Anime is home to a variety of different hairstyles, some more eccentric than others. While plenty of characters have gravity-defying multicolor hairdos to make themselves stand out, others have simpler styles that are instantly recognizable. The bowl cut isn't necessarily a style many people would pride themselves on.

Many look back at old photos of themselves and cringe when seeing their younger self with the haircut. However, a few anime characters make an otherwise embarrassing haircut look much cooler than it is. Some of anime's best heroes rock a bowl cut. The hairstyle tends to be their most defining feature.

10 Dr. Kuseno's Voluminous Bowl Cut Defies Gravity (One-Punch Man)

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Most people assumed that Dr. Kuseno's hair was actually a traditional conical hat after seeing him for the first time in One-Punch Man. It turns out that his bowl cut is just extra voluminous and defies gravity.

Dr. Kuseno considers himself a scientist of Justice. After turning him into a cyborg, he started looking after Genos as his guardian. He became somewhat of a father figure for him. He'd do anything in the name of justice and is one of the series' most selfless characters.

9 Seto Kaiba's Brown Bowl Cut Is Surprisingly Realistic Compared To The Series' Other Hairdos (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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People don't typically think of realistic hairstyles when they think of Yu-Gi-Oh!. After all, the titular protagonist rocks one of anime's spikiest and most colorful hairstyles that's nearly impossible to replicate in real life.

However, Seto Kaiba's bowl cut is surprisingly realistic compared to other characters' hairstyles in the series. It's a basic brown bowl-cut that fans could easily recreate with enough hair spray. Kaiba is one of the best anti-heroes in anime. Despite his egotistical personality and overconfidence in himself, he'd help anyone out – only if it's in his best interest, of course.

8 Marlo Has A Pretty Standard Bowl Cut (Attack On Titan)

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Marlo from Attack On Titan's most defining feature is his standard black bowl cut. He was a pretty significant side character until the Return to Shiganshina arc. He graduated from the 104th Cadet Corps and joined the Scout Regiment. He was also a member of the Military Police and stationed in Stohess.

Aside from his iconic bowl cut, fans also remember him for his aspirations to take over the Military Police and end its years of corruption. He did everything in his power to achieve his goal, even if he occasionally had to act just as corrupt as some of his peers.

7 Leon Elliot Has An Untamable Bowl Cut (Black Cat)

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Though his bowl cut is more sleek and tamed in Black Cat's anime adaptation, Leon Elliot's hair is much messier in the manga. Additionally, the anime gives him dark blue hair, while in the manga, he has a mix of light purple and blue in his hair to match his eyes.

Leon hates adults and being treated like a kid. He only has faith in himself and his own abilities, though he tends to overestimate himself. Leon was a member of the Apostles of the Stars until Eve defeated him.

6 Nobita Has A Simple Black Bowl Cut (Doraemon)

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Nobita from Doraemon has a simple black bowl cut. It works well with the rest of his appearance since he wears round glasses that take up half of his face and typically opts for primary color sweaters.

Nobita was a total failure in life until the titular Doraemon came along and gave him a purpose. Nobita became dependent on him for many things because he's so lazy that the highlight of his day is taking an after-school nap. Even in school, he'd rather slack off than learn something useful.

5 Hinata Hyuga Used To Have A Bowl Cut (Naruto)

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Throughout part one of Naruto, Hinata Hyuge used to have a bowl cut with bangs framing her face. When she got older, she allowed her hair to grow out a lot more. It works well with the rest of her gloomy appearance, especially during the first part.

She's a chunin-level ninja who hails from the Hyuga Clan. She was expected to become the next heiress, and Hiashi put her through brutal training. Unfortunately, things didn't work out in her favor. However, she became a member of team Kurenai and eventually married Naruto after the Fourth Shinobi War ended.

4 Gohan Had A Bowl Cut When He Was A Kid (Dragon Ball)

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Most people can relate to Gohan, in that many had bowl cuts when they were younger. His hair became spikier when he got older, but Gohan's childhood hairdo has become iconic. It's a basic black bowl cut, but it suited him in his younger days.

In Dragon Ball, Gohan is a half-Saiyan and one of Goku's kids. Unlike his father, he's not too big on fighting and would rather talk things out. He only fights as a last resort, but he is one of the series' strongest characters.

3 Bruno Bucciarati's Bowl Cut Is Classy (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)

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Bruno Bucciarati from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is one of the most stylish characters in the entire series. Aside from his iconic white suit and zipper motifs, his hairstyle is one of his most defining features.

It's a classy, sleek bowl cut with no loose ends. It's perfectly symmetrical. He makes it even more stylish with his golden hair clips, strategically placed at the top of his head. Golden Wind was full of stylish gangsters with a keen sense of aesthetic, and Bruno was certainly no exception.

2 Rock Lee's Shiny Black Bowl Cut Is His Most Defining Feature (Naruto)

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Rock Lee's shiny black bowl cut is easily his most defining feature, apart from his notoriously bushy eyebrows and matching outfits with his mentor, Guy. Rock Lee's iconic hairdo has never changed throughout every era of Naruto. His outfit may have gone through a few alternations, but his sleek cut and large brows always remained.

Rock Lee is one of the series' most relatable and likable characters. He could only use taijutsu, but wanted to prove that he could still become a top-notch ninja despite what he lacked.

1 Mob Kageyama Is The Most Famous Anime Character With A Bowl Cut (Mob Psycho 100)

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Shigeo, otherwise known as Mob, is possibly the most famous anime character with a bowl cut. As the protagonist of the smash-hit series Mob Psycho 100, his basic black hairstyle has become one of his most recognizable features.

He doesn't look like much at a first glance, but he's one of the strongest espers. All of his abilities and attacks are powered by rage. When Mob reaches 100%, he could demolish entire cities. When he goes through such a power-up, his hair becomes spiky and defies gravity to keep itself in the air.

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