• Boa Hancock, a major pirate with a bounty of 1.659 billion berries, is believed to be one of the most dangerous pirates and will play a crucial role in the Final Saga.
  • Following the conclusion of the Wano arc, it is clear that Hancock, along with other important characters like Sabo and Vivi, will have significant roles in the ongoing plot points.
  • As the Egghead Island arc concludes in 2024, Hancock is expected to set sail towards Elbaf and become an important ally to Luffy in the fight against the Celestial Dragons.

The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock is a crucial character that Oda introduced in his story before the time skip. While she played a major role in the Paramount War Saga, helping Luffy read his brother in Impel Down and then saving him during and after the Paramount War as well, Boa Hancock has been largely neglected in the story following the timeskip.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Boa Hancock is not going to get attention ever. It just meant that her role was always to come in the later half of the story. As One Piece is now deep into the Final Saga, fans are incredibly excited for Hancock to play a major role and the time for that to happen is now.

Boa Hancock's Role Teased By Oda


Boa Hancock is a major pirate who is believed to be one of the most dangerous ones to be sailing the seas at the moment. In fact, her bounty of 1.659 billion berries, which was recently put on her head following the dissolution of the Warlord System, is proof of that fact. In fact, if anything, Hancock's bounty is even more impressive than 1.965 billion berries, simply because she is not affiliated with any groups such as the Cross Guild, which would inflate the bounties even more. The fact that Hancock has a 1.659 billion berry bounty all because of her own individual strength just goes to prove that she is, quite easily, one of the most impressive pirates to be active at the moment. Of course, fans only found out about Hancock's bounty after the conclusion of the Wano arc and, when that happened, it was clear for the fans to see that Hancock, along with the other Shichibukai, are going to be somewhat important in the Final Saga.

This takes fans back to the Jump Festa from a few years ago, where Oda clearly teased the main characters who are going to be central to the Final Saga of One Piece. According to Oda, sabo, Vivi, and Hancock were supposed to be in dangerous situations and they are going to be important in the plot moving forward. These characters were teased to be important and, as the story has shaped up since then, they have shown their importance shine through. For instance, Vivi and the kingdom of Arabasta are in turbulence at the moment. At the same time, Sabo endured a very rough time at the Reverie, and that leaves Hancock behind and fans already know the troubles that she faced with Blackbeard. While the threat of Blackbeard has been dealt with, Hancock isn't done playing her major role in the story.

Hancock In The Final Saga


So far, in the Final Saga of One Piece, Hancock has been somewhat important. As soon as the Wano arc wrapped up, fans got to see Boa Hancock being focused on in her homeland, Amazon Lily. There, she was fighting against the Marines, who were trying to arrest her following the dissolution of the Shichibukai system. Of course, Blackbeard made a surprise entry and almost killed Hancock, thanks to his sneak attack. Thankfully, Rayleigh stepped in time and saved the day by de-escalating the situation, forcing the Marines as well as the Blackbeard Pirates to pull back.

With that, Amazon Lily was successfully protected from the Marines, however, the threat isn't permanently dealt with. As long as Hancock remains on the island, the island will be threatened and nobody knows how often or how soon it could be targeted again. As a result, there is only one solution to this problem and that is for Hancock to leave to sail the seas by herself, never returning to Amazon Lily, at least not in public.

Hancock After Egghead Island


Towards the end of Blackbeard's assault on Amazon Lily, Hancock was seen thinking about what her future step is going to be. It is clear that Hancock cannot afford to stay on the island for long and that means any day now, she will be preparing to leave and, at the same time, get more involved in the ongoing plot points in the story. As far as the main focus of the story goes, at the moment, fans are fully glued to the events of the Egghead Island arc.

On Egghead, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are fighting against the Marines, in what can be considered to be the biggest known offensive they have launched in the past 20 years. While this challenge is difficult for Luffy to overcome, it is one that he absolutely has to win, one way or another, since this is his very first test as a Yonko. At the same time, Luffy failing this challenge would mean dire consequences for everyone around him as well as those who are protected by him. For that reason alone, Luffy has to win this confrontation and, when he does, he's going to be sailing out for a completely different island and fans already know that to be Elbaf.

Once Luffy leaves Egghead, more players will finally start moving in the Final Saga of One Piece and these potentially include the likes of Dragon, Shanks, Blackbeard, among many others. Of course, one particular individual that will most certainly play a major role in the following arc is none other than Boa Hancock, simply because she has to set sail to the seas at this point, and the only place she knows she should be headed to is where Luffy is at the moment.

Why 2024 Is Going To Be Massive For Hancock


2024 is going to be absolutely massive for Boa Hancock and this is simply down to the fact that the Egghead Island arc is officially concluding this year. The fans already know that the story is in the climax of the Egghead Island arc and, Oda himself confirmed that, this year, fans will see the conclusion of this arc and the beginning of a new one. Of course, Oda dropped hints about Elbaf, which means that fans will be headed to that particular island very soon. Once that happens, Boa Hancock will likely set out to the sea as well.

While fans might wonder as to how Boa Hancock would nowhere Luffy is, Luffy's current location, Egghead Island, is known to the entire world. Hancock most definitely is following the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates and knows where he is. Following the log from there, Hancock would most likely know that Luffy would be headed to Elbaf and the crews could, thus, meet on this particular island. From there onwards, Hancock could play the role of a very important ally in One Piece and that is going to be incredible for the fans to witness.

This is more true than ever before because the fight against the Celestial Dragons has now begun in One Piece and fans know that Hancock bears tremendous hatred for these individuals, due to what they did to her in the past. Hancock will most definitely be involved in the fight against the Celestial Dragons and, starting from 2024, fans can expect big things from this particular character.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. Since One Piece is going to be on break, the release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1104, is set to be January 17, 2023.