10 Best Yuri Manga Ranking

Aug 25, 2023
In the realm of LGBTQ+ representation, manga boasts a treasure trove of captivating narratives. While Yuri, which centers on relationships between women, might not have attained the same level of popularity as its male counterpart, yaoi, it's undeniably home to some of the most profound and iconic sapphic love stories.
10 Best Yuri Manga Ranking

Within the pages of yuri manga, readers are treated to exquisite and relatable tales of affection shared by women of diverse ages. These narratives often interweave with equally compelling storylines, contributing to an enriching reading experience. Notably, the creators behind these yuri works go the extra mile with their artistry, fostering a deeper connection between fans and their creations. Be it due to their enduring legacy, intricate narratives, or unique artistic styles, certain girl-love manga stand out among the rest, offering a remarkable journey into the world of love and connection.

10 Maka-Maka

Torajiro Kishi

Nene and Jun in a polaroid picture in Maka-Maka

Nene, an introverted yet captivating young woman, crosses paths with Jun, an outgoing and spontaneous lesbian. Their connection swiftly evolves into a meaningful friendship accompanied by a relaxed, physical relationship. The stark contrast in their perspectives on sex and its significance introduces its fair share of complexities, resulting in a connection marked by both passion and challenges, but ultimately binding them together for eternity.

What sets Maka-Maka apart from other series is its portrayal of a mature narrative centered around two adults. Unlike the majority of anime that often revolves around high schoolers navigating their burgeoning sexuality and initial experiences of love, this manga takes a more adult approach to depicting sex, relationships, and the intricacies of love itself.



Haruka and Misuzu in the cover of the first volume of Fragtime

An original sci-fi yuri, Fragtimes follows Misuzu Moritani, a girl with the ability to stop time for three minutes every 24 hours. When she attempts to use it to observe Haruka Murakami, the school's most popular girl, she discovers Haruka is immune to her superpower. After this, they start using this ability together, forming a strong bond.

Fragtime's premise separates this manga from other high school girl-on-girl romances. Misuzu's ability adds an extra dimension to the story, which otherwise feels very slice-of-life. However, even though Misuzu has superpowers, her connection to Haruka will be incredibly relatable for readers.

8 El Cazador De La Bruja

Hirose Shu

An image from El Cazador De La Bruja.

El Cazador de la Bruja (Spanish for The Witch's Hunter) centers on Ellis, an amnesic girl with abilities such as levitation, superhuman strength, and thermokinesis, and Nadie, a feisty bounty hunter and expert markswoman. Together, they are on a quest to discover more about Ellis' past in Mexico.

El Cazador de la Bruja is originally an anime but Hirose Shu turned it into a manga for those girls-with-guns lovers out there. Not only is the relationship between Nadie and Ellis one of the cutest girl-on-girl bonds in manga, but the series is also action-packed for those who want something more exciting.

7 Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood


Akari Amano hugging Sophie Twilight from Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

Sophia Twilight is a 360-year-old vampire living in Japan since 1986. However, she isn't an evil monster. Instead, she's an otaku with a soft spot for comic book conventions. Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood is a four-panel manga about her budding romance with Akari Amano, a girl living with Sophia who particularly loves her doll-like fashion.

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood is both odd and cute. The friendship/romance between Sophia and Akari is innocent and adorable, so this manga is a perfect option for readers who want a feel-good story. Since it's a four-panel series, Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood is also a noncommittal series, but it's worth every panel.

6 Maria-Sama Ga Miteru

Oyuki Konno and Reine Hibiki

Yumi and Sachiko from Maria-Sama Ga Miteru smile in the woods in front of their institute

At Lillian Girls' Academy, an all-female student population thrives within a big sister/little sister framework, where senior students impart lessons on etiquette and religion to their junior counterparts. "Maria-Sama ga Miteru" delves into their everyday lives, centering around the passionate romance between Yumi Fukuzawa, a first-year student, and her soon-to-be senior mentor and crush, Sachiko Ogasawara.

Distinguished as one of the pioneering yuri series to employ Catholic imagery for nurturing the connection between two students, "Maria-Sama ga Miteru" established a precedent for forthcoming series like "Yuri is my Job!" The show has garnered a dedicated fan base owing to its artistic style; boasting elegant character designs and lush, naturally scenic backgrounds that harmonize seamlessly with its atmosphere.

Adachi To Shimamura

Hitoma Iruma, Non, Shizue Kaeko, and Raemz

Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura looking at each other

Spanning 11 volumes, the narrative of "Adachi and Shimamura" unfolds the profoundly touching tale of affection between Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura. This manga traverses their journey from being school-skipping companions to evolving into lovers, a transition marked by their gradual recognition of their romantic emotions for each other.

"Adachi To Shimamura" has garnered a substantial and devoted following due to its genuine and heartening portrayal of a romantic relationship between two women. The storyline portrays Adachi's initial admission of love followed by Shimamura's slower realization, which nearly fractures the delicate emotional balance between them. Yet, ultimately, the story culminates in a beautifully crafted and joyous conclusion that leaves the readers fulfilled.

Bloom Into You

Nio Nakatani

Image features a visual from Bloom Into You: (From left to right) Touko Nanami (long, black hair) is patting Yuu Koito (peach-pink hair in pigtails)'s head

Yuu Koito, a girl who grapples with comprehending love, experiences a mix-up that leads her to believe her classmate, Touko Nanami, shares her sentiments. This misconception prompts Yuu to forge a connection with Touko. However, Touko takes a bold step by confessing her love, propelling Yuu into a journey of self-discovery that resonates with many readers.

"Nio Nakatani's Bloom Into You" stands out as an immensely diverse series. Initially, Yuu's character embodies traits commonly associated with demisexuality or asexuality, both of which are underrepresented within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. The manga defies numerous yuri conventions and even incorporates occasional explicit scenes, challenging established norms.

Revolutionary Girl Utena!

Chiho Saito

Anime Revolutionary Girl Utena anime Utena Tenjou brandishing a sword.

Utena Tenjou is a feisty tomboyish girl whose whole persona has been crafted to copy a prince. Revolutionary Girl Utena! follows her through a sword tournament, in which she will try and earn the hand of Anthy Himemiya, also known as the Rose Bride.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a classic when it comes to '90s anime. This series completely deconstructs manga stereotypes, starting with gender. The relationship between Utena and Anthy is considered one of the most important women-loving-women storylines in manga ever.

2 Kannazuki No Miko


Himeko and Chikane embrace

Kannazuki no Miko tells the story of Chikane Himemiya and Himeko Kurusugawa, the solar and lunar priestesses who have reincarnated as two high schoolers in love. While the series puts special attention to their romance, it also follows their battle against the Orochi, a group of eight villains based on the mythological Yamata no Orochi.

Kaishaku's Kannazuki no Miko is one of the most complex yuri manga ever. This manga caters to all tastes, which makes it stand out from other stories. It is an intense love story with reincarnation, but it also has mecha, magic, and even Japanese lore.

1 Shiroi Heya No Futari

Ryoko Yamagishi

Two women kissing in the reflection of a water puddle in Shiroi Heya No Futari

Set in an unknown Catholic academy in France, Shiroi Heya no Futari tells the love story of Resine de Poisson, a shy first-year student, and Simone D'Arc, her unruly roommate. Unfortunately for the girls, their love becomes a tragedy when their classmates begin to spread rumors about them.

Shiroi Heya no Futari is the first manga to ever use catholic imagery and a boarding school as a setting for the romance. In 2023, this kind of story has been told many times (e.g., Maria-Sama ga Miteru, Strawberry Panic, Yuri is my Job!) but Yamagishi did it first.

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