The following information contains plot details for Season 1 of the Netflix original series Lookism.

The first season of Netflix's Lookism introduced an intriguing premise, created compelling characters, and satisfied viewers' appetites with a satisfying conclusion. The series established Park Hyung Suk's double life — a beautiful high school student by day, an "ugly" kid by night — and the effects of its unusual circumstances by adapting 27 chapters of the original webtoon. While having a strong body has its advantages, his newfound popularity has also brought him suspicion, jealousy, and hostility.

Park Hyung Suk's first chapter of adventures came to a satisfying conclusion in the series finale, and viewers of Lookism were given a preview of what was to come. In the previous episode, a new character was introduced and a secret about another character was partially revealed. Park Hyung Suk was also depicted at the same time enjoying his new life with his friends.


The Secrets and Mysterious Bodyguard of Choi Soo Jung

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In the middle of the season, a brand-new character entered Park Hyung Suk's life. Beautiful young woman Choi Soo Jung begins stopping by the convenience store where Park Hyung Suk works the night shift and develops feelings for him. Even though he is astounded by her behavior because it deviates so much from what he has come to expect from people, he attributes it to the infrequent acts of kindness from others. He thinks, "Kind people do exist.

Similarly, Netflix's Lookism dupes viewers into thinking nothing else of it. However, in one of the final scenes of the film, Choi Soo Jung is seen getting into bed with a sleeping female figure. After some perplexity, viewers will realize that Choi Soo Jung has two bodies and lives a double life, just like Park Hyung Suk.

Choi Soo Jung becomes uneasy about Park Hyung Suk's actions, which leads to this. She starts to wonder if this implies he also has two bodies when she hears him sing the same song in both his "ugly" and his "handsome" body. She may expose him or she may emerge as a crucial ally, but her involvement in the story is undoubtedly going to have an impact on how Lookism develops. She was a last-minute addition to the cast, and the bodyguard she carries around could raise some tension. He has fighting prowess and is a shadowy figure. Who exactly is Choi Soo Jung, and how did he end up working for her? A Season 2 should be created in order to address these issues.


The Classical Secret Identity Formula Wins With Lookism Once Again

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If only because of the success of the original webtoon, Netflix's adaptation of Lookism is very likely to get a second season. Its premise cleverly uses the well-known secret identity' trope to ensure a gripping plot. Park Hyung Suk's new self has begun to alter the fragile balance of power in his high school while also forging a new life for himself.

These advantageous adjustments won't probably last indefinitely, though. Is the social order at the school going to be irreparably altered by his new identity? Park Hyung Suk is sitting on a ticking time bomb, as is the case with every protagonist who is leading a double life. If and when everything goes wrong, only Lookism's second season will be able to tell whether he can pick everything up.