The year 2023 proved to be an exceptional period for anime, with a diverse array of genres captivating audiences. Action, isekai, and romance understandably dominated the spotlight in terms of quantity, but each season also offered a refreshing mix of slice-of-life, sci-fi, horror, and sports shows. Notably, the fall season even featured two anime series dedicated to the thrilling world of car racing. Comedy anime, too, flourished in 2023, providing a wealth of humor to balance the anime landscape.

While skillfully animated action sequences are always appreciated, there's a unique satisfaction in a well-executed punchline or a cleverly crafted gag. The funniest anime of 2023 excelled in delivering these comedic moments, offering the perfect remedy for those seeking laughter after a taxing day at the office or school.

Here are a few criteria:

  • Only new anime and sequels that started in 2023 will be considered.
  • To qualify, a show needs to be primarily a comedy. For instance, Frieren is responsible for a few of the funniest moments of 2023, but it is still a fantasy anime rather than a comedy.

Honorable Mentions

The following 2023 comedy anime came very close to making the grade, and they are certainly worth watching for anyone looking for a good laugh:

  • Buddy Daddies
  • Mashle: Magic and Muscles
  • Tearmoon Empire
  • TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness
  • Tomo-chan Is a Girl!
  • The Vampire Dies in No Time Season 2
  • The Way of the Househusband Season 2

5 Horimiya: The Missing Pieces

MyAnimeList: 8.22


Horimiya transcends the boundaries of a typical romance story, and the 2021 anime adaptation excelled, particularly in the romance department. The 2023 addition, "The Missing Pieces," serves as an ideal complement to its predecessor. Not only does it enhance certain relationships that may have been less prominent in the original show, but it also accentuates two other strengths found in the manga: its slice of life ambiance and humor.

The skit-based structure adopted by "The Missing Pieces" further amplifies these aspects. As a natural outcome of adapting a variety of manga chapters that aren't directly interconnected, the series unfolds like an ensemble comedy rather than a conventional romantic comedy. This format allows each character to have their moment in the spotlight, contributing to the overall charm of the "Horimiya" universe.

4 Spy X Family Season 2

MyAnimeList: 8.19


"Spy x Family" emerged as one of the most enjoyable anime of 2022, attaining significant success that swiftly led to a sequel and a movie. While Season 2 may not quite capture the same magic as its predecessor, it still offers consistent entertainment. The series has a tendency to settle into a routine, with the urgency of the basic premise sometimes overshadowed by a focus on the daily misadventures of the Forger family, leading to moments that feel inconsequential.

Despite this, the second season of "Spy x Family" remains consistently entertaining and humorous. Anya, Yor, and Loid's personalities are firmly established, creating a dynamic comedy trio that harmonizes beautifully. The ensemble is enriched by memorable characters like Becky, a key figure behind some of the season's funniest segments, and Yuri. The well-established dynamics and comedic interactions contribute to the overall enjoyment of the series.

3 KamiKatsu: Working For God In A Godless World

MyAnimeList: 6.75


The comedic landscape of isekai and reincarnation stories experienced a pleasantly amusing year, with various shows contributing to the laughter. Among these, Tearmoon Empire offers a clever take on the reincarnation concept, while Handyman Saitou in Another World, The Great Cleric, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, and I'm in Love with the Villainess each have their own share of hilarious moments. However, KamiKatsu stands out as a potentially acquired taste, boasting an aggressive and creative humor that positions it as a potential cult classic.

Yukito's story in KamiKatsu begins with his death as part of a cult's ritual, expressing a desire for rebirth in a world devoid of spirituality. His wish materializes in a society where religion and fear of death are absent, with public executions becoming routine. As Yukito faces his imminent demise, a prayer to his cult's deity brings forth Mitama, prompting a transformative shift in KamiKatsu from a dark fantasy to a full-blown irreverent black comedy that boldly disregards good taste.

Despite potential budget constraints, Studio Palette employs ingenious visual gags, such as deliberately terrible CG monsters that seamlessly integrate into the world. Mitama, an overpowered god frequently manipulated by Yukito, contributes to the show's comedic brilliance. KamiKatsu's humor extends beyond its main characters, with background antics adding an extra layer of hilarity. For instance, moments featuring Mitama goofing off while serious conversations unfold in the foreground highlight the show's attention to detail and commitment to delivering laughs in unexpected ways.

2 The Eminence In Shadow Season 2

MyAnimeList: 8.53


"The Eminence in Shadow" relies on a recurring joke, but luckily, it's a good one. After being reincarnated in a magical world, the overpowered Cid embraces his edge-lord persona, engaging in activities like faux-deep musings, rooftop strolls, and battling vampires against a backdrop of a red moon. Cid commands a group of girls known as Shadow Garden, who attempt to carry out his orders, even though they often operate on completely different wavelengths, leading to frequent misunderstandings and comedic mishaps.

Despite the repetitive nature of the joke, the anime manages to keep it fresh due to Cid's unapologetic ridiculousness. In a world that takes itself seriously, Cid's absurdity becomes the driving force of humor. In the sequel, Season 2 surpasses its predecessor in humor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it delves deeper into the personalities of the supporting cast, allowing them to shine independently of Cid's shadow. Secondly, and more crucially, the Fall 2023 cour introduces more ambitious story arcs that strike a better balance between humor and world-building, contributing to an overall funnier experience.

1 The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

MyAnimeList: 7.80


"The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You" is a delightful and whimsical escapade immersed in blushing cheeks, heartfelt declarations of love, and the tropes of a harem. The anime fully embraces its absurd concept, driven by the premise that, thanks to a distracted deity, Rentarou is destined to meet 100 soulmates during his high school years and must form a relationship with each one.

Beginning with the lighthearted scenario of two girls falling for Rentarou simultaneously, subsequent episodes escalate the narrative by introducing new and eccentric elements. These include characters like an experimental scientist, a girl who communicates solely through her phone, or even the mother of an existing girlfriend. While the series operates as a harem parody, it manages to captivate audiences without necessitating prior familiarity with the genre, thanks to its slapstick humor, lively characters, and clever visual gags.

Bibury, the studio behind the adaptation, deserves commendation for successfully capturing the explosive humor of the source material. The hope is that they will have the opportunity to produce a sequel, as the current adaptation has only just scratched the surface of the manga's comedic brilliance.