One of the major lessons in My Hero Academia is centered around what makes a hero. It's not about fame or power, but the will to never give up on fighting for good. This trait is seen in spades via protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Though he may not always come out on top, Midoriya is one of the series' best heroes due to his chivalrous nature -- even in the face of villains.

The most recent trailer for Season 6 of My Hero Academia reveals that Midoriya and his friends will be involved in the war with the villains, but it's also hinted that these battles will be fought with words as well as fists. Despite what the heroes may think, many of the villains are fighting for understandable reasons and for some, this clash is the only way they know how to survive. Perhaps if the pure-hearted hero Midoriya has a chance, he can connect with one of these wayward souls as he's done once before.

The Suffering of MHA's League Of Villains

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After the end of season 5, MHA fans learned more about the backstories of almost every member of the League of Villains -- and found them to be likable characters. These struggling individuals have found no compassion in the Hero-driven society, which is why they aim to change everything to live without fear of judgment. Each member of the League has their reasons for what they do, but no two villains have stirred up such sympathy from viewers quite like Himiko Toga and Twice.

Himiko Toga was born with a Quirk that the majority of society would come to misunderstand. She developed a fascination with blood at a young age because her Quirk requires her to drink blood to take on the likeness of any given person. When her parents and classmates witnessed her peculiar behavior, they shunned her rather than work with her and help her find a place in society.

Twice, whose name is Jin Bubaigawara, also had a rough start in life. His parents died when he was in middle school, and after hurting someone in a driving accident, his life spiraled downward with no one there for him. After making doubles of himself with his Quirk, Twice goes insane from the distrust between himself and his clones. With no one else to properly help him down the right path, his only means of survival became villainy.

My Hero Academia Gave Fans A Dramatic Season 6 Tease

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The most recent trailer for Season 6 hints that both Toga and Twice will have a clash with heroes where they declare why they fight. It's not because they are "bad guys," but rather it's the only way they've known to survive. Viewers can hear Toga declaring her desire for "A world where I can live in peace" and saying directly to another character, "You're in the way, hero." The trailer even lays down the words "Everyone has their own beliefs," which will most likely be a central theme throughout Season 6.

Most of the heroes may disregard what's being said by Toga, Twice or anyone else they consider a "villain," but Midoriya may be the one to take a minute from the fight and lend an ear to someone he sees is in need of saving. One of Midoriya's talents is in jumping in to save someone from harm -- even if it may threaten his life or the victim states they don't want to be saved. Midoriya knows when it's time to put on a smile and be there for someone else, even a "villain."

Izuku Midoriya's Balance Between Justice And Compassion

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Izuku Midoriya has shown immense compassion and empathy to a villain once before in My Hero Academia -- when he fought and came to understand Gentle Criminal. The two were initially at odds since the villain aimed to ruin the U.A. Cultural Festival. Midoriya knew the festival meant the world to his friends who needed a break from fighting crime, so he faced off against the surprise enemy.

However, after learning a bit about his opponent's tragic backstory, Midoriya balances the fight with words of reason and sympathy. He understands why Gentle Criminal's goal is important to him and how he's struggled in life. Their fight ends with Midoriya trying to help Gentle Criminal by telling his teachers that the grown man, as well as his associate La Brava, aren't a threat. The young hero learns that sometimes the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

That being said, this fight contains proof of Midoriya's ability to balance out his empathetic nature with his desire to serve justice. If he is approached by a villain like Toga or Twice and learns about their traumatic backstories in Season 6, Midoriya would want to save them from their suffering. Granted, the fact that each character has already chosen a side at this point -- to back off and end the fighting would prove a major challenge -- any potential reforming may not work out as the hero hopes.

Izuku Midoriya will always aim to be the best hero he can. This is not for power or pride, but since the very beginning of his journey, he has been someone who genuinely wants to help others and make the world a better place. The moment he discovers how much a person has suffered, even someone labeled "villain," he will want to help. As he grows up to become a professional hero, Midoriya has taken every battle he fights as a lesson to make a better world.

If he does discover how the League of Villains have suffered and that their trauma is why they commit acts of villainy, he will surely do what he can to help while preventing any collateral damage -- but he would also carry the lessons from their tragedy as a way to undo the Hero Society's hypocrisy.