• Undead Unluck introduces a diverse ensemble of characters, each endowed with distinctive abilities, within a world where the very rules governing reality can be nullified.

  • The narrative gains an added layer of intrigue as Union, an exclusive and formidable faction of Negators, emerges as a formidable threat to our protagonists. Each character's unique negator skill, be it Unbreakable or Unluck, injects a dynamic and distinctive dimension into the series.

  • The latest addition to Shonen Jump's lineup, Undead Unluck, immerses viewers in a world where extraordinary individuals wield powers that can defy the laws of nature. Although the anime is still in its early stages, anticipation among fans is already palpable as they eagerly await the unveiling of new abilities in forthcoming episodes.

    Of particular note is the presence of Union, an elite organization comprised of Negators determined to track down the main characters, Andy and Fuuko. While the full roster of Union's powerful members remains shrouded in mystery within the anime, it is evident that they represent formidable adversaries.

10 Void Volks

Greatest Strength: Unavoidable


Once a professional boxer, Void's enigmatic persona remained shrouded in mystery, concealed beneath the imposing bulk of his mechanical exosuit. In his initial encounter with Andy and Fuuko, he presented a substantial threat, his intentions obscured by the impenetrable facade of his suit. However, his untimely demise at the hands of Andy, driven by a ruthless desire to seize his position, cut short his potential as a character.

Despite his brief presence, Void possessed a formidable negator ability, rendering him a formidable adversary. His power, known as "Unavoidable," had the uncanny capacity to immobilize his targets when he assumed a combat stance, leaving them helpless and unable to evade his impending attacks.

9 Top Bull Sparx

Greatest Strength: Unstoppable


Among the ranks of Union, Top Bull Sparx stands out as one of the younger members, having transitioned into this formidable group as a teenager after hailing from Brazil. Despite his youth, a somber and tragic past has forced him to mature well beyond his years.

Top harnesses the Negator power of "Unstoppable," an ability that grants him the astonishing capability to move at breakneck speeds. This incredible swiftness not only enhances the force behind his kicks and leaps but also requires a formidable impact to bring him to a halt. Top's versatility makes him a valuable asset to his fellow Union members,

8 Isshin/Haruka Yamaoka

Greatest Strength: Unbreakable


The title of Isshin is a hereditary honor within the Yamaoka family, and the current bearer is the reserved and introverted Haruka. Haruka conceals herself within an imposing suit of armor, seldom uttering a word. However, when ensconced within her armored shell, she exudes a commanding presence.

Haruka's Isshin ability is "Unbreakable," endowing her with the remarkable talent to fabricate objects impervious to damage, no matter the level of punishment they endure. Notably, she employed this power to craft Andy's katana, rendering it indestructible. Furthermore, Haruka can extend this ability to the very ground beneath her, constructing impromptu fortifications impervious to any forceful impact.

7 Tatiana

Greatest Strength: Untouchable


Tatiana's initial presentation as a large floating sphere conceals the fact that she is, in reality, a young girl. The spherical armor she inhabits functions as both a protective cocoon and a versatile technological tool, enabling Tatiana to manipulate objects with its extendable arms and discharge powerful laser beams.

Her formidable Negator ability, "Untouchable," endows her with the capacity to generate a formidable energy barrier that annihilates anything within its proximity. The range of this barrier is extensive enough to obliterate entire towns, and her armor plays a crucial role in maintaining control over this potent ability, preventing it from running rampant.

6 Fuuko Izumo

Greatest Strength: Unluck


Fuuko is the main character of the series and someone who has been constantly cursed by her power. Her negator ability, Unluck, bestows misfortune on anyone she touches, with the degree of misfortune increasing depending on how much she likes them.

Unluck generally works by drawing in objects from afar and causing them to collide with the target. While at its weakest, Unluck can manage minor injuries, at its strongest it can cause meteorites to fall from the sky.

5 Gena Chamber

Greatest Strength: Unchange


Gena Chamber is a long-standing member of Union, having been a member for at least fifty years. However, that isn't shown in her appearance, which still gives off the look of a teenage girl.

Gena's ability is Unchange, which allows her to keep an object from changing its state. She can use this to walk on water or create barriers from air. Gena also uses this power to keep her makeup from flaking off, since she cannot use this power on her own body or any living thing.

4 Shen

Greatest Strength: Untruth


Shen Xiang is a jovial young man with a penchant for making jokes. He is a master martial artist, making him a threat who can fight against dangerous enemies even without using his ability.

Shen's negator ability is Untruth, which forces his targets to do the opposite of what they were planning to do. Shen can only use this power on people he likes, and he must keep them within his field of vision.

3 Andy

Greatest Strength: Undead


The nameless Undead (nicknamed Andy by Fuuko) is one of the main characters of the series. He has been alive for centuries and has been searching for a way to finally die. He plans on using Fuuko's power as a way to achieve that death.

Andy's ability Undead allows him to regenerate from any injury, making him immortal. Though this power alone is incredible, what really makes it powerful is Andy's mastery over the power, giving him a versatility most other powers might not have.

2 Juiz

Greatest Strength: Unjustice


Juiz is the mysterious leader of the Union, cutting an imposing figure in her military uniform and visored helmet. Though the negators in Union are often troublemakers, they quickly get in line when Juiz issues a command.

Juiz's negator ability is Unjustice, which allows her to control the actions of others. She can only use this power when her eyes are uncovered, which is why she normally goes around wearing a mask. This power is strong enough to destroy entire armies without her ever lifting a finger.

1 Billy Alfred

Greatest Strength: Unfair


Billy Alfred is one of the most enigmatic members of the Union. Though initially a friendly member, Billy reveals himself to be a traitor having lied not only about his goals but also his negator ability.

Though he claims his ability is Unbelievable, his true ability is Unfair, which allows him to copy the powers of other negators he sees as strong. Combined with his knowledge of combat and marksmanship skills, this makes him one of the strongest members of the Union.