The 10 Most Mysterious Characters In One Piece, Do you aware them ?

Oct 03, 2022
The 10 Most Mysterious Characters In One Piece, Do you aware them ?
The 10 Most Mysterious Characters In One Piece, Do you aware them ?

After over 20 years, One Piece is finally heading towards its climax and eventual ending. Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew, the Straw Hats, are closer than ever to finding the One Piece and the answer to all of their world's mysteries. Heralded as the best-selling manga series of all time, One Piece is a fantastic blend of comedy, intrigue, well-written characters, and a uniquely wonderful yet wacky world.

While One Piece starts to resolve its conflicts and answer the one question every fan wants to know — what is the One Piece? — there are still several characters who remain almost a complete mystery to fans. Some of these characters have been teased and hyped for years, and some are newer additions to the story. Either way, fans are aching to know their secrets at long last.

10/10 Toki Was From The Void Century
(Toki's last stand in One Piece.)

Toki didn't get much time to shine. A player in the flashbacks of Oden, Momo, and Hiyori, her own story hasn't yet developed much — at least, not her story before meeting Oden. Still, Toki is a fascinating character in her own right due to her possessing the unique Devil Fruit ability to travel through time, but only forward.

What makes Toki such a mystery is that she is originally from around the time of the Void Century and presumably fled from something. Fans have theorized about Wano's potential connection to the Ancient Kingdom, and Toki may have had some concrete answers. However, at this time, Toki is supposedly dead, although, with One Piece, fans can rarely be sure.

9/10 Jewelry Bonney Has Ties To Kuma
(Jewelry Bonney in One Piece.)

Jewelry Bonney is the only female Supernova, and fans currently know little about her character other than her voracious appetite and age-manipulation abilities. The Reverie shed a little more light, implying some connection between Bonney and Kuma and his former kingdom, the Sorbet Kingdom.

This information reveal may well have been setting Bonney up for a bigger role in the next or one of the coming One Piece arcs now that Wano has officially wrapped up. Her character and abilities are thus far intriguing, and fans are eager to explore her story further.

8/10 Urouge's Story Is Almost Completely Unexplored
(Mad Monk Urouge fighting Kizaru at Sabaody Archipelago in One Piece.)

Urouge is currently the Supernova with the least exploration, even more so than Bonney, whose mysteries and role in the story have at least been alluded to. Hailing from an unknown sky island and powerful enough to defeat one of Big Mom's commanders, little else is known about Urouge.

With a great design and badass epithet, Mad Monk Urouge's moment to shine is highly anticipated by many fans. Some fans even suspect Urouge will be soon revealed as Blackbeard's 10th Titanic Captain.

7/10 Rocks D. Xebec Is A Lost Legend
(Rocks D. Xebec in One Piece.)

Rocks has only been mentioned thus far in the story. Still, he has strongly influenced many vital characters, including Kaido, Big Mom, Whitebeard, and possibly even Garp or Blackbeard. The former captain of the Rocks Pirates, and bearer of the Will of D, Rocks was likely the most prominent pirate before the age of Gol D. Roger.

Rocks seemingly had a plan for world domination, but his true intentions are unknown. Posing a threat to the World Government, the Rocks Pirates met their end during an incident steeped in mystery on God Valley, an island that has since disappeared.

6/10 Blackbeard Has At Least Two Devil Fruits
(One Piece's Marshall D. Teach AKA Blackbeard.)

Blackbeard has seldom appeared in the story since the Marineford War, where he blew many fans away with his reveal of the possession of two Devil Fruits, which was thought impossible. Many fans debate whether Blackbeard will be the main antagonist of the entire One Piece series and what exactly his motive is.

Blackbeard's backstory has been hinted to be fascinating, with a connection to Shanks and his signature scars, vast knowledge of Devil Fruits, and a strange body. Blackbeard drives many fan theories and is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece.

5/10 Shanks Has Ties To The Gorosei
(Shanks in One Piece.)

The inspiration for Luffy's pirate journey and his mentor, Shanks plays a pivotal role in the story. Despite this, he receives virtually no screen or page time, yet he has become one of the most hyped characters in One Piece.

The series recently revealed that Shanks has a connection to the Gorosei and is possibly even a Celestial Dragon, throwing fans and their theories for a loop. Shanks' true motive and intentions have become a complete mystery with this reveal. Fans are no longer sure he is on the same side as Luffy.

4/10 Monkey D. Dragon Is The World's Worst Criminal
(A split image depicts Monkey D. Dragon with a hood on and with tattoos in One Piece.)

Luffy's father has remained a mystery since the early arcs of One Piece. Dragon has been lauded as the most dangerous man in the world. His backstory, abilities, and potential Devil Fruit remain almost entirely unknown. Very little is confirmed about Dragon.

More than Dragon's intrigue as the leader of the Revolutionary Army, he also holds an important key to the rest of Luffy's backstory. With Sabo taking the spotlight on the world stage, the highly anticipated meeting between Luffy and Dragon is undoubtedly approaching. Fans can finally learn the truth about Luffy's parentage.

3/10 Vegapunk Has Been Teased For Years
(Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece.)

Dr. Vegapunk is possibly One Piece's most advanced scientist and a former member of the mysterious MADS research team. He is currently credited with discovering seastone, the co-discovery of the lineage factor, creating a successful artificial Devil Fruit, and possibly much more. Despite this, his allegiances are mainly unknown.

Fans have debated for years whether Vegapunk's true identity has already been introduced in the story and when he will finally be revealed. With the Pacifistas gaining more attention and the start of the next One Piece arc, it seems Vegapunk's first actual appearance is indeed drawing closer.

2/10 Joy Boy's Story Holds Many Answers
(Robin looking at a Poneglyph in One Piece.)

Joy Boy is a mysterious historical figure that helped set the scene for many current events in One Piece. Joy Boy had involvement in the Void Century, was a comrade of Zunesha, and had a close relationship with the residents of Fish-Man Island. The second coming of Joy Boy has been long awaited, and it may well be Luffy who carries Joy Boy's will forward.

Fans will likely not learn the truth about Joy Boy until Luffy and the Straw Hats can read the world's true history on Laugh Tail. Until then, Oda will surely tease more of Joy Boy's past and role in the story.

1/10 Im Sits On The Empty Throne
(Empty throne in One Piece.)

Im's introduction was a bit of a surprise. Although looking back with hindsight, fans have found hints that maybe someone was pulling the strings all along. Fans had been musing for years over the identities of the Gorosei and whether they had received the immortality surgery associated with Law's Devil Fruit. This turned out to be largely a red-herring, as Im likely holds the more fascinating backstory.

Im's mere existence suggests that overthrowing the current World Government, which is meant to be democratic, will be a component of the ending of One Piece. Im also possesses a strange, large frozen straw hat that deepens the intrigue surrounding the character.


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