The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Chainsaw Man, "THE TASTE OF A KISS", now streaming on Crunchyroll.

It's certain that Fall 2022's Chainsaw Man contains a lot of references to the Naruto and Boruto series. First of all, Kurama, the Nine Tails Demon Fox, and Naruto are both referenced in Denji's housing of Pochita and his use of the devil's power. Along with using chakra to run, Denji also needs to draw blood from the environment and his enemies.

In Chainsaw Man, even Hayakawa's guidance of Denji and efforts to help him change his perverse ways is a remix of Kakashi with Team 7. Since Naruto is among the most well-known manga and anime of all time, paying tribute makes sense. As Denji continues his work with Japan's Public Safety Unit, Episode 7 sees a few more nods to the past take place.


Chainsaw Man Homages Shikamaru: Denji’s Nap Nods to Shikamaru’s Laziness in Naruto

Chainsaw Man Homages Two Iconic Naruto Scenes_0

When Hayakawa's team fights the Eternity Devil in a Japanese hotel, they become aware that they are caught in an endless time loop. They are confined to the eighth floor and a space-time pocket that is designed to wear them down. The creature wants to eat Denji, but as the team comes up with a strategy, Denji chooses to spend the night in a room. He leaves abruptly, leaving his tenacious coworkers perplexed at how nonchalant and cold he could be during such a stressful situation.

This is a nod to the beginning of Naruto when Shikamaru gave up on his ninja exam after growing weary and angry just as he was about to beat Temari. He always had this air of laziness about him, which infuriated his father Shikaku, and his mentor Asuma because it was unthinkable to give up after years of arduous work at such a crucial time. It did, however, fit the ninja's personality because he enjoyed nodding off all over Konoha.

Shikamaru's behavior had fans and many citizens in the Hidden Leaf wondering if he had narcolepsy, but this was his way of re-energizing and planning strategy, even if it meant delaying his advancement by a year as he felt he wasn't ready. Sadly, Chainsaw Man's Denji didn't plot any tactics -- he left it all to his peers while he rebooted the way a stubborn 16-year-old teen would.


Chainsaw Man Homages Kakashi: Denji Fainting Nods to Naruto's Akatsuki Brawl

Chainsaw Man Homages Two Iconic Naruto Scenes_1

In Naruto: Shippuden, the Akatsuki attempted to claim all of the Tailed Beasts and rule the shinobi world. Pain and others attacked and destroyed Konoha, taking many lives. Fortunately, Naruto was able to persuade their leader, Nagato, to repentance. While the villain dies, he does resurrect the fallen, which forces an exhausted Naruto to climb a hill to return to Konoha.

However, Kakashi catches him as he falls exhausted and without any chakra left. He carries the young man on his back, causing the Hidden Leaf to rejoice and giving Naruto his first true feeling of love in years after being shunned for so long. In Chainsaw Man Episode 7, when Denji kills the Eternity Devil and becomes exhausted from all the blood loss, he experiences a similar moment. Himeno is there to catch him as he collapses eventually.

Like Kakashi did with Naruto, she carried him on her back while taking him to a bar for drinks and a kiss. Ironically, if he gets drunk, she'll carry him around for some lewd behavior. It demonstrates that she is not the kind of superior Kakashi is, and it makes her motivations much eviler.