The protagonists in Naruto sometimes struggle to find a way to pinpoint their opponent’s weaknesses. A villain's victory would spell doom for the protagonists and leave fans uneasy about what would happen next. Nevertheless, the battle against evil is never over until it is over, as the protagonists’ patience and perseverance can allow them to reign victorious.

Seeing a hero bounce back despite the number of challenges their opponent presents never fails to reinvigorate viewers with joy. Naruto contains a plethora of comebacks that turn the tide of conflicts at the most unexpected moments, thereby making the anime exciting to watch.

10 Itachi Traps Kabuto In Izanami

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Itachi and Sasuke both lack familiarity with Kabuto’s new Sage Mode abilities, so they have to constantly stay vigilant. Although Itachi and Sasuke work together as a team, Kabuto still forces them into a corner by himself.

However, Itachi executes one of the most broken Genjutsu, the Izanami, to put Kabuto at a disadvantage. Kabuto, aghast at this sudden change of events, realizes he has to succumb to Itachi’s power. Consequently, Itachi releases Edo Tensei, taking a huge weight off of the Shinobi Alliance’s shoulders.

9 Naruto Employs Transformation Techniques & Clones To Beat Kiba

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Naruto Uzumaki does not have a reputation for being the most intelligent character, but he shows flashes of his high intelligence in combat. Naruto’s fight with Kiba during the Chunin Exams is a case in point. Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, keep knocking Naruto down and all hope seems lost for him.

Naruto does not quit, though, and uses his Shadow Clones and transformation techniques to make Kiba confused. Kiba has to guess where Naruto is incessantly, and Naruto delivers the finishing blow to end the fight.

8 Naruto & Sasuke Trick Zabuza To Free Kakashi

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Death seems unavoidable when Zabuza traps Kakashi in the Water Prison Technique. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura all recently graduated from the academy, so the odds of them outwitting Zabuza, a highly skilled swordsman, are low.

Nevertheless, Naruto remembers his vow to never flee from a fight, and consequently, he decides to fight back against Zabuza to save Kakashi. Naruto and Sasuke collectively devise a plan, and to everyone's surprise, their strategy works. They force Zabuza to release the Water Prison Technique, freeing Kakashi and helping Team Seven return to a level playing field.

7 Killer Bee & Raikage A Decapitate Kisame

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The Akatsuki tasks Kisame with capturing Killer Bee to extract the chakra of the Eight-Tails. Kisame nearly succeeds, but bad luck ultimately makes him unable to complete his mission. Kisame gradually absorbs an increasing amount of Bee's chakra, leaving Bee on the ground unconscious. All Kisame has to do is immobilize Bee and bring him back to the Akatsuki's base.

However, Samehada suddenly gives Bee more chakra before Kisame can complete his mission, and Raikage A helps Bee decapitate Kisame at the very end. In other words, Kisame executes his mission flawlessly until the unexpected happens toward the conclusion of the fight.

6 Sasuke Overcomes His Fear Of Orochimaru In The Forest Of Death

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Sasuke ridicules Naruto for being a coward during the Land of Waves arc, but their positions reverse in the Forest of Death. This time, Naruto uses the same insult against Sasuke when Sasuke fails to stand up to Orochimaru. This moment not only marks an important development in their rivalry, but it is also a test of Sasuke's integrity.

Sasuke proves that he sticks to his values once committing to fight against Orochimaru. Sasuke refuses to let fear obstruct his path to becoming stronger, so he dives into combat without looking back.

5 Temari Protects Shikamaru From Tayuya

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Naruto, Shikamaru, and other genin from the Leaf Village endeavor to retrieve Sasuke after the Sound Four persuade Sasuke to defect from the village. Along the way, they encounter the Sound Four, who try to prevent them from reaching Sasuke. The Sound Four force the genin to split up, and consequently, several one-on-one fights ensue.

For instance, Shikamaru engages in a battle with a member of the Sound Four by the name of Tayuya. Shikamaru's intelligence does not suffice against the tricks Tayuya has up her sleeve. Luckily, Temari enters the scene and one-shots Tayuya before Shikamaru sustains any damage.

4 Naruto & Sakura Use Teamwork To Steal Kakashi's Bells

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Naruto and Sakura train with Jiraiya and Tsunade, respectively, developing their ninja skills while Sasuke no longer belongs to Team Seven. However, although they trained hard over several years, they still struggle to pass Kakashi's bell test.

Naruto and Sakura attack Kakashi to steal the bells, but to no avail. After a period of stagnation, Naruto whispers his plan to Sakura. The plan does not require any ninja skills, but it leads to their success, as Naruto and Sakura easily snatch the bells from Kakashi.

3 Naruto Barely Passes The Written Portion Of The Chunin Exams

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Naruto stays at the bottom of his class during his time at the academy, as he often gets himself into trouble rather than studying in class. Thus, the written portion of the Chunin Exams presents a greater obstacle than the examinations that involve fighting.

Realizing he cannot answer a single question on the exam, Naruto grows anxious and fears letting his teammates down. Nevertheless, the proctor poses a bonus question that allows people to pass the test regardless of whether they answered the rest of the questions correctly. Naruto aces this question and manages to pass.

2 Team Seven Pulls Off The Impossible Against Kaguya

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When Zetsu resurrects Kaguya, Sasuke immediately senses Kaguya's enormous chakra supply and states Madara's chakra pales in comparison. From teleporting through different dimensions to firing All-Killing Ash Bones, Kaguya's abilities far surpass those of Team Seven.

Thus, the margin of error becomes extremely slim for Team Seven, as they confront a threat that can end humanity. However, because Team Seven gradually learns how to fight Kaguya throughout the battle and Kakashi obtains a second Mangekyo Sharingan, they seal Kaguya and save the world.

1 Sasuke Awakens The Curse Mark For The First Time

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The Sound ninjas who entered the Chunin Exams spot Naruto and Sasuke laying on the ground unconscious, so they decide to attack while Team Seven is vulnerable. Rock Lee, Sakura, and Team 10 all come to the rescue, but the Sound ninjas thwart their efforts to save their friends.

Sasuke's Curse Mark suddenly gives Sasuke tremendous power just in time before the Sound ninjas can inflict any harm on Team Seven. Although the Sound ninjas fared well against the previous Leaf ninjas, Sasuke overwhelms them and makes them capitulate.

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