My Hero Academia features a massive cast of colorful characters, many of whom are some of the most exciting, memorable, and coolest characters found in modern shonen. Many of this series' coolest characters are students at U.A. High, where only the best and brightest may attend. These students are way cooler than typical teenagers in the setting.

Class 1-A, in particular, is home to some seriously cool and stylish characters, several of whom are fan favorites and are iconic of the show. A truly cool student hero will have several worthwhile qualities to them, from a stylish hero costume to a confident personality to fascinating dialogue or just a general "it" factor for sheer coolness. Anime fans know a cool My Hero Academia character when they see one, and Class 1-A is ready.

10 Izuku Midoriya Is Goofy & Wholesome But Sometimes Cool, Too

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In most scenes, protagonist Izuku Midoriya is what anime fans call a "cinnamon roll," or a character who is just too innocent, pure, and sweet for the world around them. It's not usually possible to be an innocent cinnamon roll and be cool at the same time, but Izuku manages it.

In his more serious scenes, Izuku shows his Class 1-A rivals just how cool he has become. He has impressive grit and resolve as an aspiring hero, and he dazzles fans with his sheer tenacity and cool moves in battle, such as 5% Smash or Shoot Style. And he was even cooler when he crushed Muscular with a 1,000,000% Smash.

9 Tsuyu Asui Exudes Maturity & Confidence

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Some anime characters are cool because they have really cool outfits and a tough, confident attitude with combat skills to match, such as Itachi Uchiha or Grimmjow. Others, such the rainy day hero Tsuyu Asui, are cool in a much subtler way.

Tsuyu isn't too flashy or tough on the outside, but she's a fan favorite, and for good reason. She is cool in a downplayed and wholesome way - an emotionally confident, mature trainee hero who always knows what to do and never loses her cool. And she just gets better and better as My Hero Academia continues.

8 Mina Ashido Has Some Cool Charms As Hero

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Mina Ashido is what's known as a genki girl, or an energetic, cheerful girl who always has fun, sort of like a deredere. Such characters might be stereotyped as airheads, but even if she gets bad grades, Mina is a talented and hardworking student who always delivers.

Mina impressed everyone with her advanced dance moves, and she puts her natural grace to good use in battle to avoid enemy fire. She also has a powerful and cool acid-based Quirk, and her bright optimism, bold courage, and self-confidence are impossible to deny.

7 Tenya Iida Has A Slick Costume & Fast Quirk

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The runner hero Tenya Iida can be rather bookish and stuck-up at times, but Tenya Iida isn't just some book nerd with a weak sense of humor. He is seriously cool when the fighting starts, just like his brother Tensei, the original Ingenium.

Tenya is bold, aggressive, and decisive in battle, wowing My Hero Academia fans with his iron will and his fierce determination to succeed. He looks incredible in his armor-like hero costume, including exhaust jets sticking out of his legs, and he can crush any foe with his lightning-fast kicks like Recipro Burst and Turbo.

6 Momo Yaoyorozu Always Knows What To Do

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The genius student Momo Yaoyorozu is an exemplary support hero, using her formidable intellect to maximize the potential of her incredibly flexible Creation Quirk. She may have lost some fights and used to struggle with self-confidence, but she has overcome those challenges since then.

By now, Momo is one of the coolest students in all of U.A. High, and she knows it. Momo has a vivid red hero costume with neat accessories, and she exudes brilliant confidence and coolness when she takes command of her team in a battle. When Momo takes the lead with her brains and Quirk, her coolness is dazzling.

5 Eijiro Kirishima Is A Man's Man

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Eijiro Kirishima looks up to not just the invincible All Might, but also the manly role model Crimson Riot as his inspiration. Crimson Riot is a cool, confident man of few words, and it's no wonder this pro hero has so many fans. He helped inspire Eijiro to make the most of his "boring" Hardening Quirk and become a real hero.

Eijiro styled his hair to show his newfound confidence, and he adopted a persona of tough but compassionate manliness, meaning that one day, he'll be a good role model for children everywhere as a pro hero. He also has a seriously cool hero costume that fits his style as a rugged melee fighter.

4 Kyoka Jiro Is Rock 'N Roll Personified

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Kyoka Jiro has been cool since she was just a kid, when she enthusiastically learned the ways of hard rock from her musically gifted parents, both of whom are pretty cool too. Now Kyoka is a budding rock star, and she has a few guitars proudly displayed on the walls of her U.A. High dorm room.

At first, Kyoka felt ridiculous for being a wannabe rock star in a hero school, but her classmates embraced it instead of teasing her for it. Now Kyoka can rock out at the school festival, and she has a great singing voice to go wtih her guitar skills. She also has a cool, punkish hero costume to match.

3 Katsuki Bakugo Blows The Competition Away

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At his worst, Katsuki Bakugo is decidedly uncool with his unhealthy mean streak, his sheer pettiness, and his habit of putting other people down or dismissing them as side characters. At his best, though, Katsuki Bakugo is definitely one of Class 1-A's and U.A. High's coolest students of all.

When Bakugo fights hard to save the day, he is an astounding action star with his explosive Quirk, his creative combat strategies, and most of all, his ultra-cool hero costume. It features stylish boots, grenade-shaped bracers, and a slick color scheme as well. He stands out in any crowd of trainee heroes.

2 Fumikage Tokoyami Adopted The Darkness

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Fumikage Tokoyami might be a bit melodramatic at times, but this raven-headed Class 1-A student can always back up his grandiose words with his formidable Dark Shadow Quirk and his impressive ingenuity with its usage. He was born with serious talent, but he won't coast. He knows that he must become stronger.

Fumikage is seriously cool in the eyes of any anime fan who likes dark antiheroes or dramatic characters who steal the spotlight with their antics. He also looks absolutely cool when swathed in his Quirk to become a fast-moving angel of darkness, with awesome ultimate moves to match.

1 Shoto Todoroki Isn't Just Cool, He's Ice-Cold

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Like his classmate Fumikage, the troubled Shoto Todoroki tends to be pretty dramatic and self-important, but it's justified, and that makes him cool rather than tacky. He really does have serious baggage where his family and Quirk are concerned, but he's trying his best, and My Hero Academia fans commend him for that.

Shoto is cool from top to bottom, from his good looks and flashy Quirk-based combat style to his aloof, kuudere personality as a talented student with high personal standards. He also boosted his likability by finally relaxing a bit and showing his kinder side to his classmates and later, his family, too.

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