the isekai concept.

Then, there is The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic, which follows a high-school student who is accidentally summoned to another world by a kingdom in need of heroes. Dragged along with two exceptional schoolmates, Ken Usato learns that he has an affinity for healing magic, a development that grabs the attention of Rose, a peculiar mage who leads the Rescue Squad. Unfortunately for Ken, his new master's training methods are the stuff of nightmares.

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic provides a neat twist on the isekai formula, and Ken is shaping up to be a pretty decent protagonist. More importantly, the show has been hilarious so far, with Rose's arrival producing almost non-stop laughter. Hopefully, the anime will maintain its early momentum.

4 Classroom Of The Elite 3

MyAnimeList: 8.16


Building on the 2022 season, Classroom of the Elite is back to finish adapting the light novel's first-year arcs. The Winter 2024 cour dives straight into the Mixed Training Camp saga, a storyline that sees Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School's classes heading to an inn where the students are blended into groups. Forced to interact and work with people they once considered enemies, this training exam should present the ideal opportunity for fresh dynamics to emerge.

As Season 3 unfolds, it is currently in the process of laying the groundwork for the upcoming challenges and stakes of this arc. While the central driving force and obstacles are yet to be fully revealed, the narrative is already rich with intriguing characters poised to play significant roles. The dual personality of Kikyou Kushida is anticipated to continue fueling tense encounters with Suzune, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding events. Kakeru Ryuuen, despite facing a downfall, is not expected to accept his fate quietly, hinting at potential conflicts to come.

Class 1-A's Arisu is positioned to take on a more active role in the unfolding narrative, particularly in her interactions with Honami from Class 1-B. This dynamic promises to introduce fresh developments and rivalries within the academic setting. Notably, Ayanokouji, who has been known for his ability to control situations, appears to be facing a scenario where his control is not absolute. This shift in the balance of power adds an intriguing element to the storyline, leaving viewers eager to see how Ayanokouji navigates through this new challenge.

3 Solo Leveling

MyAnimeList: 8.46


Without question, Solo Leveling was the most highly-anticipated Winter 2024 anime. Based on arguably the most popular manhwa of all time, the adaptation needs to knock almost everything out of the park if it wants to meet expectations, and A-1 Pictures has mostly hit the ground running. That said, Solo Leveling's first episode mostly focused on setting up the world through some fairly heavy-handed exposition, resulting in an enjoyable but weirdly-paced opener that would have benefited from being a two-parter. Still, even if it mostly acted as a tease of things to come, the content was generally good.

In a world where mystical gates to fantastical realms have emerged globally, individuals have gained unique abilities, giving rise to the profession of hunters. Classified into ranks based on their powers, hunters face the challenge of advancement. For Sung Jin-woo, an E-rank member, the future appears stagnant, destined to remain in a state of relative weakness. 

During a mission within a D-level gate, a group of hunters, including Sung Jin-woo, opt to explore a concealed passage in pursuit of untold riches. However, this decision proves to be a critical mistake with unforeseen consequences, setting the stage for a gripping narrative where peril and unexpected challenges unfold.

2 A Sign Of Affection

MyAnimeList: 8.31


Winter 2024 loves a good romance, and A Sign of Affection has all the pieces to be a great one. In A Sign of Affection, Yuki Itose, a college student who is deaf, experiences a serendipitous encounter with the well-traveled Itsuomi Nagi during a train journey. This meet-cute sparks a sense of hope within Yuki, and her desire to see him again becomes evident. Fortunately, a twist of fate intervenes as her friend happens to know Nagi, leading them to visit his workplace. It is during this encounter that Yuki gathers the courage to request his contact information, taking a significant step forward.

The story unfolds with two instantly likable protagonists. Yuki's charm lies in her refreshing directness, coupled with a vulnerability stemming from her unfamiliarity with these newfound emotions. On the other hand, Nagi, while coming close to the edge of being too perfect, is saved by his genuinely wholesome interest in Yuki, making his character endearing. Together, they embark on a journey that promises a heartwarming exploration of affection and connection.

1 The Dangers In My Heart Season 2

MyAnimeList: 8.70


The Dangers in My Heart was one of 2023's best romance anime, and season 2 could very well be better than its predecessor. Anna and Kyotaro's relationship has completely transitioned from awkward banter to heartwarming camaraderie built on support and mutual respect.

Although they haven't officially entered into a romantic relationship, the narrative of the story doesn't downplay the growing appreciation between the characters. Yuki and Nagi acknowledge the profound emotions they are both grappling with as they navigate the complexities of their evolving connection. The storyline delicately explores the nuances of these overwhelming feelings, providing a realistic portrayal of individuals trying to come to terms with the emotional depth of their relationship.

Beyond the romantic aspect, the friendship between Anna and Kyotaro stands out as truly admirable. Their bond adds an extra layer of depth to the narrative, showcasing the strength of their connection beyond romantic entanglements. This emphasis on friendship adds a wholesome element to the story, highlighting the various facets of relationships and the meaningful connections that can develop between individuals.