Hange Zoë is consistently one of the most interesting and well-written characters in Attack on Titan. Unlike the other members of the Survey Corps, Hange doesn't hate the Titans and strives to learn more about them, hinting at humanity's connection to the monstrosities from the very beginning of Attack on Titan. Hange becomes more essential to Eren Jeager and the 104th Cadet Corps as they grow, eventually becoming Commander of the Survey Corps.

Hange is relatable in a way that few Attack on Titan characters is, due in large part to their affable personality and nerd-like obsession with Titan physiology. Throughout the series, they say countless unforgettable statements, some of which eloquently depict their people's overwhelming struggle

10 "This Was My Decision."

Episode 55 / Chapter 83: "Midnight Sun" / "Cleaver"

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"I thought I told you. This was my decision." — Hange Zoë


After the Survey Corps captures Reiner, Jean Kirstein persuades Hange Zo not to kill him in order to get the Armored Titan's powers. However, two Titans — later revealed to be Zeke Jeager and Pieck Finger — appear and save their buddy before they can. Jean first blames himself for the failure, but Hange soon informs him that it was not his fault. They accept full responsibility for the failure, proving their worth as the Survey Corps' next leader.


"Do You Know What Exactly We In The Survey Corps Have Spilled Our Blood For?"

Episode 26 / Chapter 34: "Beast Titan" / "Soldiers Dance'

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"Do you know what exactly we in the Survey Corps have spilled our blood for? To take back the freedom the Titans stole from us. For that cause, our lives were a small price to pay." — Hange Zoë


During the struggle against the Female Titan, Hange and the other Survey Corps members discover that the walls that surround them are composed of Colossal Titans. Minister Nick knew all along but never said anything because of his religious views. Hange Zo urgently tries to persuade Nick to reveal what he knows. Despite his extended silence, he eventually admits that Historia is the genuine princess of Paradis. Without Hange's inquiry, Nick would almost certainly have taken his secret to his grave.


"Now We Can Defeat Titans Without Soldiers Even Having To Fight Them!"

Episode 48 / Chapter 71: "Bystander"

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"Now we can defeat Titans without soldiers even having to fight them... We've created an executioner from Hell whose sole purpose is to slaughter Titans!" — Hange Zoë


When the members of Levi Squad discuss how Eren could utilize his talents to shut Wall Maria, the Attack Titan expresses his willingness to assist. One of Hange Zo's proudest accomplishments is the Titan Guillotine, which is the product of his efforts. Hange is always the one conducting tests and inventing new things, therefore their presence is critical to the 104th Cadet Corps' efforts to reclaim Wall Maria. When Zo eventually uses the Titan Guillotine, the celebration is well-deserved.


"He's Nothing More Than A Harmless Man Who Just Refuses To Die."

Episode 82 / Chapter 125: "Sunset"

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"What? The guy over there? No need to worry. He's nothing more than a harmless man who just refuses to die." — Hange Zoë


Levi Ackerman and Zeke Jeager enjoy the most contentious rivalry in the entirety of Attack on Titan, and in one of their battles, the former comes extremely close to dying. Fortunately for him, Hange Zo discovers their Survey Corps colleague and saves him from certain death. Because Levi is still unable to move, Hange assists him in traveling by constructing a bed and hooking it to a horse. They eventually come upon Pieck Finger and other Marleyan Empire members. There, Hange says something that wonderfully sums up Levi's obstinate resistance to die.


"Defeat Is All The Survey Corps Has Ever Known!"

Episode 41/ Chapter 57: "Trust" / "Kenny the Ripper"

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'What're you talking about? Defeat is all the Survey Corps has ever known!" — Hange Zoë


Flegel befriends Hange after his father dies because they share an enemy. He describes how Kenny Ackerman murdered his father and kidnapped Eren and Historia, revealing that he had given up hope and expected the Military Police to kill him. Hange has a kind heart and a hopeful outlook, and they point out that, despite the Survey Corps' setback after defeat, they are closer than ever to altering the world behind the walls for the better. Flegel appears to take Ackerman's remarks to heart and proves to be a great asset in the struggle.


"The World Needs Paradis To Be The Root Of All Evil..."

Episode 69 / Chapter 108: "A Sound Argument"

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"The world needs Paradis to be the root of all evil. They think that shared attitude brings them all together, protecting global stability." — Hange Zoë


The Titans were utilized by the Eldians to conquer and rule the rest of the planet. Following the Great Titan War, many of them lost their memories and were stranded on the island of Paradis for much over a century, oblivious of their ancestors. The Survey Corps eventually discovers the truth and wishes to create ties with other countries. Hizuru, a fictional depiction of Japan, is the only nation that accepts the Eldians for who they are. Hange Zo, on the other hand, is astute enough to see through Hizuru's opportunistic move, admitting that the country was no different from any other in their contempt for Paradis.


"You May Have Had Some Sort Of Just Cause In Mind When You Did This"

Episode 38 / Chapter 52: "Smoke Signal" / "Krista Lenz"

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"You may have had some sort of just cause in mind when you did this, or maybe you think you're not guilty because you were just following orders... But I don't give a damn about any of that! I swear, the filth that did this will feel every bit of pain that they inflicted on my friend and more!" — Hange Zoë


Though it takes some time, Hange Zo and Minister Nick eventually become great friends. Their drastically dissimilar backgrounds are based on their drive and commitment to their respective beliefs — a shared characteristic that finally helps the couple understand one another. Hange confronts troops of the Military Police Brigade after they murder Nick. Because the Military Police refuse to confess any wrongdoing, Hange issues a cold, planned warning to whoever perpetrated the act.

3 "You Put Your Trust In Us And We've Lost Our Trust In You"

Episode 67 / Chapter 105: "Assassin's Bullet"

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"Well, you got what you wanted. You left us with no choice. You put your trust in. us, and we've lost our trust in you." — Hange Zoë


Eren Jeager resolves to fly to Marley with his brother, Zeke, after discovering the truth about the society he lives in. When he is ready to return home with Zeke Jeager, the Survey Corps fights against Marley's Warrior Unit, further alienating the world's powers. Marley, Hange Zo, and Levi Ackerman confront Eren, who had effectively gone rogue during his stay behind enemy lines, on the blimp that they use to flee. Eren's actions, according to Zo, have put them into a corner, and their trust in him is badly weakened.

2 "Ever Since I Joined The Survey Corps, Every Day Has Brought A New Farewell..."

Episode 55 / Chapter 84: "Midnight Sun"

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"Ever since I joined the Survey Corps, every day has brought a new farewell. But you understand, don't you? Everyone you meet will be parted from you one day." — Hange Zoë


When Armin Arlert and Erwin Smith were on the verge of death, the Survey Corps had to make a choice: they could preserve Armin, who was close to most of the surviving Survey Corps members and one of the sharpest individuals in Paradis, or they could kill him. Or they could spare Erwin, the Survey Corps' greatest leader. Eren and Mikasa beg Hange Zo to save Erwin, so Eren and Mikasa beg their boss to save Armin. Zo warns them that every Survey Corps member must be prepared to lose their allies. Even if the group eventually saves Armin, Hange's comments ring true.


"I Kept Moving Forward, Even If It Meant Killing So Many Of My Comrades"

Episode 88 / Chapter 132: "THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 1" / "The Wings of Freedom"

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"I led us all to this point. I kept moving forward, even if it meant killing so many of my comrades. It's time I take responsibility for that." — Hange Zoë


After Eren's goal of destroying Paradis' enemies became a reality, Attack on Titan's protagonists must devise a plan to stop him. In an effort to stop the Rumbling, Hange Zoë sacrifices herself in hopes of buying Paradis' remaining allies time to escape from the incoming Titan onslaught. Hange's actions as Commander of the Survey Corps puts the group into numerous unenviable situations, which Zoë acknowledges in their final moments. However, Hange's bravery and willingness to face their death head-on are more than commendable, and they solidify the character as one of the greatest leaders in all of Attack on Titan.