After being delayed because of the Itaewon incident, the animated rendition of Lookism debuted on December 8 in its entirety. Eight episodes in the first season follow Park Hyeong-seok as he adjusts to his new school. The program isn't simply a straightforward slice-of-life program, either. Its story is mostly about bullying, and it does so in a sad way. Numerous individuals in the series cope with this kind of maltreatment, and they all have one thing in common: they are unattractive in the eyes of society. And yet, one of them—not the main character—faces the world with an unwavering resolve.

Park Hyeong-life seok's narrative is central to Lookism. He is not typically powerful or beautiful, making him a favorite of bullies. When he finally has had enough, he queries his mother's permission to transfer schools. After witnessing what he has been going through, his mother eventually agrees to his demand. She works twice as hard just to provide for him. Hyeong-seok then starts living on his own. Well, not really. One day, he just wakes up in a perfect new body.

The Character of Park Hyeong-seok Is Still Developing

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Park Hyeong-seok may be Lookism's main character, but he isn't necessarily the most likable. Back when he is still yet to acquire a new body, his personality is as bad as his looks. He cowers in front of his bullies and acts up at home. Though his weak personality in front of his oppressors is justified by years of abuse, it doesn't excuse the fact that he vents his anger at his poor mother, who had been working very hard to support him. He has even blamed her for being poor. However, it's not always this way. Hyeong-seok's character eventually develops into a more likable one after the body-switching incident.

Hyeong-seok's new body perfectly fits society's definition of beauty. It's tall, handsome, fit and athletic. Reasonably, Hyeong-seok is showered with attention and praise every time he is on that body, yet he doesn't let it go to his head. He remains humble and grounded. Instead of getting arrogant, his social inexperience causes him to act awkwardly. More interestingly, he hasn't forgotten his roots. He can't simply walk past a bullying incident. He genuinely empathizes and cares for those who experience what he had experienced, which also resulted in him getting into a number of fights. He also doesn't shy from befriending those he has stood up for even in front of many. While his acts are plausible, he is still overshadowed by one of the people he has protected -- Pyeon Deok-hwa.


Pyeon Deok-hwa Struggles Against The World With A Steel Heart

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Pyeon Deok-hwa has been dealt the same cards as Hyeong-seok. He is short, stubby, and he most definitely doesn't fit society's definition of beauty. He is also supported by his only relative, his grandmother, who sells street food to make a living. While Hyeong-seok has his singing ability, Deok-hwa has his rapping skills. And it is interestingly for that very reason he gains the bullies' ire. However, Deok-hwa is no Hyeong-seok. He doesn't possess a weak character. That's what makes him a very likable character. Deok-hwa doesn't need a new, perfect body to face life's challenges head-on.

Deok-hwa takes confidence in his rapping skills and does his best to find a platform to make them shine. He doesn't let others' criticism get the better of him. Even when Jin Ho-bin repeatedly attempts to break his will by mocking his rapping skills, Deok-hwa treads on. He continues writing verses and grasping opportunities to shine. He doesn't hesitate to join auditions and school performances. That's how he is able to make his first song heard by thousands. While Lookism still doesn't give him his much-deserved success, his struggle undeniably deserves more acclaim than Park Hyeong-seok fantastical rise to glory.

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