• Ayanokoji's decision to beat up Ryuen and his crew puts his secret physical and mental abilities at risk of exposure.
  • Ayanokoji underestimates Kikyo Kushida and is forced to keep her incriminating secret, making him wary of her.
  • Ayanokoji's decision to stand up for Suzune leads to attention being drawn to his test scores and puts him on Manabu's radar.

Ayanokoji is a young man with many secrets. He is a pivotal character in Classroom of the Elite, and his actions drive the plot of this anime. He may seem unremarkable and unbothered, but it is all a facade to hide the fact that he is a cold and manipulative individual with amazing physical abilities.

As a mastermind, every decision Ayanokoji makes and takes is carefully and intensively thought out, as he makes no mistakes, regardless of what some students or viewers might think. Some decisions might not settle well with viewers because of how unnecessarily manipulative and chilling they may seem. These decisions help viewers understand a bit of Ayanokoji’s complex but intriguing persona.

5 Maybe Beating Up Ryuen And His Crew Was Not Ideal

He Put His Secret At Risk


Season 2, Episode 12 of The Classroom of the Elite showed Ayanokoji’s physical strength. He used Karuizawa to lure Ryuen, and in hopes of finding out who the mastermind was, Ryuen took the bait. Quite a number of things happened at the end of this episode, and one might have had a ripple effect. Ryuen’s tyrant reign comes to an end, and Karuizawa becomes more indebted to Ayanokoji.

What makes this decision bad is the fact that Ayanokoji has been hiding his physical and mental abilities from others, and this singular act puts him at risk of exposing himself to others. It is only right that everyone would like to know who was able to bring Ryuen down, but nothing has been said. In Season 3, Episode 2, a simple gesture by Ayanokoji reveals this secret to Koenji.

4 Ayanokoji Initially Chooses to Underestimate Kikyo Kushida

She Threatens And Tailors Incriminating Evidence Against Him


At first glance, Kikyo Kushida seems like a good and cheerful girl with pure intentions, and only a few students are aware of her real personality. Kushida is manipulative, selfish, and willing to do anything to take down her enemies, Ayanokoji and Suzune. Ayanokoji was initially unaware of her dark personality and had no issue interacting with her.

When he mistakenly sees her true nature, he is a bit taken aback, and she puts him in an incriminating situation, forcing him to keep her secret. Rightfully so, Ayanokoji becomes wary of Kushida and tries to limit his interactions with her.

3 Standing Up For Horikita Suzune During Her Interaction With Her Brother

Drew Attention To His Test Scores


During the first few episodes of Classroom of the Elite season one, Ayanokoji was constantly trying to interact and get closer to Suzune, but she was quite adamant about maintaining her lone wolf status. Soon and later, fans see her interact with the student body president, who turns out to be her brother, Manabu Horikita.

Suzune tries to talk to her brother in a dark alley, but he is cold towards her. He wanted her out of the Advanced Nurturing School because of her placement in the lowest class, Class D. One thing leads to another, and Manabu is about to strike her, but luckily, Ayanoki stepped in to protect her. Manubu tries to hit Ayanokoji, but he swiftly and effortlessly avoids his punches and kicks. Stepping in may have been a good decision, but it quickly comes to bite him when Manabu figures out that he must be the student who intentionally got an average score on the test, which Ayanokoji vaguely brushes off. It does not change the fact that this decision put him on Manabu’s radar.

2 Falling For Sae Chabashira’s Lies

He Was Her Pawn, If Only Briefly


Sae Chabashira is the teacher of Class D, and more than anything, she wants to lead them to Class A with little to no effort. Ayanokoji intrigues her because she believes that he is intentionally hiding his abilities from others. She manipulates him into thinking someone wants him expelled and that she can protect him only if he does his best to advance from Class D to Class A.

Ayanokoji is so furious that she would even think of manipulating him. He considers revealing his abilities but chooses not to. He helps the class advance, but when he finds out she is lying and that he cannot be withdrawn from the school by anyone, he warns her not to ever threaten him again, and he will stop trying to advance the class. It is safe to assume that after the encounter with the chairman of the school, Ayanokoji felt angry that he let Sae’s word get to him and was briefly manipulated by her.

1 Starting A Fire To Distract His Classmates During The Survival Test

It Could Have Easily Spread If Not Properly Taken Care Of


Ayanokoji pulled an amazing stunt that led his class to victory during the survival test. He can deduce that Mio Ibuki is a spy for Class C and sets plans in motion to reel her in, which she successfully falls for. Part of his plan was to distract his classmates, which he successfully did with a fire.

This move caused discord and gave Mio Ibuki the perfect opportunity to retract as her undercover mission was completed. The decision to start a fire might not have been the best because they are surrounded by trees, and it could have easily spread. They were not proactive enough to quickly put out the fire, but luckily, a student came out with an extinguisher.