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Winter 2024 Romance Anime

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2024 Romance Anime With No Announced Season

As with each passing year, 2024 is brimming with an abundance of anime content across various genres. Every season brings forth a diverse array of shows, ranging from action, isekai, fantasy, and comedy to the occasional slice of life, horror, mecha, and magical girl series. Unsurprisingly, love stories continue to hold their place, offering a well-represented presence within the anime landscape.

The romance genre, known for its versatility, is set to unfold in various forms throughout 2024. From different narrative shapes to varying tones and subgenres, anime enthusiasts can anticipate a rich tapestry of romantic tales. To ensure that no one overlooks a show aligned with their interests, here's a comprehensive list of all the newly announced romance anime for 2024. Stay tuned for an exciting year filled with heartwarming and captivating stories of love and connection.

No sequels or movies will be included.

A Sign Of Affection

Winter 2024


Adapted from a popular shojo manga that made its debut in 2019, "A Sign of Affection" has the potential to stand out as one of the highlights of Winter 2024, transcending the romance genre. From birth, Yuki grapples with hearing impairment, making it challenging for her to forge connections with others. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Itsuomi Nagi, a polyglot whose linguistic prowess doesn't extend to sign language. This serendipitous meeting becomes the catalyst for a heartwarming relationship centered around the theme of communication.

While romance stories often traverse familiar tropes and dynamics, "A Sign of Affection" distinguishes itself through its unique focus on the challenges and nuances of communication. This departure from the norm, coupled with the likable nature of both Yuki and Itsuomi, contributes to the show's potential to captivate audiences and make a significant impact beyond the confines of the romance genre.

The Demon Prince Of Momochi House

Winter 2024


On her 16th birthday, Himari becomes the unexpected inheritor of her deceased parents' house, an acquisition she's determined to make the most of despite prevalent rumors suggesting a potential curse. Undeterred by local superstitions, Himari decides to embrace her newfound property. However, upon entering the residence, she discovers an unexpected challenge – three unwelcome male guests who show no intention of vacating her newfound home. As the story unfolds, Himari delves into the mystery behind the haunting reputation of her residence, realizing that there might be a valid reason behind the rumors surrounding her new abode.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House's early chapters lean quite heavily into comedy and some action, all the while the main romance between Himari and Aoi bubbles in the background. The manga is generally a fun read, so hopefully the anime follows suit.

Tales Of Wedding Rings

Winter 2024


"Tales of Wedding Rings" is an isekai narrative that seamlessly combines action, fantasy, romance, and harem elements. Having premiered in 2014 and amassed over 70 chapters to date, the source material has garnered reasonable success and cultivated a devoted fanbase. The story follows Satou, who harbors deep affection for Hime, a girl with whom he shares a long history. When Hime unexpectedly slips through a portal to another world, Satou instinctively follows her, embarking on an otherworldly adventure that intertwines the threads of love and fantasy.

Once there, he learns that his friend is the princess of another world and is set to marry the next king. However, this can change depending on who possesses her ring, and Hime (or Krystal) is not the only princess with jewelry to hand out.

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys A Carefree Life Married To Her Worst Enemy!

Winter 2024


Villainess anime are now commonplace, and while most lean into isekai territory, there are some exceptions. Fall 2023's Tearmoon Empire is one such example, and 7th Time Loop will be another. Rishe has died six times already, and she consistently reincarnates on the day she broke up with her fiancé. Unfortunately, she always seems to meet a gruesome end after a while, regardless of her efforts to change her fate. Determined to make the next one count, she sets out to stop the start of a war that always breaks out, a process that involves getting to know Prince Arnold.

7th Time Loop should offer mystery, comedy, drama, and plenty of heart-pounding romance. Rishe is the star of the story here, although Arnold should be fine as the male lead.

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Winter 2024


Yuin's Doctor Elise web novel was adapted into a manhwa in 2017, which went on to last for roughly four years before ending in 2021. Clearly, this story has enough legs to produce, at the bare minimum, a solid anime cour. In a unique twist, the protagonist is a terrible person who, after being killed, reincarnates in Korea.

Choosing to specialize in medicine, Elise enjoys a successful career but meets an untimely demise. However, her journey doesn't end there as she finds herself reincarnated into her former, less-than-ideal self. Fueled by a desire to rectify past mistakes, Elise sets out to reshape her destiny and create a more positive future. Central to her plans is steering her love life in a healthier direction, marking the beginning of a transformative and redemptive journey for the determined protagonist.

A Condition Called Love

Spring 2024


A Condition Called Love seemed destined for an adaptation as the manga is more than popular enough to justify it. The series has the potential to be one of the better romance anime of 2024, but newcomers should be warned that the story is not 100% wholesome all the time. Hotaru has very little interest in romance, but she decides to accept Hananoi's request for a date when he asks her out in public. While they make for a relatively cute couple, Hananoi is also fairly intense, to the point of bordering on obsession and unhealthy behavior.

Now, the manga does not glorify Hananoi's actions and allows the character to grow and change; however, this might not be covered in a 12-episode season, provided the anime does not speedrun the story.

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings In Russian

Spring 2024


Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings In Russian has a pretty simple premise that lends itself well to both comedy and romance. Sleeping through lessons, Kuze comes across as lazy, something a girl in his class, Kujou, regularly reprimands him for. Hard-working and disciplined, the latter secretly has feelings for her classmate, which she reveals in Russian under the assumption that nobody else speaks the language. However, Kuze is an exception, although he prefers to keep that fact to himself.

Kuze and Kujou's banter will make or break this adaptation, and the source material is quite strong in this area. Both characters have well-defined personalities that enable them to not only shine as individuals but also as a couple.

A Story About A Grandpa And Grandma Who Returned Back To Their Youth

Spring 2024


A potential candidate for 2024's cutest romance anime, Jii-san Baa-san Wakagaeru is about an elderly couple, Shouzou and Ine, who suddenly regain their youth. In a charming twist, this development does not change their dynamic all that much, and they wind up generally doing the same things that they always did.

Jii-san Baa-san Wakagaeru is a lighthearted slice of life manga centering around an endearing married couple who are comfortable with each other.

Astro Note

Spring 2024


"Astro Note," an anime original, seems to be predominantly comedic, as suggested by the trailer. Takumi, having lost his job as a chef, is presented with a unique opportunity: a live-in cooking position at a boarding house. Intriguingly, his decision to accept the offer is driven by more than just a passion for culinary arts—Takumi harbors a crush on the caretaker of the residence, Mira. Little does Takumi know that Mira is not just an ordinary human; she happens to be an alien, adding a delightful twist to the love-stricken protagonist's journey.

Astro Note's director, Shinji Takamtsu, is experienced in comedy, working on classics like Gintama, School Rumble, and Grand Blue.

2024 Romance Anime With No Confirmed Season


While plenty of 2024 romance anime have been announced, only a small percentage have confirmed their release seasons. As the months roll by, these upcoming shows should clarify when they plan to air.


Japanese Title


Based On

An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride

Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii?

Brain's Base

Light Novel by Fuminori Teshima

Atri: My Dear Moments

Atri: My Dear Moments


Visual Novel

Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers

Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Lif


Light Novel by Miya Kinojo

Days with My Step Sister

Gimai Seikatsu

Studio Deen

Light Novel by Ghost Mikawa

The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor

Yarinaoshi Reijou wa Ryuutei Heika wo Kouryakuchuu


Novel & Light Novel by Sarasa Nagase

Hamidashi Creative

Hamidashi Creative

Hayabusa Film, Frontier Engine

Visual Novel

I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History

Rekishi ni Nokoru Akujo ni Naru zo: Akuyaku Reijou ni Naru hodo Ouji no Dekiai wa Kasoku suru you desu!


Light Novel by Izumi Ookido

Make a Girl

Make a Girl



Mission: Yozakura Family

Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen

Silver Link

Manga by Hitsuji Gondaira

Senpai Is an Otokonoko

Senpai wa Otokonoko


Manga by Pom

Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf

Ookami to Koushinryou: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf


Light Novel by Isuna Hasekura

True Beauty

Yeosin Gangnim

Studio N, Cocktail Media

Web Manga by Yaongyi

Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister

Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi


Manga by Marcey Naito

Unnamed Memory

Unnamed Memory


Novel & Light Novel by Kuji Furumiya

Vampire Dormitory

Vampire Dormitory

Studio Blanc.

Manga by Ema Tōyama