The Uchiha massacre was arguably the worst thing that happened in the Naruto series. Backed into a corner due to the machinations of Danzo's Foundation, Itachi was forced to kill his clan so that they did not attack the Leaf and plunge the world into war.

Unfortunate as the situation was, it could have been avoided. The massacre might have been prevented by a number of characters if given the chance.Through identifying those capable of canceling one of the most bloody nights in anime history, it becomes easier to appreciate the talent required for such an ordeal.

10 Shisui Was The Most Logical Choice To Prevent The Massacre (Naruto)

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Initially, Shisui was the designated choice when preventing the massacre. He was both close enough to the Uchiha leaders to influence them and has the genjutsu necessary to change their minds.

The only reason why Shisui's plan was a failure is that Danzo did not trust him. He felt that even if Shisui succeeded, the Uchiha would simply rise up again at another time. Should Shisui have carried out Hiruzen's mission undisturbed, it's likely that the massacre could have been prevented for at least a decade.

9 Doflamingo Could Have Forcibly Stayed Everyone's Hand (One Piece)

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Doflamingo's String-String fruit makes him one of the most treacherous villains in One Piece. He can attach threads to his opponents and control them like living marionettes. Based on his efforts against King Riku's forces, he proved capable of possessing multiple targets at any given time.

This means that Doflamingo could simply wait until the Uchiha clan planned their massacre, then lock them down completely. After Konoha had a chance to recover, they would imprison or execute the coup's leaders without massacring everyone else.

8 Shinso Could Stop The Massacre With A Word (My Hero Academia)

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Shinso's Quirk is incredibly powerful in My Hero Academia. It allows him to mind control opponents who respond to his sentences. When combined with a voice modulator, he has particularly high potential. All Shinso would need to do is find an Uchiha leader and attempt to converse with him.

The second he is acknowledged, he could force the man to dissuade the other leaders from making an attack. Even after his Quirk had expired, this would completely disorient the Uchiha and allow for a more bloodless solution.

7 Armin Is An Excellent Diplomat (Attack On Titan)

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A humanitarian and diplomat by nature, Attack On Titan's Armin would have an excellent time attempting to negotiate with the Uchiha. Based on the Senju's relatively decent treatment, he could raise points that would make the clan's leaders reconsider their path.

Should such means fail, Armin could also transform into the Colossal Titan and eradicate the Uchiha warriors. This would allow him to negate the clan's threat without putting innocent lives at risk. Although Armin would prefer a more peaceful approach, he will do whatever is necessary to preserve the most lives.

6 Shaiapouf's Dust Would Lull The Uchiha To A Trance (Hunter X Hunter)

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Shaiapouf's butterfly dust is the perfect counter to the Uchiha. By taking flight, he can spread it over a wide radius, with the clan quickly succumbing to its hypnotic effects. Considering how quickly and subtly Shaiapouf can move, it's almost guaranteed that no one would detect him before his pernicious spell was cast.

Once it completed, Konoha could safely remove the clan's leaders and act appropriately. Shaiapouf's delicate approach renders him the most appropriate Hunter X Hunter character to optimally reduce bloodshed.

5 DIO Can Abduct & Brainwash The Uchiha Leaders (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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DIO of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has the perfect tools to prevent the Uchiha massacre. He could use his time stopping ability to abduct a leader before the others realized where he went. Next, he would infect them with a brain parasite to make them thralls of his will.

Considering that the brain parasites do not influence personality, DIO would have the clan wrapped around his fingertips in a matter of hours. Although the massacre would be prevented, there's no guarantee that he wouldn't purpose them toward his own nefarious ends.

4 Kaido Could Force The Uchiha's Compliance (One Piece)

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Although more than capable of suppressing the Uchiha massacre, Kaido's approach would not be gentle. Instead of relying on diplomacy or brainwashing, he would single-handedly defeat the clan in battle and put its warriors in his Udon camps. Considering that his Haki protects him against genjutsu, his victory would be almost entirely assured.

As a result, there would no possibility of a further uprising even if none of dissenters were technically executed. However, given the brutal conditions of Udon's work camps, the enslaved Uchiha may beg for death.

3 Haumea's Ignition Ability Could Surgically Disable The Uchiha (Fire Force)

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Fire Force's Haumea may not be the strongest in hand-to-hand combat, but her Ignition Ability allows her to rewire the electricity in her opponents' brains, effectively making them whatever she wants.

Considering how she was able to pacify and subjugate Sho Kusakabe, it stands to reason she could influence Uchiha leaders just as easily. This is especially true when considering that her abilities are scientific in nature, rather than magical. As a result, the Sharingan will be less likely to counter her.

2 Aizen Could Pacify Everyone In Seconds (Bleach)

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Arguably the most powerful villain in Bleach, Aizen has a number of ways to suppress the Uchiha. By unleashing his spiritual pressure alone, he'd likely kill many combatants without harming the innocent. Additionally, Aizen's Zanpakuto affords a less violent solution.

Since the only way to avoid his sword's effect is by touching it, the Uchiha would almost inevitably fall under its persuasive influence and lay down their arms. This would allow Aizen to do whatever he wanted with the failed attackers, saving Konoha in the process. Aizen would be more effective than most since he could endure the few blows his enemies might make before losing control of themselves.

1 Lelouch Could Order Any Of The Uchiha Leaders To Stand Down (Code Geass)

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Lelouch's ability to mind control anyone is extremely powerful. It means that by simply making eye contact with one or two members of the Uchiha clan, he'd be able to turn the rest against each other. Consequently, he's better equipped to deal with them than anyone else in Code Geass.

This would effectively execute Shisui's plan almost as well, especially since Lelouch can target different Uchiha leaders every time he needs to mind control them. As a result, Konoha would have more than ample opportunity to get its bearings, dealing with the rogues without having to kill them all.

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