The armies of the human realm and the dark forces of the demon world are poised to wage total war at the border in the Season 1 finale of The Misfit of Demon King Academy. Anos is determined to avert disaster, so he confronts Avos Dilhevia face to face.

However, the mysterious Avos is not a forgery; he is the great Hero Kanon reborn in a demon's body, a demon/human hybrid. He wants to keep the peace, even if it means becoming a demon and deceiving the entire world, like a true hero.


The Fight to Destroy Avos Dilhevia

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Kanon was reborn as "Ray Gransdori," a demon with a penchant for swords (in contrast to Shin, Anos' old friend). Finally, the mystery of Avos Dilhevia and the world's revisionist history is unraveling. Kanon's plan had always been to reincarnate in a demon body and claim the title of Avos Dilhevia, the demon king of tyranny. When he died 2,000 years ago, he used the mighty heroic sword Evansmana to attack fate itself, thereby dethroning Anos as the true demon king. Kanon prepared to be reborn as an imposter, a public enemy for the heroes of the human world to fight and defeat. After all, Jerga's immortal hatred of all demons was strong in the Asc spell and warped the minds of all humans. Only by taking down "the enemy" could that hate be satisfied at last.

The issue is that Anos does not want Kanon to die while posing as Avos. Despite the fact that Anos and Kanon are on opposing sides of a bitter feud, Anos refuses to see Kanon give himself up in this manner, so he and Kanon fight to see who can get his way. Anos seizes and shatters Kanon's sources one by one, but by the time the human and demon armies realize what's going on, Kanon has assumed his old form and Anos is the demon king once more. Kanon kills the horrible demon king of tyranny, and Anos is killed, his body dissolving into dust. It appears to be a victory, but there is a snag.


Anos Fights to the Death

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Kanon hoped that by killing the demon king, peace would be restored to the land and his fellow humans would be content. He underestimated his old subordinate Jerga's zealous hatred, who is still not ready to lay down his arms. His fervent hatred for demons drives him to proclaim that all demons must perish. Only then, Jerga claims, will justice be served, and he transforms into a holy magic source and swells to enormous proportions. Kanon, on the other hand, desires only peace and cooperation between the realms, even if it means sparing the majority of demons. Instead of the genocide-minded Jerga, Kanon is a true hero. However, Kanon can't stop Jerga alone, and worse yet, Jerga has an army of Zeshia clones who are ready to self-detonate.

That is when Anos resurrects himself as the demon king, despite losing his source, and he takes up arms with Kanon to face Jerga together. On top of that, Misha and Sasha have fused into a single being, and the united forces prevent the Zeshia explosion and buy time. Jerga forces the humans to remotely lend him strength through hope, and Anos responds with the Unitarian club's members and their song. In the final clash of will vs. will, Jerga is taken down once and for all.


Anos, mercifully, grants Jerga some measure of peace in death. Jerga is reunited with his old lover as his spirit fades, and he can die without regrets. Peace has finally returned to the land, and the two opposing armies have officially laid down their arms. There is no longer any need to fight.

As the dust settles, Anos approaches Eleanor Bianca, freeing herself from Jerga's influence and appointing her as Anos' own magical source. Eleanor is overjoyed, and she joins Anos, Misha, and Sasha for a quiet dinner among friends at Anos' house one evening. With the world once again at peace and in balance, a small celebration is in order.