The world of Japanese anime extends far beyond the original shows and manga series. Merchandising for anime is bigger and better than ever, from high-quality character figurines to anime-themed personal accessories, action figures, wall scrolls and more. Next, perhaps the anime industry could expand into the Lego world as well.

Lego is more than colorful bricks. This toy juggernaut has been making thematic sets for many years, from Spider-Man Lego set action set-pieces to Avengers and Star Wars sets. In theory, if there was enough consumer interest, Lego could make some high-quality, fun to build sets for anime as well, especially the buildings and set-pieces found in anime stories, complete with detailed, collectible minifigures.

10 My Hero Academia's U.A. Campus Would Make A Great Set

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With franchises that lack cool vehicles to make Lego sets out of, Lego set designers can make sets for a building or setting instead, which is common in actual Lego sets. In the My Hero Academia setting, the first and best option for a Lego set is U.A.'s campus.

Such a set could include the front gate and the four blocky campus towers. One or more of those buildings could open up to show a classroom or gymnasium inside, and of course, this set would come with lots of character minifugures such as Izuku, Aizawa, Shoto, Momo, Ochaco, Bakugo and more.

9 Spy X Family's Eden Academy Could Be Another Lego School

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A variety of anime schools would make great Lego sets, and that includes Eden Academy, a major setting in Spy x Family. This large, prestigious school is the pride of Berlint, the capital of Ostania, and only the nation's brightest boys and girls may be admitted.

A Lego set of this school would include lecture halls, the school gym, and the cafeteria. As for minifigures, all the main characters would be here, from the Forgers to headmaster Henry Henderson to Damian and Becky as well.

8 Fairy Tail's Guildhall Would Look So Cool

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The Fairy Tail guild had several guildhalls in the anime, so Lego's designers could either choose one or make a set for each of them. A Lego set based on any of the guildhalls would be a joy to build, and this set would be packed with colorful details.

The Fairy Tail guildhall model would split apart to reveal the interior where the minifugures can be posed, and there may also be a separate section for the guildhall's basement, where Mavis Vermillion's preserved body could be found. The set could come with figures for the core characters, and separate packs would include figures for everyone else in Fairy Tail's huge cast of characters.

7 Attack On Titan's Shiganshina Would Become A Brick-Based Battleground

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Some Lego sets are based on a single building while others contain several buildings at once. Such would be the case for a Lego set of Shiganshina, protagonist Eren Yeager's hometown in Attack on Titan.

This Lego set could include a few houses and shops, including the Yeager family home, in addition to a short stretch of the imposing outer wall. A model Armored Titan would be included too, and it can demolish a fragile part of the Lego wall to send plastic bricks flying everywhere.

6 Reincarnated As A Slime's Tempest City Calls For A Lego Set

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This is yet another city location that would work well for a Lego set, and a big one at that. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime often takes place in the city that protagonist Rimuru Tempest founded, simply known as Tempest. These buildings should be fun to assemble in miniature.

The set would, at the very least, include city hall, which would break open to show Rimuru's office and meeting hall. Tempest city's set may also include Kaijin's forge, Shuna's tailor shop, and the central fountain, not to mention a charming variety of character figures, ranging from Rimuru and Shion to Gobta and Milim.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist's Fort Briggs Is Like A Lego Ant Farm

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This particular anime building is an imposing, wall-shaped fortress that stands between the northernmost region of Amestris and the militaristic nation of Drachma beyond the border. Fort Briggs may look bleak on the outside, but its Lego set would reveal how exciting the interior can be.

The fort's Lego set would have a solid wall on one side, and the other half would be exposed to show all the rooms inside. That may include the basement region where everyone fought Sloth, the tunnel under the fort, the holding cells, Olivier Armstrong's office, and the infirmary. Minifigures would include the Elrics, Olivier, Major Miles and Sloth.

4 Naruto's Hidden Leaf Village Would Look Incredible In Lego Form

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The Hidden Leaf Village, or Konohagakure, would make for a truly huge Lego set that would be a blast to build one structure and feature at a time. This is a well-realized location in the Naruto anime, meaning the set could include a variety of landmarks and character minifigures.

The set could include the ninja academy, the Hokage mansion, the Ichiraku ramen shop, and Naruto's apartment at the very least. It might also include locations such as the hospital where Naruto and Sasuke fought on the roof or even the Yamanaka family flower shop.

3 Iruma-Kun!'s Babyls School Should Make For A Fun Lego Set

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Iruma-Kun! has another anime school that could be re-imagined as a Lego set, and like other hypothetical sets, this set would feature buildings that can split apart to reveal the interior and all the characters inside. All the demonic, Halloween-style decorations would be fun to add, too, and they could be customized in all sorts of ways.

The Babyls set would include the formidable castle wall of the school, then builders could construct the central building, complete with the Royal One classroom and the school auditorium. Character minifigures would include Iruma Suzuki, Valac Clara, Asmodeus Alice, Azazel Ameri, and Kalego, among a few others.

2 Fruits Basket's Sohma Family Compound Would Make Lego Look Classy

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The shojo tale Fruits Basket has a few major locations, including Shigure's house, Tohru Honda's school, and most of all, the Sohma family compound. That compound would make for a great Lego set, what with its rustic Japanese architecture and many notable locations.

This set would include the imposing front gates, the central building where Akito resides, Hatori's office, a spacious outdoor garden, and Momiji's room, among others. Character figures would include Akito, Kureno, Momiji, Hatori and Tohru.

1 Jujutsu Kaisen's Tokyo Technical School Needs A Lego Makeover

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Jujutsu Kaisen often takes place in the Tokyo technical school, one of Japan's three major sorcery schools – the other two are located in Kyoto and Ainu. Those other two locations have yet to be seen in the anime, so a Lego Jujutsu Kaisen set would take place in the Tokyo school.

The campus' Lego set may include the main building, one or two smaller buildings, and a segment of the school's protective wall. The largest building may be cut away to reveal the interior's classrooms, and there would be a minifigure for each student or staff member of this sorcery school.

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