“Husbandos” and “waifus” have been a part of anime culture since the very beginning. Thanks to their good looks, relatability, and humor, these anime characters have stolen the hearts of fans. The most popular husbandos in anime all seem to have the same characteristics. They’re handsome, charming, and often the coolest in the cast, making it almost too easy for viewers to fall head-over-heels for them.

While it’s true that these suave anime guys are hard to resist, it’s no secret that a lot of them are pretty overrated. With their good looks, badass fighting skills, and overall appeal, it’s clear why fans love them. Nevertheless, these anime husbandos are often hyped up far more than they deserve.

10 Kakashi Gets Hyped Up As The Coolest Of The Cast (Naruto)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_0

With such a large cast, it's often hard to pick a favorite in Naruto. Nevertheless, Kakashi Hatake is easily a fan-favorite and one of the most beloved ninjas, in and out of universe. His incredible strength and skills have made him legendary, even at a young age, and his mask gives him a cool and mysterious aura.

Not to mention, underneath his mask, he's exceptionally handsome. Other characters may be more worthy of praise, but Kakashi's just too cool to ignore. His badass reputation gets way overhyped, and many fans even ignore his flaws as a character.

9 Takami Usui Is A Typical Pretty Boy Love Interest (Maid Sama!)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_1

Though Maid Sama! is one of the most beloved shojo series, it's not without its flaws, including its characters. Main love interest Takumi Usui is introduced to fans as one of the cutest and most popular boys in school, something that all anime fans have seen a million times over.

He seems perfect in nearly every way and excels at everything he tries to do, making for a pretty unrealistic character no one can relate to. On top of that, his constant teasing of Misaki gets very frustrating at times. Despite being a bland pretty boy character, Takumi is adored by fans as one of the best shojo husbandos around and most of his faults are ignored.

8 Kirito's Overpowered Character Divides Fans (Sword Art Online)

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Whether they love it or hate it, all anime fans have very strong opinions on Sword Art Online. The very same can be said for the series' protagonist, Kirito. Many despise him and see him as nothing but an overpowered self-insert character with no personality. However, just as many fans seem to love him for these same reasons.

Either way, Kirito is one of the most popular guys of any isekai, and many still love him to this day. While it's understandable why some viewers may love Kirito, he's definitely one of the most overrated of the series, and the genre as a whole. His ridiculous amount of power and lack of personality are hard to ignore, no matter how cool his fighting skills might be.

7 Satoru Gojo Overshadows All The Other Characters (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular modern anime series, though many fans claim the only reason the series is so good is because of fan-favorite Saoru Gojo. With his cool, spikey white hair, piercing blue eyes, and incredible abilities, fans can't help but fall in love with him.

However, Gojo isn't the only great character in the series, though he often overshadows them all, even the main protagonist. He's definitely one of the coolest characters, but he gets placed on too high of a pedestal, mostly thanks to his good looks.

6 Kaneki Ken's Flaws Get Overlooked As He Gets Stronger (Tokyo Ghoul)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_4

Tokyo Ghoul's Kaneki Ken is easily the most beloved character in the entire series. As the anime's protagonist, it's no surprise. However, many hype him up far more than he deserves. From start to finish, Kaneki goes through many changes, but not all of them are good.

His character is a complete mess most of the time, and apart from his struggles, he sees very little actual development. Despite this, fans adore him, mostly due to the fact that he goes from a nerdy weakling to a powerful badass who can match up against even the strongest ghouls. While this change is pretty epic, it doesn't hide the fact that Kaneki is a much more flawed protagonist than fans tend to admit.

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_5

Out of the two brothers in Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is often the fan-favorite. Everyone loves his coldhearted personality, his strength, and of course, his stunning good looks. Despite having a rather small role in the story, Sesshomaru is often the most popular of the guys in the series.

However, if it weren't for his beauty, he likely wouldn't be near as popular. Sesshomaru has very little depth to him, he barely develops as a character, and many of his actions are frustrating or even annoying. It's clear that fans mostly see him as husbando material due to his appearance and nothing more.

4 Tamaki Suoh Gets More Hype Than He Deserves (Ouran High School Host Club)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_6

All the boys of Ouran High School Host Club are adored by fans and have been considered peak husbando material for years. However, it's no secret that Tamaki Suoh gets far more hype than the rest. As the leader of the host club, he's regarded as the most beautiful and charming of the bunch.

While that may be true to an extent, the students of Ouran and viewers alike tend to praise Tamaki way more than he deserves. He may be pretty, but he's honestly nothing more than a stereotypical popular guy in shojo. He can also be one of the most annoying characters in the series at times, often pushing his own image of Haruhi onto her, whether she likes it or not.

3 L Would Be Nothing Without His Quirks (Death Note)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_7

From the start, Death Note's Light Yagami and L have rivaled each other in popularity among the fanbase. However, fans all agree that L is the best character in the entire series, surpassing even Light. From his genius to his quirks, there's nothing about L that fans don't adore.

He's so popular that many dropped the series after his death. But without his eccentricities, L isn't as interesting or likable. He's got a ton of flaws that most overlook due to his odd behavior, so many place him on a pedestal in comparison to the rest of the cast.

2 Levi Ackerman Is Strong & Cool, But He's Praised Too Much (Attack On Titan)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_8

Attack on Titan has an amazing cast of characters that are all loved by fans, but few can even come close to Levi's level of popularity. He's one of the coolest characters in the series, with the greatest strength of any soldier and just the right amount of quirks to make him interesting.

Throw in his good looks, and it's a recipe for one of the best husbandos out there. Levi's definitely worthy of such praise, but his popularity tends to get out of hand. He often overshadows other characters, despite being less developed or interesting himself. Fans see his strength and cool demeanor and hype him up, even when he doesn't always deserve it.

1 Sebastian Michaelis Is Just A Demon With A Pretty Face (Black Butler)

The 10 Most Overrated Anime Husbandos, Ranked_9

During its peak, Black Butler was one of the most hyped anime series around. Much of that is thanks to its devilishly handsome deuteragonist, Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is the epitome of perfection, and his looks only emphasize this.

During the height of Black Butler's popularity, Sebastian was one of the most adored husbandos of all time. But looking back, he's not really anything more than a pretty face. Sure, he's strong and capable of incredible feats, but he comes off as pretty bland and boring in most cases. He's got charm and good looks, but that's just about it.

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