An incredible character doesn't have to be the show's central focus to become memorable and inspirational for the fans and other cast members alike. Helping the heroes from the sidelines and shining outside the limelight, every protagonist needs a cast of loyal, extraordinary side characters to bring more variety into the series.

While anime heroes can get pretty repetitive from show to show, any viewer can find a unique, compelling side character to relate to and root for. They might not be as popular as the heroes, but that doesn't make the supporting cast any less essential to a great story. Unrestricted by storytelling archetypes, side characters come in a variety of temperaments, much like astrological signs. Likewise, the zodiac can be an incredible tool to determine which of the countless anime side characters suits your personality best.

12 Aries: Tatsumaki's Fiery Personality Never Stops Her From Getting Things Done (One-Punch Man)

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While Aries gets described as an incredibly short-tempered and uncompromising sign, its assertive nature makes them incredible, goal-oriented leaders capable of overcoming any obstacle. Commonly known by her alias, Tornado of Terror, the S-Class professional hero Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man is a force to be reckoned with, despite her petite complexion.

A cardinal fire sign, Tatsumaki is a hotheaded and impatient individual, but, as the most powerful esper in the series, she always gets away with her cocky attitude. After all, Aries' dutifulness and strife for leadership always keep them from getting into too many pointless arguments.

11 Taurus: It Takes An Outstanding Challenge To Spark Laure's Enthusiasm (Tower Of God)

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A phlegmatic and indolent Taurus might not be the best fit for a chaotic, fast-paced project. A total homebody, Taurus would rather nap all day long than engage in useless, draining activities. Yet, if a task truly captivates this zodiac's interest, they will give their all to complete it diligently.

Never seen without his favorite pillow, Phonsekal Laure from Tower of God loves sleep more than anything else in his life. However, if his opponent captivates his attention, Laure will pour every ounce of his expert shinsu abilities into the fight.

10 Gemini: Sawako Isn't As Sensible And Well-Mannered As She's Letting On (K-On)

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A supportive teacher on the outside and a manic cosplay enthusiast on the inside, Sawako Yamanaka from K-On fits the Gemini archetype to a tee. Yet, Gemini's dualistic nature isn't the only notable trait of this fascinating sign. Geminis are, above everything, very open-minded, compelling, and energetic friends.

Sawako becomes that friend to her students at the Light Music Club. While she might be a questionable mentor, hiding her careless, fun-loving persona under a facade of rationalism, she definitely can teach the girls a few things about living life to the fullest.

9 Cancer: Elliot Hates Letting Others See His Tender And Compassionate Side (Pandora Hearts)

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Cancer is one of the most challenging zodiacs to read and define. Despite being a sensitive and emotionally vulnerable sign, Cancers hide their vulnerabilities behind a dense shell of coldness and restrain.

A proud and compassionate heir of the prestigious Nightray Dukedom, Elliot from Pandora Hearts isn't afraid to come off as harsh or uncaring. This way, Elliot protects his gentle, dutiful, and selfless core nature. However, the boy's shield is rarely as thick as he believes it to be, and his noble intentions usually shine through Elliot's assertive aggression.

8 Leo: Oikawa's Pride Is Rooted In Years Of Dedicated Training (Haikyuu)

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Eccentric, prideful, and confident, Leos gladly catch the gazes of admiration wherever they go. Unfortunately, the sign's bad reputation as one of the most theatrical and selfish zodiacs often overshadows their generous souls, hardworking attitude, and excellent leadership skills. Haikyuu's Oikawa Toru is no stranger to eccentric behavior and fits of arrogant overconfidence.

However, as the brilliant leader of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team, he achieved his success through determined hard work and tremendous effort, so Oikawa deserves forgiveness for acting a bit cocky and smug on the field.

7 Virgo: Maki's Iron Will Compensates For Her Lack Of Cursed Energy (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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There's nothing more important to a Virgo than achieving excellence in their chosen craft. Perfectionists to a fault, Virgos will put their best mental and physical efforts towards their goals. An admirable quality at first glance, it might lead to low self-esteem and intense self-criticism.

For Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen, even the harshest words from her family members don't hurt as much as her own disappointment in her abilities. Nevertheless, despite possessing no cursed energy, Maki continues her fight to the top of the jujutsu world with the sheer force of her determination.

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Libras mastered the art of balance and harmony, which lies beneath their persuasive charm and social intelligence. Labeled as professional peacekeepers, Libras aren't immune to getting irritated, especially by mess and untidiness. A similarly tidy and put-together Qiao Ling, the landlady of the Time Photo Studio from Link Click, isn't compromised by her neighbors thinking she's a witch.

On the contrary, the rumors help her keep the balance in the world undisturbed. She excels at handling all the clients and dealing with the never-ending gossip while Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang perform actual supernatural rituals.

5 Scorpio: Chuuya's Fierce Emotions Can Be A Blessing And A Curse (Bungou Stray Dogs)

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Scorpios get a bad reputation for being aggressive, intense, and ruthless. However, those traits are only a part of Scorpio's complex and mysterious personality. Nakahara Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs fits the archetype of this unusually fiery water sign perfectly.

An excellent leader with a commanding presence, Chuuya often comes off as too assertive and terrifyingly aggressive, despite being very fragile-looking for a powerful mafia executive. However, he is unfailingly honest and loyal, both in his professional and personal relationships, making him a beloved commander amongst the lower ranks.

4 Sagittarius: It's Hard Not To Feel Drawn To The Cheerful And Generous Shi Qingxuan (Heaven Official's Blessing)Shi Qingxuan from Heaven Official's Blessing

Sagittarius is a fun-loving and compassionate sign, always striving to be liked by the people around them. And in most cases, they succeed, as Archer's compelling character has the power to draw people in, inspiring admiration and respect. Every element of this free-spirited, spontaneous sign can be found in the characteristics of Shi Qingxuan from Heaven Official's Blessing.

At first, the outgoing god of winds with a passion for parties and expensive gifts doesn't seem like a sophisticated character. Nevertheless, behind the facade of people-pleasing and eccentrics hides a sincere, inspirational, and thoughtful nature of the Wind Master.

3 Capricorn: Asuka Cares Greatly About Her Musical Improvements (Hibike! Euphonium)

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Capricorns might not be reaching for the stars, but they'll put all their hard work into their objective, even if it lacks grandiosity. The pragmatic and logical Tanaka Asuka from Hibike! Euphonium has a clear goal of advancing herself as a musician.

She might act playfully with other band members, yet Asuka's eyes are always glued to her objective, making her a perfect Capricorn. Nothing can stand in the way of Asuka's journey of self-improvement, even if her devotion leads to social isolation or compromises the band as a whole.

2 Aquarius: Guests Enjoying His Unorthodox Cooking Brings Tonio Happiness (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Making the world a better place through their creativity and innovative worldview is a priority for Aquarians. They like to stand out, embracing their individuality and passion as a gift that can cause a positive change.

Tonio Trussardi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable is a classically trained chef with unbound enthusiasm for his craft. Like a true Aquarius, he strives to make his quests feel better by eating his delicious food and healing his guests with the power of his stand, Pearl Jam.

1 Pisces: Katsura Is Much More Complex Than Just A Nonsensical Comic Relief (Gintama)

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The last sign in the zodiac cycle gets easily stuck between reality and the mesmerizing world of illusions. Idealistic to a fault, Pisces is prone to losing a connection between their altruistic fantasies and the harsh truth of the world. Nevertheless, their idealism and great aspirations can be inspiring, as seen with Katsura Kotarou from Gintama.

The infamous Jouishishi leader might lack some common sense, often out of tune with the real world. Yet, it doesn't stop him from inspiring even the most stoic skeptics with his ideas of freedom and justice.