The Konoha 11 were a generation of shinobi that rose to prominence in the Naruto universe. Each specialized in their own talent, creating a well-rounded roster to protect the Leaf and enforce its will of fire.

Although on relatively equal footing when first debuting in the Chunin Exams, the 11 have since taken different paths in life for better or worse. Some have become so instrumental that Konoha literally cannot function without them, while others are so irrelevant that their presence is scarcely even noticed. By ranking them according to reputation, it becomes to easier to identify how essential they are.

11 Shino Considered Leaving The Village

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Despite being a member of the Aburame clan, Shino felt as if he never belonged. Almost no one had a close relationship with him, to such an extent that he wasn't even invited to the Sasuke retrieval mission.

Unlike Sasuke, however, Shino would not turn his wrath against those who had largely ignored him. Instead, he hoped to live out the rest of his days in solitude. Luckily, he had a change of heart before it was too late, though the experience did not help his credibility whatsoever. In fact, few noticed that he even left to start with.

10 Kiba Was A Loudmouth No One Took Seriously

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Throughout his youth, Kiba had the same indomitable personality and lust for prestige that Naruto did. However, since he didn't balance it with charisma, likability, or even raw potential, he was ironically much more of a knucklehead ninja than his unofficial rival.

Although Kiba is a prominent member of his clan, he does not have much of a relevant position outside it. With Akumaru aging beyond potential service, it is also going to be extremely difficult for him to maintain his reputation as a powerful shinobi going forward.

9 Tenten's Mastery Of Weapons Was Unique

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At first, Tenten struggled to make a name for herself. She got completely humiliated at the Chunin Exams, and her taijutsu isn't nearly as formidable as Lee's or Neji's. From the beginning, the odds were against her. However, Tenten eventually came into her own for fulfilling a niche no one else did.

Her ability to store and unleash extensive weapons made her an invaluable asset against the Gold/Silver brothers in the latter half of the Forth Shinobi War. Tenten may not exactly be a decorated hero, but she is more respectable than Kiba and Shino.

8 Choji Was His Team's Powerhouse

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By all accounts, Choji was a fairly respectable ninja. His super expansion and human boulder jutsu both made him a devastating threat on the battlefield and helped to nuance his teammates' more intricate abilities. Further, Choji was also the first character to defeat a member of the Sound Four by himself.

However, Choji's size has often made him the subject of scrutiny by both comrades and enemies. They will openly mock him, whether to provoke him into fighting sloppily or to encourage his success. Regardless, Choji does not respond to these comments favorably.

7 Lee's Career Plummeted In Later Arcs

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Rock Lee was the greatest taijustu prodigy that the Leaf had seen since Might Guy. By nearly defeating Gaara in the Chunin Exams, he proved how far one could go on hard work alone. Despite being able to open six gates, Lee fell out of relevance in Shippuden.

He may have been present in the final battle against Madara, though his contributions were fairly negligible. On the bright side, he saved Konoha from being crushed by Toneri's meteors, which furthered his credibility as a splendid ninja.

6 Ino Plays A Huge Role In The Village's Protection

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At first, Ino was not much to think about. In addition to being a relatively subpar shinobi, her only ambition was Sasuke's love and attention. This made her shockingly identical to Sakura, much to many fans' frustration. In Shippuden, Ino came into her own.

Her sensory jutsu proved so formidable that she could spread messages across the Allied Shinobi Forces in a matter of moments. When her father died to the Bijuu bomb, Ino took over his responsibilities to protect the village's borders through sensing potential threats passing by.

5 Neji Died A Hero

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Despite being a vassal of the Hyuga clan, Neji's reputation has always been strong. In the Chunin Exams, he was nominated one of the most likely characters to win (especially insofar as the Leaf's candidates were concerned).

Neji proved his selflessness when volunteering for the Sasuke retrieval mission. He also gave his life in order to protect Naruto and Hinata, leading to one of the most poignant and heartfelt moments of the Forth Shinobi War. Neji may not have had an ample number of fights, but every moment of screen time he had was meaningful.

4 Hinata Came Into Her Own As A Kunoichi

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Hinata has had one of the most stunning character arcs of the series. Beginning as a shy girl afraid of any confrontation, she first learned her courage when fighting Neji Hyuga. This emboldened her for a later confrontation with Pain, where she bought Naruto the time he needed to recover.

Now that Naruto has become Hokage, Hinata's reputation has increased by extension. As the Hokage's wife, she is given a position of prestige unavailable to almost any other woman in the village. Additionally, she is the heir of the Hyuga clan.

3 Sakura Was A Pioneering Medical Ninja

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A member of Team Seven and direct student of Tsunade, Sakura has become much stronger and more important throughout the series. She progressed so much in medical pursuits that she was even able to invent her own cure for Sasori's poisons.

Additionally, Sakura is a physical powerhouse that can shatter virtually any opponent with a single punch.

This allows her to contend against Konoha's most deadly opponents and even members of the Otsutsuki clan. Her relationship to Kakashi and Naruto are also excellent assets that play to her reputation's favor since both men were Hokage.

2 Shikamaru Is The Leaf's Residing Tactician

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Shikamaru has always been known as a prodigy and genius tactician. He orchestrated the Sasuke retrieval mission and was a massive credit to the Forth Shinobi War. He has even succeeded in various stealth missions across the Five Nations.

When Naruto became Hokage, he finally had a chance to recognize Shikamaru's skills officially. By appointing him as top advisor, he added perhaps the Leaf's smartest and most loyal ninja to his cabinet. This arrangement made the Nara clan significantly more prestigious than merely another clan in service to Konoha.

1 Naruto Uzumaki Was The Savior Of Konoha

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Unsurprisingly, Naruto has the strongest reputation of the Konoha 11. Despite his origins as a rapscallion and prankster, he quickly matured when the threat of the Akatsuki loomed. By training under Jiraiya and facing the world's greatest horrors firsthand, Naruto gained the experience he needed to lead his people.

After saving them from numerous threats beyond the grave and even the planet itself, Naruto's contributions were finally acknowledged, and he fulfilled his dream to become Hokage. With or without Kurama, he has protected the Leaf ever since, even at the expense of his own family.

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